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I really need to buckle down and focus on work after this though.

Time for another round of What's On That Radio (night work ends next week. this is like our last chance to play): I'm driving home and listening to this beautiful hook, can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars? / I could really use a wish right now, and that first line is such a beautiful image that suddenly all I want to do is lie down near a window and watch for passing planes. I wait with bated breath for the verses to start, triumphant that I have just discovered my latest song treasure, and then...


The mental image you should have right now is of me curled up in a fetal position, sobbing in pain and rage as yet another lady voice with endless musical potential gets thrown away on garbage. Every damn time! Why does hip hop do this? If you like rap, you don't need the pretty-voiced ladies. Please just let us have them on their own.

On a related note, so far this year I have also been lured in with Hey, I heard you were a wild one... only to have Sia clobbered out by Flo Rida, as well as Boy I think about it every night and day / I'm addicted, want to jump inside your love only to find out that's Fergie, and the rest of of her group promptly shows up to auditorily photobomb the intro.

Grey's Anatomy, 8x22, "Let The Bad Times Roll"

or, "Don't have sex, because you will get pregnant and die have hot flashes and fail your boards. True story."

Can't decide how I feel about this one, mostly as I can't decide how to feel about my newest canon ship. There was a minute, when they were both venting at each other without listening to the other, where they were really clicking and I thought they'd be okay if they could just keep it on an even keel. And then it jumped off the tracks when he switched from venting to blaming everyone in sight. (but you get five approval points for "I'm not that guy.") Then it manage to course correct with the whole gorgeous pathetic/not pathetic exchange, and for a minute after that I thought maybe those "took advantage of me?" tears could be used as an emotional ace in the hole later.

Instead they decided to start narrating their dirty hookup (my face went from confusion to "this is getting weird" to horror in about five seconds flat before I tore out of there) and proceed to cheapen the hell out of it in the process, like they were just bound and determined to make sure and obliterate any trace of approval they may have earned from me last week. NO. GROSS. WHY IS ONLY ONE SHIP HANDLED WITH DEFT AND APLOMB IN THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF THE SHOW. #and I'm like, forget you

One of my many, many pet peeves in fiction is the idea that as soon as a girl loses her virginity, all her prior reservations about sex/the reasons she was a virgin in first place just go flying out the window, and she is immediately ready for casual affairs all over the place. It happens all the time, and it drives me nuts. I'm pretty sure the second time would be almost harder than the first time, because now you have to sort of know what you're doing, and it doesn't have the same This Is A Big Deal significance that leads to other people making allowances for you. Even if this made sense to me, it is absolutely not plausible to go from "30 years a virgin" to "PUBLIC RESTROOM SEX! I totally know how to manage the logistics of this." No. You are going to have to come up with tears and/or comfort-hugging to appease me in about the next fifteen seconds of canon footage or so help me, feet will be implanted in asses courtesy of Red Foreman.

As far as the board interview scenes...Cristina's was spectacular, Jackson's was pretty good, April's started out fantastic and then turned I-can-no-longer-watch-this trainwreck, Meredith's would have been good if it hadn't been so literally nauseating, and I just wanted to repeatedly punch Alex in the mouth that wouldn't stop saying stupid things. I liked the Cristina/Meredith friendship scene, although I did briefly have a homicidal flash because both of you suck in a draw between you two and April; bitches, LET HER IN THE BATHROOM. As for April failing her boards...can't process it yet, but I want to say it's about six times more devastating and harder to watch than Rachel choking on her audition. Hang on while I imagine a sad fantasy montage set to "Cry."

Back in Seattle Grace, I once again ignored everything unless Derek was on screen. Being wonderful with his "I'm going to be your big brother for 30 seconds" and complaining about being turned into an advice columnist without warning or consent, and especially that gorgeous-in-every-way phone call ("Do you want me to yell at you or tell you to come home?" = aww). It was mesmerizing, the way that was shot. It was like a Tumblr graphic with all the hard work already done.

Bailey reluctantly "wooing" the potential new hires was good too, mostly because I love the continuation of the odd friendship she has struck up with Owen. She plays an excellent right-hand-support-staff character. When I wasn't raging, the dialogue in this episode was pretty much on fire. This writer deserves some kind of 1-liner award. I wish I'd written them all (or any) of them down, but I remember Jackson's hissing fight with his mother being particularly excellent.

Next week: I eyeball Owen/Cristina and decide how much I hate this. It's definitely hate, my natural reaction, I just don't know if it's DIE IN A FIRE hate or more like a squinty-eyed, "This seems distasteful. But are you going somewhere useful with it?"

The Office, 8x23, "Turf War"

For a while there it seemed terrifically unfocused, aside from one delightful teaser starring Jim Halpert as The Guy Who Gleefully Messes With Dwight And Anyone Else He Can Find For The Amusement Of Himself And Others, and Pam Halpert as The Wife Who Gazes Fondly At His Mischief-Making, but damned if The Epic Bromance Of Jim And Dwight didn't come out of nowhere to make it worth my while. So much everlasting joy. Narrow-eyed irritation at the question of how long they'd been dating, though. First of all, that is offensive in the name of good taste/to people with eyes, and second of all, I am disappointed in society as a whole if we have reached a point where you assume this is a reasonable possibility with no clear proof. It only makes it that much harder to write -- or have in real life -- solid friendships.

Meanwhile, successfully falling even harder for Nellie. My heart is yours! And I'm not sure it can stand the strain. I have never wanted anything as much as I want a Pam/Nellie friendship to further blossom. It would just feel really nice to win one.

David Wallace cameos continue to make my life. Except I can't decide who to side with in this war. My favorite and my least favorite manager/running partner are both on the same team. Do I want Robert to fail more than I want Nellie to win?

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