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This is my shipping life for the next 24 hours

I am so behind on TV and all the latest reactions to upfronts and the massive info dump about next season of Glee that happened today, because I am in this constant cycle of work work work even now that the night job is over, but I would like to get this one single bit of commentary out in a timely manner in case something gets borked up tonight.

NCIS: LA, 3x22, "Neighborhood Watch"
Ahem: "NCIS believes they have found a Russian sleeper cell in the middle of the suburbs, so they get Kensi and Deeks to go undercover as a married couple."

WHAT IS THIS LEVEL OF WONDER AND JOY. It's this nonstop circus showcase of snarky banter, unabashed flirting and/or ogling, bed-sharing, pet names, assorted personal space invasions, and random PDA with a dash of please-don't-be-dead panic for flavoring. I stopped counting after the fifteenth thing in the first half that me squeal for joy. Award-winning work. The writer and/or director of this episode deserves awards. I thought for sure the first time they pulled out guns the undercover op would be over, but no, it just goes on forever (until the end credits anyway). They even put Mulder and Scully to shame with their unprecedented levels of insta-coupledom.

If I have previously made statements limiting my level of shipping them to Pretty Factor or otherwise just doing it for kicks, those days have officially been blown out of the water and into straightforward, full-blown shipping madness courtesy of the conversation on the couch, which while infused with the usual level of smirking, had a layer underneath just begging to be pulled back. Not that you could, on this show, not well. But in, I don't know, the fantasyland that is fanfic...

I'm sorry, I can no longer form words about everything that went right with them. I'm just going to read and obsess over everything on the Densi tag on Tumblr. Maybe I will update this post later. It was clearly imperative that I post it right now, right?

But I adored the fact that just in case the SHIPPER OVERLOAD wasn't enough, they decided to prop it up with some bonus Nell/Eric being adorable and awkward and shy. Show is on fire. I am boldly declaring this the best episode of the series so far.

I was going to watch the Hawaii Five-0 crossover too, but it quickly turned super boring with Dude Overload and was missing the only good dude in the group, so I gave up after roughly five minutes of the first show. The fact that I am planning to watch tonight's 2-hour finale after having watched two episodes this season is already about twice as much of this show as I normally consume in a year.

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