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First day of work went well. But this post is about books and music.

I. Half Price gave me $2 for a two-thirds full grocery bag of books, which seems mildly insulting even when you're expecting a lowball offer. Granted they were mostly Scholastic paperbacks, at least one book in French that cost me an arm and a leg new for college but which I am just not motivated enough to sell online where it has actual value, and the few hardcovers were notoriously-hard-to-sell vintage fiction (not children's)...I try to think of it as "charity where they pay you for the gas it took to drive there," but sometimes it makes me think I should have gotten my act together and given them to the Friends of the Library to sell instead. Oh well. This way I got my Wicked book at 60% off its Half Price sticker price. Still too excited to calm down and read it.
II. Speaking of awesome books, the library just got this enormous copy of Fleetwood Mac: The Definitive History and it is awesome. I want to keep it forever. It's basically a giant scrapbook, not a lot of text but a zillion photos, which makes the text much more fun to read. I have at least quadrupled my heretofore nearly-nonexistent knowledge of the band, and I haven't even read it straight through.
III. Speaking of Wicked...trying really hard not to spoil the Music List, yet I am obsessing over this soundtrack (something finally broke Glee's stranglehold!). What can I talk about now without ruining what I want to put on there?

* First off, RARITY, there are no tracks I actually dislike (though I did quickly get bored with A Sentimental Man and Wonderful, as they seem mostly like plot-advancing/expository numbers). I'm still doing my best to skim only the top half for The List, though. We'll see if that actually happens. I feel pretty guilty every time I select one to cull, even though I'm doing it to strengthen the favorites. Part of me wants to just skip its entrance on the list and discuss the whole thing right here, but that would throw the numbering of the whole year off. Stupid list. I suppose I could copy/paste, but that's boring.

* My perception is sort of skewed because I got bored when the first song broke into more talking than singing, so I jumped straight to "Popular" because I saw Chenoweth's name pop out and knew that couldn't steer me wrong, so for me the musical kind of starts there and the songs before that feel like part of a prequel. Oops. Still trying to undo that.

* Unrelatedly: I read Dramarama yesterday, and I got stupidly excited when the main character chose "Popular" for her audition song and kept talking about being "Kristinish." A week ago this would have meant little to me. Timely reading, self!

* There is such a weirdly abrupt shift in tone and energy from "March of the Witch Hunters" to "For Good" that I feel like a whole lot of dialogue and plot action must have happened in between musical moments. This vaguely irks me. (I've skimmed the Wikipedia summary but not gone in depth)

* The first time I saw "What Is This Feeling" on the list, I thought it sounded familiar, and was trying to figure out if there was a reason I knew it, the way I'd heard people mention "For Good" even before Glee took it on.
...then I realized the lyrics in my head were "What is this feeling that's put you in your place / A hot red burning on the side of your face..." and yeah, my How I Met Your Mother side is showing.

* My current perception of Fiyero is of a two-timing loser ("loser" from "I've been kicked out of enough [schools] to know") who breaks Glinda's heart. I feel like this is not quite the impression I'm supposed to get, based on the YOU SHOULD SHIP THIS ENDGAME OTP theme of "As Long As You're Mine," but that is what I'm getting. Clearly romantic shipping is not going to be my strength in this fandom.

* I will see this performed someday. I will make a Bucket List just to put "seeing this play" on it. *firm*

IV. Transition to other music: I've been listening to "Somebody That I Used To Know" for two months now in my own little bubble, with NO IDEA it was a mainstream popular song. I knew it was new -- as evidenced by the fact that I lucked out by pouncing on the CD while the library still had it marked as "on order," and was the first person to check out the second copy -- but somehow it totally bypassed my realization that it was on the radio. Which made it perfectly shocking and awesome that between three stations I tried on the way home from work, I heard it three times tonight. The radio version sounds different, though. Is that just my imagination? It's got a more...I don't know how to explain it, it seems like a more synthetic dance beat laid over the existing background music. It is worse.
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