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This was a weekend from hell, filled with tons of late work because bitches won't get back to me, lethargy, and general overall ill feelings of nausea and headaches. Even television feels like a chore. Oh, am I kidding, all television that is not Glee, GA, or Smash feels like a chore lately. IS IT SUMMER RELEASE YET?

-GCB: Oh, come on, you can't leave me like that. Renewal chances seem very low of late, but I would very much like it to happen. This definitely qualifies as my favorite episode so far, with not one character annoying me except the increasingly irritating Cricket/Massey conversations, which are just bizarre, since he is a giant tool and I don't understand why he causes her to turn into a wigged out ball of mare-in-heat hormones.Who knew Mexican abduction plots could be so entertaining? Or maybe I just liked them all struggling awake out of their cuddle puddle in the middle of the desert. Or maybe it's because the pastor (whose name I should probably have learned by now) just went up several notches on the attraction scale, and I think I could absolutely drop my moderate shipping affections for Luke and pick this thread with Amanda up now, and I mean now.

In other news: Carlene is so far beyond every other woman on the Favorites scale, it's not even measurable. Which is impressive, since Gigi is pretty far ahead of the rest of the pack too. And I really like the entire pack. I'm just starting to get to a point where I can see them as real people, too. In conclusion: season 2, otherwise I will probably never think about this series again.

House, 8x19, "The C-Word"

One of those times where the episode broke under the weight of its own hype. I dug in my heels and lasted through about a quarter of it, but then I collapsed, put the patient storyline on mute and went flying through to pick up the House/Wilson thread uninterrupted.

I am still not especially clear on why Wilson went with the insane treatment, since the recommended one sounded much more solid and effective than I had imagined, other than for Maximum Viewer Pandering/Fan Service. But hey, guess what, I will happily buy the wares that you are peddling. Thank you for testing my visual willpower with the ugly side of cancer treatments. And...all of the other amazing House/Wilson stuff that I've been trying to put into words for the past hour, only to find I cannot come up with anything that does it justice. Just. House's face, when stuff gets serious and there is no more room to joke, it is an extremely beautiful thing. Busy wibbling my way through the whole "Promise me you won't do that to me" scene. And the little knee pat early on or the hand on his hair and are you trying to kill innocent viewers?

I liked that they lightened it up a bit at the end with their "spring break" photos. Cheap laugh, but effective.

Quotes to live by:
"If you're going to say you've always been secretly gay for me, everyone just always kind of assumed it."
"Can we just tone down the bromance a few notches? My leg is killing me."

Oh, and while much less relevant: cute little kid they got this week. Any other episode, she would have been a standout patient and possibly made it a highlight episode. I just wished they'd quit using the V-word so incessantly. On the bright side, the very first frame of the episode contains this gorgeous dog:

Best opening shot in series history.

In conclusion: yeah. I think that's going to stay the best episode of the season.

Smash remains interesting in the way I love it when I'm watching it and am always champing at the bit when I run out of my small stockpile, but at the same time, I constantly let it lapse for 2 and 3 weeks at a time without even noticing.

Publicity: Am I the only one who finds Karen's star-struck giddiness and fawning over being Rebecca's BFF adorable? Because based on the internet's reaction, it feels like I am. I completely failed to get any lesbian subtext Page Six was apparently trying to push, because my head still works like a normal person. I could watch endless scenes of her coming home to dramatically flop on top of piles of free clothes and gush about how awesome her night has been and how happy her lame boyfriend should be that now at least one of them has an interesting life.

The music was wonderful this time out, with everyone's renditions of "Secondhand Baby Grand" being magical (every episode needs more scenes of Tom & Julia working on material), as well as whatever gorgeous number Karen did in the club that I'm just guessing was a thousand times better than in its original form. [edit: "Run," although I always want to call it "Light Up"] Oh, this is untouchable beauty, right here. And the Bollywood number, which I've been waiting all season for, was so laughably terrible that it wrapped all the way back around to being awesome. Loved all the cameos, and am literally speechless at how much I loved Karen's costume.

Finally: you can have all the dumb family drama you want if Tom is going to get all teary and emotional and generally lose it over Leo being missing. More of this! Less of Sam being on the scene. These things would be good.

Tech: Oh, Derek. What in the world? I refuse to believe this is happening, since it came out of literally nowhere. Most random hookup I have ever seen. Oh, I regret signing off on your achievement of earning a soul. And to think, I got all
quietly squealy at "And that is why I love you" and almost started to believe we were supposed to take him seriously. Like, wow! Was that...supposed to be real? Because it felt more like sort of an indulgent tone, like the thing you'd say to a close friend or a mentee, or while working your way up to actual romantic love, but then...but what if? I'm not ready for this, but I could probably be convinced with minimal effort if that is your angle.

Spoiler alert: it's not the angle. My first instincts were correct. Sigh. Do I have to take back your soul? I was just getting used to how it looked on you.

I would say Tom & Sam's storyline was totally useless, except now the "Oh Lord, two boys kissing!" .gif is all over Tumblr, and it is so much better when you have heard the hilarious tone in which it is said. I want to say it all the time now.

Finally, Tom & Derek's spats are still one of the best parts of the show. I can't remember in which episode they were more prevalent, but whenever the sarcasm gets cranked up to 11, it's the best day. Loved Tom's lack of a spine in telling Julia. I'm rather enjoying watching Derek's constant fits about the lighting problems, too, whatever that says about me.

And now: a new Week of Working Hell begins. Yaaaay.
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