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This icon is always relevant, but it's especially relevant for this episode. VERBAL CONTRACTS, MURPHY. You break, you buy me off.

[That is my prior-to-viewing warning. Behind here are my reactions in simplified freaking-out form.]
Immediate feelings, to be unpacked later:

1. Blaine, I love you, but shut up. This temper tantrum about "cheating" is ridiculous. [edit: apparently many people feel the opposite. I'm siding with Kurt over Blaine? Laws of universe, broken they are.]
2. Positive rumors about this episode were not exaggerated. SO MUCH CRYING. From the characters, not me. It was incredible. Watching all the scenes about 90 times now.
3. I had to table the Joe and/or Quinn scenes for now because I am not ready to deal with that much awesome shipping yet. Also because I heard a rumor I might be annoyed by one of them.
4. Let the verbal contract remain unbroken! And not just unbroken, but double signed. It is entirely possible that surpassed the new hug for me, a little bit.
5. Still laughing at "lesbian bed death." I choose to take it as proof that my super intense need to envision them as a PG-rated ship is powerful enough to influence canon
6. And now I have the arduous task of finding the PG-13 post-ep makeout fic that does not turn explicit unless by suggestion alone
#this sounds impossible
7. Currently #3 of the season. Room to move up. Debating long and hard about whether it can take down one or both of the current top 2, because I kinda feel like it can.

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