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This is my spamming post.

What is a Tumblr, I don't have a Tumblr whose express purpose is to obsess over Kurt/Blaine. I'm going to post those feelings (and maybe some others) here.

[behind spoiler text]
8:09 PM: ...I'm sorry, I seem to recall being told that Kurt and Blaine would "zig and then zag." I don't want to zag from this direction! I just heard Kurt polish off the goddamn crowning jewel on top of his two or three eternity-promises so far. There had better be a second zig coming, because I expressly do not want to do anything different from what we just got. If you screw this up, so help my heart out of my chest with midsummer spoilers, if you must, but let me end happy.
[edit: actually, no, don't do that. I just opened up a giant target on my heart, didn't I.]

8:19: Also I have been pretty much whimpering nonstop throughout all of the goodbye music so far. I am still far away from the tear point, preferring to go with "tense knots of anxiety and general unhappiness," but my heart is hollowing itself out in preparation to hold the flood.

8:35: And here I hoped we could magically get through one episode without something making me want to hurl. Puck/Quinn just ended that. Roz is not helping. P.S. No sign of a second zig yet. On verge of chewing on ponytail to relieve stress.

8:45: Oh. That's a new zig. How is it that I still HATE YOU. (oh my god, when this sinks in, my head is actually going to explode and rain little pieces of RS-resembling confetti everywhere. It is going to be ugly. My ability to hold it at bay is only going to last so long, say, like until the end of the episode).

8:52: Stop making me ship Finchel. Frick. Every time, there is only one way I love them. But I would rather spend eternity hating them than have to feel like thiiiiiiiiiis. (come on, season 4. Rectify this mistake and bring me back to hatred. Also, please continue living out my Kurt/Blaine fears because there's no way you can do this storyline twice in five minutes, right?)

8:56: Will/Rachel. Yes. Let us distract me with that.

8:57: So, just to be clear, we're going to leave Kurt/Blaine on that note from the beginning and never check in with them again? Because I'm perfectly dandy with leaving on that note, but also it seems kind of rude not to give me a hug before we go. Also, fanfic has a lot of work to do to fix the gaps, which is doubly hard considering that whatever magical ideas they come up will likely get jossed in the fall.

8:58: Irony of everyone bitching that stupid Finn/Rachel were going to be the only couple not separated by graduation: high.

8:59: *emotional collapse* But oh, that was good.

9:16: And on bright side, I am much less upset than I thought I would be, so as long as you let me see the important kids after high school, I will be okay. Fundamental difference between Glee's graduation and mine: they don't all disappear forever.
Tags: feelings explosion, glee

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