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The things that I'm feeling are really intense! Because I'm an intense viewer!

FINALLY, I get a day off work again. I don't have to think about work of any kind for like forty solid hours. Partyin', partyin (yeah!). Speaking of partying, two weeks in a row now I've passed this on my way home on Friday nights. I cannot even explain to you how weird/awesome it is to pull up alongside a school bus glowing from within with green light in my quiet little suburb. It's like some hybrid of a college town and Harry Potter.

*dives haphazardly into pile of TV*

Grey's Anatomy, 8x21, "Moment of Truth"

1) Owen/April interaction is my favorite! Especially when she turns into me and bursts into incoherent tears and forces him to deal with it. Glad to see he's gotten much better at it since his housewarming party. Aw @ "I am a soldier!" mantra. Trauma surgeon mentoring is the best.

2) You know what else is my favorite? JACKSON/APRIL OTP. I clung and I clung hard to him rubbing her knee to keep her on even keel, assuming that was all I'd enjoy before their chemistry would be destroyed and tainted forever. Not so!

April's particular brand of turning crazy would normally cause me to turn on her like a vicious dog...but somehow, between the fact that she landed a Hermione-style punch and Jackson being pretty dazzled by this display of psychotic aggression confidence, I was super proud of her instead. Of course, it did not hurt that he was already on the offense, looking out for her and ready to (verbally) dress down anyone going after her, even when it earns him a punch in the face. Or that April then jumps in between him and Captain Douchenozzle, ready to take the latter on. Their friendship is the best I have seen since the Twisted Sisters.

Surely then they'll ruin it, right? I see they worked around my threats about them having a drunken hookup by making April high on adrenaline instead...but it worked. The writers evidently planned ahead and soothed away my hostile aggression by having Jackson hold himself back just long enough to appease me, and made April just convincing enough with her come-ons that I could not fault him for going all red-blooded male. "Almost 30" is old enough even for me to think someone is, well, old enough. And the funny thing is, as much as I wanted her to have a grand romance leading up to this, this was pretty OK. This was the best possible thing the show was going to give her, so it is a satisfying first time story for her. He's a safe choice. A good choice, whether it extends beyond one night or not. Is maybe the only time in history I can sign off on losing your virginity without being in love.


I probably still wouldn't have said that, but because it's like they are dying to please me in this area, I heaved a giant sigh of relief when they were both happy afterward. That's all I needed. For her not to be crying on the spot (had enough of that on this show, thanks), for him not to be awkward or look disappointed. And yes, I know, I know. But I love that she held it together until she could get him to leave, and I love that he didn't quite pick up on what was wrong. I was amazed he left her with a kiss, even though I feel like that's probably more a matter of etiquette after you leave someone in the middle of the night than actual feelings. I assume. I don't know how this works and I try to make a point of avoiding TV shows and movies that feature a lot of this stuff. But I figure it's the sort of thing someone like McSleazy Jr. wouldn't bother doing.

And then they had their "I was saving myself because Jesus" reveal. Ruined now? NOPE. Everything April does is magical and makes me love her more. Part of me is quietly cackling with glee at her secret religious side, the other side is all wobbly-lipped and desperately curious to know just how much of a mental breakdown is going to cause her. Bring it on, I'm ready for anything. Of course, I'd be lying if I didn't say I hope Jackson feels just a little bit guilty, since I assume he is going to be 100% unprepared to handle this in any kind of reassuring manner. Which, again, still OK with. I'm very practical and tolerant about sex this week. Not sure what's wrong with me.

3) 10,000 win points for Bailey being on Owen's side in all this, between her catching his sad eyes at the shuttle and setting Teddy's ass straight. "So I hope blaming him is helping you, 'cause it sure isn't helping him." Oh, Bailey. Please be this way forever. I keep trying to remind myself he is still in the wrong as far as his marriage is concerned, but it's really hard if he's going to keep standing around with hangdog expressions and accepting all the blame and consequences, deserved or undeserved.

4) Every single Seattle Grace storyline was irrelevant, except for a couple of shots where Derek's ovary-exploding scenes of being a dad were almost enough to override my general contempt of Zola. (sorry Mere; your absence proved your irrelevance again, along with my total disbelief in your mothering skills as opposed to the level of affection a person has when they adopt a dog) Oh, and that really awesome one where Lexie came over to cry about her man troubles again, and Derek has just given up and accepted his role as comforting back-rubber/listener. Now you're getting it!

[4.5) Seriously, you know how I am crying on a daily basis this week, at everything? Not even the bat of an eyelash for that stupid dying doll baby. I felt sadder about Pam the Yam on Community]

5) Also irrelevant: that decidedly TRAUMATIZING FOR MY EYEBALLS bit with the Chief that wouldn't effing end. I kept suffering through it because I kept waiting for them to intercut it with April and I didn't want to miss any of that (except turns out I did, I did want to miss the very beginning of that bit. You can't just show me things like that. There is to be no face-to-face interaction in bed whatsoever, comparatively restrained or not).

6) Super relevant: Meredith and Cristina, every single second of their perfect sisterhood. Bringing you mysteriously-procured IV drips; that is true love. Leaning against opposite sides of a door: classic Doctor Who code for THIS SCENE IS SAD AND YOU SHOULD FEEL MOVED. Cristina trying to talk about her marriage and not liking any of Meredith's answers. (no please, break my heart some more. "If I did it ... I wouldn't want Owen to leave me for that.") Holding hands under the door anyway.

In conclusion: half an excellent outing; super excited for it to pick up where we left off. And I still really want to know what the scenario in the finale is going to be. I find it hard to believe it could top "shooter loose in the hospital" -- nothing on TV tops that -- but what if it could tie? No, I know that's probably not possible either.

Private Practice, 5x19, "And Then There Was One"

1) "My baby has no brain." Wow. a creatively original way to have your pregnancy cake and not have to incorporate a baby afterward. No, I like this, this is good. Zombie!Amelia was a compelling watch, as was her tearful breakdown in front of Jake and her ultimate decision to donate his organs "to help other babies. Lots and lots of babies." Cue all the tears.

2) Her fight with Addison was the best one since the Intervention. Amelia does personal attacks exceptionally well.

2.5) ALSO THIS. “She witnessed her father’s murder when she was a child. She overdosed as a teenager, died and had to be resuscitated. Who knows how many friends she lost during that period of drug use in her life? Her best friend died of suicide this year. Ryan died in her bed this year. And here, once again, the person that she loves is being taken by death. It’s all Amelia can do to not believe that it’s somehow her, and that it’s somehow personal, and that she is doomed to lose everything that she loves.”

3) Now that I've gotten a good look at Henry...I can't believe I waited five years for Addison to be a mom, and I hate it. I hate it almost as much as Derek's kid, maybe more since she couldn't even get a girl. Why do two such genetically blessed people, if they're not going to use their own DNA to create ultra-pretty babies together, have to go and adopt distinctly un-cute children? (sorry, real-life parents of these kids. These are the risks you take when renting out your children for a check before they can talk) I blame you, casting department. Fix this, finale. You always come prepared with wrenches.

4) I'm not even going to comment on how hard this threw the Jake/Addison Progress Train right off the tracks.

5) Loved Violet honing in on the deadly sister. Not sure why she had to fight so hard to make people listen to her, though, as girl was pretty clearly a sociopath from scene 1. You don't really need a therapist's gut for that one, it was all over her face.

6) Charlotte & Cooper are back to being gross. The world makes sense again.

Community, "Basic Lupine Urology"
I may have enjoyed that more than the latest documentary parody?

It was just so PERFECTLY Law & Order, and this time that's source material with which I am exceedingly familiar. Even if it hadn't had the awesome change to the credits or the costume department working overtime, it was written exactly like an L&O script and shot the same way (and cue me screaming when they pulled in Law & Order's actual M.E. to play the one here). The scenes were too short, resulting in the 2-note transitional sound effect quickly driving me insane from overuse, but that was its only flaw. I had fits of glee after basically every sentence.

It's scary how much I want to watch an entire spinoff of Troy & Abed as detectives. This was matched only by Shirley making a fantastic captain. Work that crime show knowledge, Shirley! It's way better than what I could do, and I've consumed just as much. Only the character moments stick with me, not the actual police procedural part.

Jeff & Annie, Legal Team...still perfect. They reminded me a lot more of the British Law & Order, just because I mostly stick to SVU and it's been so long since they dealt in courtroom scenes, longer still since they've had a male D.A. with a female counterpart. I actually forgot for a while that Jeff used to be a practicing lawyer. I was even on the edge of my seat, wondering who the real culprit was and what motive they had. Satisfying reveal.

I also forgot they were going to kill someone in this episode. And even if I'd remembered, the internet has been so confident in it being Leonard for so long that Starburns took me by surprise. Not an unpleasant surprise, though. This is what is known as "good riddance" -- the show gets to have its big bold shock move, and some emotional resonance, with no negative consequences.

I can't even remember half the things I loved in this one. I watched it again in an attempt to make a list, but turns out I couldn't tear my eyes away long enough to write anything down.

Solid transitions: I can't even remember the last time I mentioned Law & Order: SVU. Time to play catchup.

a. I'm trying to have feelings about Harry Connick Jr. sweeping back out of sight, but eh. Was the case where she browbeat a confession out of an innocent man actually referencing an old episode? If so, neat. Too lazy to do any research on this so I just pretended it was. (preliminary research says "we can't be bothered to do the research either. But we suspect no")

b. Turned last week's off about ten minutes in. I cannot handle when this show goes into rape video territory for more than about two seconds.

c. Similarly ignored the rapist storyline this week and focused all my interest in on Nick & Maria. So much exquisite heartbreak between her awesome desk-sweeping fit of temper, his seemingly justified accusations, her admission that she's been seeing a shrink on the sly, because coming back From The Wars messes you up and she was trying to hold it together...and his Amazing Face of Pain and Feelings upon realizing what a colossal asshole he's just been. This is fitting. My thing this week is people flying off the handle and accusing their (innocent) significant others of cheating due largely to their own insecurities.


I walked out on Survivor as soon as TPTB let a pig loose in the campsite. I was watching it at midnight right before bed and at that point it was just like, nope, not dealing with this. I refuse to even admit the possibility that these people might consider trying to kill a (big, strong, intelligent) pig with their lack of slaughtering knowledge and their rudimentary tools. Someone later reassured me that they think it's cute and the women certainly aren't going to kill it, but I never trust this show with animals. I don't know if I can stick it out, having that gnawing fear of but what if? at the back of my mind.


I have no idea what happened, plot-wise, on CSI: NY. Something about gangs, or ex-gangs, in territory formerly known as Hell's Kitchen (not just a horrible FOX reality show, who knew). All I know is that they set a new grossness standard, with such incredibly gruesome body parts that for one of the first times ever, I actually felt nauseated watching this show. Physically ill.

The important part is Mac and Christine and my incessant spirit fingers and tiny, high-pitched squealing noises that seem to emit without recess whenever they talk. Or have a musical montage. Smiling, preciously working in the kitchen are both quite a catch. Mac doesn't just apologize, he apologizes in style.
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