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We've got some talkin' to do.

Before we get into the real stuff, saw this mentioned on my flist and am hoping it's not definite, but it's still enough to disquiet me.

ACKITY FLAIL IN A BAD WAY what is this about Emmanuelle Vaugier leaving the show?!?! We made a rule about this!  No Peyton without Angell!

Voice: Actually, the rule was "No Peyton as nothing more than a coroner without Angell."  You said she can stay as long as she's kissing Mac.
RS: Hm.  So I did.  Still!  In the hierarchy of favorite characters on this show, Angell is second only to Flack.  Other than Yelina, these are the only two detectives on the entire franchise that I have ever actively *liked*.  You can't take one away!  Always-awesome detective scenes were my compensation for being unable to stand the Sid-inclusive autopsy ones.  SIGH.  That is all.

(Hah!  I bet you thought it was going to be D/L related, didn't you?  Nope, I'm not even going to think about that one.  *whistles and looks around innocently*)

Loreena McKennitt: The concert was amazing, of course.  Clearly the best thing PBS has done since broadcasting Josh Groban's concert in 2004.  Her voice is crystalline, she's fun to watch...(who knew "Santiago" could actually make a viable concert song?) and the music carries you away.  Oh, and, she's touring this year and has a performance in Minneapolis.  May 3.  How badly do I want to go??  I'm guessing that, like every other concert I've ever wanted to attend, the ticket prices are too high to make this a feasible reality for even one person, much less both Dad and I, but that doesn't stop me from wishing.  I would love to see her sing live.  *needs smiley face emoticon for "sigh"*

[Edit: Hm.  I'm seeing semi-reasonable numbers of $47.50...oh wait...add in the service charges to order online and we're already up to at least $60.  x2, we're swiftly approaching the upper limits of possibility, and since the prices will only go up, I should stop dreaming right now.]

American Idol In a Walnut Shell:
Seriously, after this week I'm out.  Entirely.  I may love Jordin, but I am not sitting through 10 unbearable performances plus a stupid guest celebrity of the week just to hear her.  If Kat "Made of Awesome" McPhee couldn't keep my attention in season 5, Jordin certainly isn't going to do it for season 6.

Diana Ross?  Yeah.  Don't care.  I have heard some of her songs, but I didn't know they were sung by her; they're just ubiquitous.  According to my parents, when she sang on the results show, her voice sounds weird.  Like she has a Korean accent, or she doesn't enunciate her words clearly. They think it's a case of too many facelifts.  Also, she was very off-key.

I saw two contestant performances on Tuesday night, during pledge drive time.  1) Blake sang "Keep Me Hanging On," but he did a weird, slow, laid back version of it.  First of all, this just isn't a guy's song.  And second, you need to have attitude when you sing it.  He was more like "get out of my life...if you want...whatever..." 
2) Haley FORGOT HER WORDS.  Then she collapsed into tears.  I was all set up to hate her and then Simon was extraordinarily, abnormally nice to her.  Almost affectionate.  This combined with the sudden realization that Haley is as close to the average female pop artist as I'm going to get, and I want her to stick around.  Because isn't this show based on a show called POP Idol?  I thought it used to be about discovering talented young breakout artists, not making the dreams of adult women belatedly come true. 

Oh, and on that whole "come out of the closet" conversation between Ryan and Simon after Melinda's performance, the latter looked like he was reciting lines.  Lines he had to be coerced into saying.  He looked like he was going Focus on the's all about the money...must spit idiotic joke out...kill producers later. 

I just wrote 4 meaningless paragraphs trying to deny the outcome of the votes, but I guess there's no longer any point in lying to myself.  America voted out Brandon because they are apparently all COMPLETELY BLIND AND UNAWARE OF HOW ENJOYABLE HE IS TO LOOK AT.  I keep telling you, this show is on TV, not the radio.  Voice is not as important as stage presence.  And Brandon's smile is better than everyone else's.  I hardly ever remember what songs they sing, but I can usually remember what they were wearing and the way they acted afterwards. But on that note, you know who needs to go even before Sanjaya?  Phil the Alien.  It's getting creepier by the week.  At least Sanjaya has nice hair.  Phil has nothing going for him.  Nothing!

Bones: The Bodies in the Book
Angela: Look at Hodgins and I - we're running on sex and laughing.  The only thought comes when we order takeout in bed.

RS: *puffs up in cobra mode* Excuse me, "running on sex and laughing"?  RUNNING ON SEX AND LAUGHING?!  WHAT THE HELL AND SINCE WHEN?  You are running *grits teeth* on everything from "Aliens in a Spaceship."  There was not so much sex or laughter in what brought you two together.  That is why I fell in love with your relationship.  I saw an instant emotional connection.  A deep one, mind you.  Also, your first date before that was on a playground swingset.  It was extraordinarily thoughtful.  And pretty innocent.  I call you my Puppy Love ship for a reason.

I know that Hodgins fell in love long before she even accepted his advances.  But I kind of assumed that by now, she had fallen for him in kind.  It's not supposed to still be completely casual, damn it!  And also, while I appreciate that we did not have to actually SEE the "sex in the storage locker" scene, I'd rather not hear about it at all.  On the other hand, even seeing that probably wouldn't have made me want to spork my eyes out like the teaser did.  Hey, look at that transition. 

Me, viewing teaser: EWWWW what is going on, and please make it stop!  Why are there rustling sheets!  And heavy breathing!  No!  Bad!   BAD!  This is a crime show dammit!  I don't care if it's on FOX!

Is Seely Sully gone yet?  It's just getting weird how he looks like Booth, his name is annoyingly like Booth's...hey Tempe, sure you don't want to explore the world of psychology?  Because I'll bet you'd learn some things about yourself.  With regards to this show, I had seen enough of Brennan and Se not-Booth making out before this episode even aired.  We did not need to both open and close on such scenes!

All of the above disgusted me so much that I barely remember the case(s).  Which annoys me, because I was really looking forward to this one and if we could have just focused more on the CASE it would have been great.  It was an excellent plotline and with clever execution, full of twists.  But we didn't focus on it enough.  And I'm too ticked off by that to discuss anything more, like how I pegged the wimpy assistant for a killer as soon as he said he had diabetes.  Note to potential criminals: avoid, at all costs, willingly divulging information about medical conditions with unique symptoms.  It will always somehow lead to your downfall.

The one single thumbs-up for this episode?  Despite Zack's ULTRA DISTURBING penchant for killing rats, which kind of makes me want to strike him on the head with a ballpeen hammer, I am glad to see that Angela was not particularly on board with this idea.  There may be hope for her yet.  In my world of bubbles and daydreams, she takes a few home and makes pets out of them.  But you know who my favorite character is this week?  Cam, for feeding the rats laxatives rather than suggesting that they all be killed as quickly as possible for dissection/bullet extraction purposes.  Honestly, when she came in, I was so sure she was going to say she'd just fed them all poison and they'd be dead within the hour.  I had my Cam hate all geared up, and then...she was benevolent towards the furry ones!  This is so confusing - I want to say "yay" for CAM.  Weird. 

Lost: Par Avion
You know, that title would be cooler if "avion" were a double meaning for plane and bird in French, instead of just the former.  I'm still not sure how that fits the episode.  Titles are usually fairly self-explanatory, but there were neither planes nor French in this ep.  But who cares - because this episode was all about Claire!  And also Charlie!  Together!  Smiling!  And holding hands!   But mostly Claire.

Sayid's flashbacks might perk me up, but nothing draws me in like a Claire flashback.  And these in particular, despite the god-damned presence of Jack's father (God, even outside the Jack flashbacks, you can't escape that family), were particularly compelling. For the first time ever, I almsot wanted to spend more time in flashback land.  I love seeing the younger Claire, Gothic look and all.  It's funny, because she's like, the definition of sweetness and light.  Out of all the characters on this island, she's purer than the sun itself.  And then you get to flashback land, and she's dark and bitter - I think she was supposed to be a teenager?  It's actually not as difficult as it seems to connect the two versions of Claire. Emile de Ravin [oh hey, is THAT the French connection?] is such a fantastic actress that she almost had ME in tears when she was crying at her mother's bedside.

Wow, Charlie, way to be an asshole this know, as much as I love him, which is a lot, he has a tendency to go too far.  So far that even I can't bear it and end up shouting along with Claire to just GO AWAY!  He's too possessive of her and the baby, and when he's not busy bossing her around he's keeping secrets.  Part of that is Claire's fault, I think, because of how she pushed him away in the beginning, when he liked her more than she liked him.  The problem is that he's hopelessly attached and always has been, so when she comes around and starts being nice to him, it's like he's constantly terrified that she'll slip through his fingers again.  He overcompensates for this, thus driving her away, which starts the cycle over again.

BUT, that doesn't give Charlie any excuse for all the times he's lied to her, or told half truths, and other crap like that.  So when he insists "I'm not lying!", of course she is going to suspect him.  As I recall, you "weren't lying" about destroying the heroin stash, either.  And as much as I want to forgive you for all of this and for Claire to give you a hundred chances, when you do things like mock her ideas, degrade them and act like she's a simpleton, that makes me get mad at you.  Now, admittedly, if he'd told her the truth about Desmond's visions and stuf, she probably would have thought he was crazy and told him to stay away from her and Aaron anyway.  But couldn't he have come up with a better excuse than "I don't want to see you wasting your time"?  Because we all know, there's just so much to DO on the island, the one thing they can't spare is TIME.  *eyeroll* Claire's idea about catching a tagged seagull and attaching a message to said tag was truly awesome, and very clever.

However, I'd rather focus on the good things, because that's how this episode was bookended.  Like the sweet opening scene, with Charlie taking Claire for a private beach picnic.  :)  Bet Sayid didn't know he was starting a trend back in season 1.  I think it's part of the contract now, "one romantic beach picnic per season."  (preferably when both first names start with the same letter)  Can Jack and Juliet have it next year? Anyway.

And the end, eeeeh, the end!  I am glad Claire knows what's been going on, and more importantly believes Desmond, and thus not only forgiving Charlie but looking particularly affected by the fact that his narrowly-averted deaths tend to happen while he's trying to do something solely for her.  Yay!  I'm so damn pleased by my C/C interaction that I didn't even have time to miss Skate.  Much.

Sawyer only had one brief scene, but he made the most of it.  Terribly funny, especially the way he bit his tongue on "Barbie" at a glare from Sun, and rephrased it to the extra polite "Nets for what, *Claire*?" I always thought he and Claire had nice chemistry, so I'm thrilled whenever they acknowledge each other. 

Over yonder on other side of island, I continue to remember why I love Sayid and hate Locke.  First of all, Sayid is my sounding board lately.  He says everything I want to say, only Locke actually hears him.

Locke: It's an electrical wiring map, Sayid.  I'm not sure it's as accurate as we think.
Sayid: Well, it's certainly not as infallible as the magical carvings on your stick.

Sayid also has one of those voices where even if he doesn't raise the volume, you shut up and listen.  I noticed it last week, when Mikhail told Kate where to find the medicine but she wavered uncertainly until she got a nod and "It's all right" from him.   He works his magic again this week; when she starts getting riled up and angry, temper flaring up, all it takes is one quiet "Kate," and she backs down.  Obviously, the prisoner is trying to incite you.  Ben did that, remember?  If you're angry, you're more likely to slip up, make a mistake.  If you start to turn on each other, it's even BETTER for him - this is the reasoning Jack used during his interrogation with the creepy lady.

Heh, so Mikhail's dead, and like most things, it's Locke's fault.  I KNEW Locke was going to push him past the creepy invisible fence, as a test subject if nothing else, but hey...murder works too.  Ugh.  Locke is starting to actively repulse me.  Ze-ro regard for others.  It's disturbing and highly worrisome.  Can we kill him off yet?  Everybody else goes in pairs...the stepsiblings, the Tailaways, the Others at the Flame station...Eko and Locke were set up as yin and yang; yin's dead.  Off with yang!

[Oh, and since everyone else keeps talking about what how cool the death  It was not cool.  It was gross.  I had to look away.  The bleeding ears, MAYBE, but not with the foaming at the mouth.  GROSS GROSS GROSS]

Reserving judgment on the end until next week, but I'm not as shocked as Kate et al, given that we saw how Jack was practically on speaking terms with most of the Others when last we saw him.  However, I predict next week will suck mightily, if it's All About Locke.  And possibly also about feeding the Jate fans - whom I was hoping were dead from starvation by now, but apparently not.  SIGH.

Voice: Thank God this is the end of the post; if you'd heaved one more sigh I would have started testing you for asthma. 
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