RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Time to Review My Two Favorite Shows

CSI: Miami

"Questioned by who, Sweetheart?"

RS: *thud*

For the record, I called that approximately three weeks ago as the endearment of choice for her.  I was testing out all possiblities, and decided that was what he would most likely call her, and I was RIGHT!  I feel so vindicated, I can almost forget that she's only going to live another three weeks at best.  That was the most glorious line ever.

Horatio should probably stop threatening to kill various government workers...but I don't care, it's hot when he goes into aggressive-protector mode. 

From the previews, I had expected the ending to be kind of awkward, like she was catching him off guard, but the way he immediately affirmed "it does" makes me happy.  No hesitation whatsover.  I do think, however, that if we want people to stop complaining about how Marisol just seems to be starry-eyed and infatuated, from now on we need more Horatio-initiated contact.    

That being said, I've watched all the Marisol scenes at least three dozen times each, and I still get thrilled when the Soft Light and Slow-Mo Cues of Love manipulate me into a warm and fuzzy feeling on the second repetition of "it does."  Cannot wait for next week!  But I think they called "cliffhanger," so I predict that the very last scene is that one with the laser trained on his back. 

Previews for next week: Yeah, I've got a hold of all the wedding photos being circulated, so I'm actually less interested in the wedding itself (kiss?  Or no kiss?  what do you think?  Will we get cheated?  [a/n: YES.]) than in the scene where Eric confronts him about it.  I can't imagine how that's going to go.

Also, Alexx says to Ryan, sounding incredulous and angry, "Were you testing me to see if I was the mole??"  I can't be sure, but it seems to me like the odds on Alexx just dropped a little, and the odds on Calleigh went up.

But then, they could be feeding us red herrings about her anger, and red herrings about having Calleigh be mysteriously "late" while those photographs were being taken. ARGH!  I just want the answers, like, now.

 Well...I only saw half of "Jeopardy," because I had been up for about 30 hours and stupidly decided to curl up for a nap at 5 PM.  With the result, of course, that I snapped awake at about 7:25, not having set my timer record.  Stupid me!

Fortunately, it seems like I missed one of the rare "clunker" episodes.  I felt like there was no real sense of urgency surrounding the director's kidnapping - everyone was WAY more worried about Abby last week.  I was even prepared to handle a little Gibbs/Dear Jenny interaction at the end...and there was *nothing*.  It was really fairly blase.  I think there was a kind of nice moment in the lab where Abby said something to Gibbs about being sorry, but it was the very first thing I saw when I turned on the TV; I couldn't really focus yet.  Grr.

I took issue with how much of a jerk Gibbs was towards Ziva over the suspect's death...even at the very end, it was like he was looking for a reason to blame her.  I didn't understand it.  And that's really all I remember about it. 

Next Week: EEEEEEH EXCITEMENT!  Injured Gibbs!  Worried Abby!  Flashbacks (hopefully) of cute little Kelly!  Y'all, I am about out of my mind anticipating the squee fest.

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