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Things That Have Happened In My Brain

I. The radio toyed with me last night.

First song comes on, it's just at the tail end, and while I'm simultaneously trying to figure out what it is and why it sounds so vocally weak, I realize it's because Blaine is the only person allowed to sing "Last Friday Night" in my universe.

This is immediately followed by "Misery." Yep, still thin and whiny, that's the Adam Levine way. Glee, your Wonder Boy seems to have ruined music for me.

I half expect "Somebody That I Used To Know" to round this off, mercifully proving the above statement wrong, but no. It's a mystery surprise! Eventually I figure out that this one sounds wrong because "Without You" is clearly a girl's song. (who knew it was originally sung by a dude?)

You'd think after 20 or so plays in the past week I would recognize the beginning of "What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger"'s music at some point. You would think wrong. At least I like her voice.

(And then we got the ever-present STIUK.Which, even in this incarnation, remains 15835323 times better than the Glee cover. By the way it was not until tonight that I realized how Gotye was pronounced. I kept hearing them say it, but I assumed they were talking about some French rap artist named "Gauthier" since I was on the slightly-crappier station. I've been subconsciously calling him "Got yee" in my head, since it was one of those odd-looking words that you don't have to say out loud and thus don't think about how to pronounce)

P.S. Also "Bad Romance" finally came on - the radio seems to have forgotten Lady Gaga exists, which judging by their regular playlists is because she hasn't released a song in the last two months -- and man. It was so bad. Her voice was so low and mannish and weird compared to the light and peppy Glee version I have raised myself on.


II. Have a fic rec, since it occupied all the free space in my brain for the entirety of work last night and was extremely distracting:

In Between Two Stars - kashfaberry
Fate hadn't be kind to them, but really, they were just trying to do the best they could.
A 6,000-word oneshot in which Blaine and Rachel are underage runaways who've turned to prostitution to survive.

I of course did not scan it long enough before bookmarking it for later and dashing off to work to see that it was both a Blaine/Rachel pairing AND one in which they are siblings, so I went with canon sexualities/best friendship while speculating what the fic might contain all night. I'm now having a devil of a time deciding what -- if anything -- to edit out of my copy, because the writing is incredibly pretty and actually makes the incest squick work, at least in part because it's the only reason they're runaways in the first place. And you know how I feel about incest. (I'm claiming this one doesn't count's not real per canon? also because it only briefly references it? damn it, fandom, this was supposed to be my uncrossable line)

The fic itself remains wonderful, dark and tragic in all the best ways. I should probably warn for all the triggers they warned for or at least the fact that it is rated M, but I don't believe in warning for things unless they personally bother me. Conform to my interests. And this one was simply not explicit enough to turn me off at all.

III. I take slight comfort in the fact that after I reluctantly, bitterly started Neopets from scratch on January 20th since TNT blithely refuse to respond to my complaint tickets at all, I have already made my first million NP. I'M DEFYING CHEATERS HACKING ME, AND YOU WON'T BRING ME DOWN.
IV. Conflict: when you are very fond of all the songs (none of which are instrumental) on the 2010 "Alice in Wonderland" soundtrack (lyrical version, "Almost Alice") as played together, because they form a cool concept album, but are not interested in listening to any of them on their own. Not even the one offered by Avril Lavigne called "Alice," fitting your in-love-with-songs-featuring-girls'-names criteria.

[June 2012 edit: You know what? Let's just talk about them all right here, and then I will link to this on The Music of 2012.

This is designed more for people who have listened to this CD and want to hear my thoughts. But eh. I'm putting little star marks in front of my top 5, and don't ask why I didn't single them out for The Music List. The answer is that I still don't want to listen to them individually.

1. "Alice"  - Avril Lavigne
I'm freaking out, where am I now?
Upside down and I can't stop it now

Oh hey, it's the only artist I regularly listen to! I had rather hoped that with a title like that, it would be aural gold, but it seems a bit strained/yowly and not quite as storytelling as I would like. That said, it is a nice hook to get me started.

*2. "The Poison" - The All-American Rejects     
You'd take me with you if you could, but I wouldn't go
(By who? No way.) I like the smooth, head-nodding quality of most of this. The dramatic march at the end just adds an interesting edge.

*3. "The Technicolor Phase" - Owl City     
I am the peach in the starfish on the beach
That wish the harbor wasn't quite so deep.

After listening to this, I can sort of see why people went all nuts over "Fireflies." I like the synthetic sound, as well as all the colorful imagery in these metaphors.

4. "Her Name Is Alice" - Shinedown     
And the girl that chased the rabbit, drank the wine and took the pill
Has locked herself in limbo to see how it truly feels

A harsher sound, normally I would not be one for something-like-screaming chorus, but it's okay here for the delightfully unsettling lyrics, and I LOVE the girl's spoken introduction over the standalone piano: "If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't."

5. "Painting Flowers" - All Time Low     
Strange maze, what is this place?
I hear voices over my shoulder

See #2, another casual and laid back "generic music from a band" bit of calming white noise.

6. "Where's My Angel" - Metro Station     
You trade love for a little romance
--And we're back to urgency. A pick-me-up number; catchy, driving chorus.

7. "Strange" - Tokio Hotel ft. Kerli     
In your golden cage, all I feel is strange
Reminds me of a general alternative radio classic, but at least there's a female vocal lead on this one. These lyrics look angstier than they sound; I just latched onto the title and pictured Alice feeling out of sorts.

8. "Follow Me Down" - 3OH!3
Baby, baby, here we are all crazy
This CD even has a partial hip-hop track. It's not such bad stuff when it's isolation and clean.

9. "Very Good Advice" - Robert Smith     
I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it.
This one is so delightfully WEIRD. The artist looks exactly the way I pictured him based on the sound (which is to say: WEIRD), but it has the best opening music, and its oddity at least makes it very unique. [edit: oh wow! I didn't realize this line was from the orignal story.]

10. "In Transit" - Mark Hoppus with Pete Wentz     
The truth is never far away
You always give yourself away

Love the central piano melody beneath the rest of the arrangement.

11. "Welcome to Mystery" - Plain White T's     
This is a town with no history
Welcome to Mystery

I like picturing a desolate, isolated location.

*12. "Tea Party" - Kerli     
Porcelain in a paper cup world

A super cute piccolo opening/close, and then Girl Punk Band in the middle. Super catchy with lots of excellent attitude. Might be my overall favorite, actually. "I'm a lady, futhamucka, try to show some class" is my new fave admonishment, for example.

*13. "The Lobster Quadrille" - Franz Ferdinand     
"Will you walk a little faster?" said a whiting to a snail,
"There's a porpoise close behind us, and he's treading on my tail."

The other contender for the weirdest track. I like this one, though, and if these lyrics are not at least partially taken directly from the work, I am disappointed. They have that special nonsense feeling.

* 14. "Always Running Out of Time" - Motion City Soundtrack     
Tick-tock, try to stop the forward motion
All heads tend to fall behind

I like to hum the chorus when I'm running behind on my work.

15. "Fell Down a Hole" - Wolfmother
She lives on her own
Down in Wonderland

Overly long, but despite excessive electric guitar, it bends your ear.

16. "White Rabbit" - Grace Potter and the Nocturnals
Go ask Alice when she's 10 feet tall
I have the original and see no real need to cover it again, but it works fine when listening to the actual CD. It would have been rather remiss NOT to include it in some form, really. Because it is a fantastic song and will always be the definitive Alice song, for me.]

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