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Time management is my strong suit. Also blog post organization.

I have been sitting here since midnight, trying and failing to make myself start the work that is due today, in an attempt to for once get done early instead of barely finishing right when it's time to run out the door for night work. Instead of doing that, I did these important brain activities.

(What is "posts I will regret after sleeping?")

Just saw this promo pic for 3x15 on community_tv:


The entire scenic display, if possible, but OH DEAR GOD, THE LITTLE TOY DOGS IN ALL KINDS OF POSES.



Also the tiny cows.

Clearly this episode will be epic as long as this scene is included.

Castle, 4x20, "The Limey"

No, Lanie, THIS is what we call a holding pattern. It can be best symbolized by a tire spinning futilely around in the mud as a string of useless episodes kill time until it's an intense enough sweeps period for some more forward motion between Castle & Beckett. I love the show to death, but it's kind of a problem when interviews are more interesting than the show. Speaking of which, here is a fun one:

I think in the aftermath of the revelation in last Monday night’s episode, Beckett feels Castle pulling away and that scares her. It’s one thing to not declare yourself when someone is sticking around and you know that they’re going to be there, but when they start pulling away, I think it can be very frightening


He’s not in a self-reflective mood. He’s just pissed and acting out. . . . I think his pride was seriously wounded in that last episode. We know that men don’t like to talk about their feelings, they’re not going to go in there and confront somebody, he’s just going to quietly suffer with the pain and deal with his very complicated feelings towards her

As for the case itself, I enjoyed the girl talk with very clear orders to tell all in the secret-feelings department (where were you two months ago with this?), and the very handsome/charming Scottish bloke last seen making a mess of illegal organ transplants on Off The Map. Especially enjoyed Beckett interestedly peeking around Castle's hand shield. Cutest expression since she was being licked to death by Royal.

Gossip Gir, 5x18, "Con Heir"

*grimacing* Yyyyeah...I'll just be over here, self-censoring the entirety of Dair tonight. Like so.

It was so convenient that I watched Castle first tonight...
(Actually, this is what I look like EVERY time there are even slightly inappropriate scenes on my shows.)
(Every time.

Because ugh. Gross. Tainted forever. I was more interested in the freaking Chuck storyline tonight, which is the grossest part of all.

Meanwhile the entire Van der Woodsen family is revealing itself to be astoundingly horrible, and I am Team Ivy Dickens all the way right now. Serena is especially disappointing, having plunged from "pretty darn appealing" in her first appearance to "spoiled and thoroughly unlikable brat" in six short episodes. (whooped, clapped, punched the air when she was coolly fired for petty dumbassery, etc) Judgment of Lola has been temporarily suspended to allow her to spend cute time with Nate, and because I'm allowing her to plead the fifth on how Upper East Side politics work, but she too disappoints.

Be better next week, Dair. Come back less drunk. And more clothed.

The Cabbage Patch doll can stay.

We have also entered the One Week Countdown until the library sale I am getting ENTIRELY too over-excited for, which means I am scanning and updating my Book Wishlist and placing bets on which parts of it I am most likely to get. Who wants to see what it looks like now? Nobody? Too bad. I made a whole meme for book_memes just so I could post it.

1. What's on your current book wishlist? If too many to list, describe what kind of things are on it.
*Obviously, this is not at all too many to list.

I recently started adding authors in parentheses, but clearly that project is not quite complete. Behold, my ever fascinating list of vintage children's books, YA, pet memoirs, and still other things:

A Big Little Life: A Memoir of a Joyful Dog (or other Trixie books by Koontz)
A Girl of the Limberlost
A Horse for XYZ
After the Moment (Freymann-Weyr)
And Condors Danced (?)
Angus and the Cat (picture book)
Ark, The (Benary-Isbert)
Bambi (Salten)
Bandoola (Williams)
Before Green Gables
Bel Ria (Burnford)
Best Little Girl in the World, the
Breathing (Herbsman)
Chasing Down the Dawn (Jewel)
Comanche of the 7th
Daily Coyote, the
Dinotopia (illustrated)
Doctor Who: The Stone Rose (or any other 10th doctor novel)
Dogs Who Came to Stay, the
Dr. Dolittle
Echo (Francesa Lia Block)
Egg and I/sequels (except Onions in the Stew)
Elisabeth Sladen: the autobiography
Every Living Thing/The Lord God Made Them All (paperbacks)
Five Little Peppers and How They Grew
Fox and the Hound
Glass Menagerie (Tennessee Williams play)
Glee books (any, really)
Horses In My Life, the
Is Everybody Hanging Out Without Me?
Just Horses
Last Unicorn, the
Lost Dogs and Lonely Hearts (Dillon)
Mansfield Park
Max: The Dog That Refused to Die
Movies in Fifteen Minutes
Mrs. Piggle Wiggle books
Nature of Jade, the (Caletti)
Nikki Heat trilogy (Castle)
Nop’s Trials
Our Animal Friends At Maple Hill Farm/A Year At Maple Hill Farm (picture books)
Outside of a Horse, the
Paper Hearts (Williamson)
Peter and Wendy (older version)
Return to Gone-Away
Scarlet Letter (decent hardcover copy or paperback in good shape)
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants & Second Summer of the Sisterhood (v. good shape hardcover)
Somebody Everybody Listens To (Supplee)
Stay With Me (Freymann-Weyr)
Sugar Isn't Everything
Summers With the Bears
Tales of Beedle the Bard, the [HOW IS THIS NEVER HANGING AROUND? HOW]
Tomorrow, When the War Began/sequels (Marsden)
Very LeFreak (Cohn)
War Horse
Whinny of the Wild Horses
Witch of Blackbird Pond

2. If you could get just one of those as a gift right now, which would it be?
The Ark, as it is one of the rarest books above (so, like $15-20. But for one book!) and it is a pricelessly wonderful vintage story featuring animals and WWII.

3. Are there any books in your collection that you want a different or secondary copy of?
Forever on the lookout for the prettiest hardcover editions of Austen & Bronte novels. Would like a crisper paperback copy of Sara Gruen's Flying Changes, as I ripped off some of the cover paper in trying to remove the library barcode after I bought their copy. Need fancy illustrated hardcover copies of Marguerite Henry's King of the Wind and Stormy, Misty's Foal so I can dump these cheap Scholastic/Aladdin paperbacks.

4. When is the last time you sold/donated/otherwise got rid of books you didn't want anymore?
This is where you can tell I was more curious about other people's answers.

5. Do you have any books written in a language other than your native tongue?
I've got a bunch of French books kicking around, between at least three useless textbooks left over from college, possibly Carmen, an adorable high school reader from the 1910's, the lovely Petit Prince, and then useless paperbacks of Madame Bovary and George Sand's The Black City.

Also French-, Spanish-, and German-to-English dictionaries. If those count. You'd think I'd know, since I wrote the question.

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