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This should tide you over while I resume my hours scrolling through Tumblr.

This sounds like wild Tumblr speculation, but it actually is from E!:

[Blaine is] fantastically wet and shirtless in this episode, FYI. There is a boxing-shower montage you Darren Criss fans won't be mad at!

= "...holy shit, are you TRYING to kill Tumblr?"

And me?

Despite my constant waffling on whether or not I actually want to see that, because past experience with photoshoots resulting in sex riots has told me no, actually, please keep all that covered up.

OFFICIALLY CUTTING MYSELF OFF FROM SPOILERS NOW. We've reached the point where at least 80% of the episode has been outlined and there will be absolutely nothing left to surprise and delight at the rate I am going. You can make it. Only eight more nights of work until you can watch it.

And because now I need to think about times when fluffy poodle curls still existed, and Tumblr threw this my way:
There was really no reason for me to embed this, was there?

TV talk! You exist?

Castle, 4x19, "47 Seconds"
There's really only one phrase for an episode like this: MY EMOTIONS! MY! EMOTIONS!

The first of which is anger at the promo monkeys for ruining the episode. I waited all the way until Monday morning to watch that promo, too. Wish I'd held off 24 hours and skipped it altogether. There were tons of ways you could have cut that together better. Not even Law & Order: SVU is obnoxious enough to spoil the very last scene in its previews.

Aside from that, season highlight. It has been several weeks since I was so on the edge of my seat, fascinated by everything case-related as much as secret/family-related. I felt myself being extra manipulated in the emotional department even before they started spreading a thick layer of "reeeeeally makes you think about your life/choices/missed opportunities" hamfistedness, and I didn't care; that bomb scene gutted me to tears thinking about how random acts of senseless violence like that happen in real life, and kept hitting throughout the hour.

I also kept wondering if there were any thoughts about, you know, my icon moment/that entire event.

Adding in Castle/Alexis moments -- one heartwarming, one silly -- were just the icing on the cake. Perfect having him on the scene at work to usher her shell-shocked self home, because sometimes 18 still really isn't grown up and dad knows best. (p.s. please take note of Beckett's face here) Even more perfect to find her making smiley face pancakes, determined to focus on the positive because most times, Alexis knows best.

Aaaaaand: secret #1, activate!  I honestly have had no expectations about how the secrets are going to come out or be dealt with, beyond pessimistic expectations of finale cliffhangers, so I'm more or less happy with how that's going so far. Castle's anger and knee-jerk reaction are justified, assuming this is just the tip of the iceberg re: his response, but it's awkward having Beckett so out of the loop. And also kind of hurty to watch him run around feeling hurt and rejected, passive-aggressively pleasant and clearly ready to hit Trainwreck In Progress mode.

Up next: I am side-eyeing your temporary rehash of the season 2 finale (which I have not yet been exposed to and therefore do not believe exists), though, and the only thing keeping me sane is Beckett talking about Feelings Reveals with Lanie in the promo. Maybe this time it won't happen in the last two minutes!

On an unrelated note: I re-realized this week that Nathan Fillion shares my birthday, which in the past I had always found obnoxious as he was just one of several awful people born on March 27th, but this year it was like, "...wait. JACKPOT!"

Holy christ on a cracker, Raising Hope, WE ARE DONE. That is the kind of tasteless "joke" that destroys beautiful watching partnerships in a flash. This is like Robin Scherbatsky's dogs TIMES FIFTY. Consider yourself fired for the (tiny) remainder of the year, and possibly forever if I like how that goes.

(clarification for those who want to know: the Chances took temporary custodianship of an incredibly adorable guide pig for a blind member of their church*, only to have useless bitch/dead weight Maw Maw butcher it while they were gone. Slowly and painfully, for lack of sharp knives. Not unlike she did with Jimmy's childhood pet rabbits. Hahahahaha FUCK YOU. And really, you had to bring rabbits into it? Was your existing idea somehow not horrible enough that you were like, "No, this feels like it needs more dead pets to really make it pop"?

[*edit: um, the internet says that was David Krumholtz. I'm sorry, how the hell did I miss that? Someone find me a clip to confirm!]

In fact, I am officially replacing your slot with 30 Rock for the rest of the year, because it is wonderful now, just all the time nonstop laughter. Hazel's creepy obsession with Liz, Liz and her references to dating in 2010/2011...also I am still singing the Weird Al version of the theme song, even at the beginning when it makes no sense. What is the word for "opposite of a thief of joy"?
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