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Ooh! CBS is offering a "good-e-bag" full of shiny free downloads. A sampler platter of episodes, and what looks like a seriously extended excerpt from the Barney Stinson books I've been dying to see, the details of which I will find out just as soon as I learn how to install some sort of Kindle app. Not the most awesome episode choices ever, but good enough and FREE. With the mysterious "cloud" thing they don't even have to be downloaded. That is nice, since none of these are things I actually like enough to have clogging up real estate on my computer.

Speaking of CBS, I spent way too much time today watching crap I did not care about just because I felt like I needed to get it done. The rest of my TV should be fun now, at least.

NCIS in triplicate:

-9x22, Playing With Fire: Lol, I didn't even realize we were setting up a terrorist arc last time. Meh, still not paying attention. Only thing to take away was the sweetness of Ducky naming Gibbs the executor of his will. In retrospect, I should have been paying much more attention to this.

-9x23, Up In Smoke: I feel like now they're just stealing all of CSI's titles. Otherwise? Now THIS was the one sweeps outing I liked, solely for the fantastic amount of Ryan and Gibbs/Ryan. Always fun to have him angry and frustrated, even their fights are snappy and chemistry filled, but that "I'm really trying here!" had an unhinged edge that seemed particularly rare from him.  Of course, even nicer are little things like "fine, you big baby," "I told you I could read your mind," and that nice little hand-on-arm "You know this isn't your fault, right?" Never leave us, Dr. Ryan, I love you.

FYI, I had to watch this episode again because YouTube offers me nothing (apparently fandom hates Dr. Ryan. fandom is full of idiots), I can't use the "Samantha Ryan" tag on Tumblr, and when I attempted to use the "Jamie Lee Curtis" tag to get around that, WHY IS THERE STILL NUDITY. That said, I fought through it long enough to find the above link, as well as "You want me to let you in? Let me in."

Also fun to have Abby bemusedly torturing Jimmy by withholding his nebulous bachelor party details. I quite liked the hijacked version, if only to have Ziva sitting on a park bench looking pretty and being swept off by a charming older gentleman, a/k/a Gibbs. They did make a lovely picture. Also: Jimmy's panicked "This is getting real, this is real."

-9x24, Til Death Do Us Part: Sometimes I feel like this show is speaking in a foreign language, that's how impossible it is to figure out what's going on. I have literally no understanding of what is happening with this Dearing storyline right now or how Scott Wolf is involved. So I'm going to ignore that and focus on the four relevant things:

-That scene with Jimmy and Brina was ridiculously sweet. I suddenly got why she was marrying him. What I'm not sure is why she agreed to a rush wedding without the ceremony just so he could run back to his friends a few hours earlier. It's nice that she did, but I don't think I would have taken it quiiiite that well. You planned an elaborate destination wedding with all the ceremonial trappings over the course of several months for a reason. I can see her agreeing to postpone the honeymoon until after this debacle, that's endearing, but getting hitched elopement-style? Son, you're already here. Even Ducky was willing to leave the grind behind. Sit your ass down, do this right and make her family happy. Other autopsy gremlins can pick up the slack for once. You don't need to be there. If you're willing to get married without them here, then I cannot sympathize with your need to be there with them.

-Gibbs/Ryan: Well. That goodbye certainly wrenched at the heart. What kind of world is it where Gibbs can't offer sufficient protection for a woman in danger? A sad world, that's what. And even though her "trying not to cry" face looked more like an imitation of a goblin, I love how he grabbed her arm when she tried to leave and I love that she managed one desperate goodbye kiss after all. I was a lot more excite to see this thread with her ex-husband get picked up immediately in the premiere, assuming he was somehow related to Dearing and would be taken down so she could come back out of hiding, but apparently the spoiler sources say that was supposed to be a goodbye for now. I hate everyone. Holding out hope for sweeps period revival, though, since they did very clearly leave a door open to pursue that as its own case.

-"Don't miss the last two minutes," they said. I assumed they referred to the Big Explosion, even though they put that in the promo, and all right, yeah, I definitely want to see the immediate aftermath. Specifically of Gibbs shielding Abby (HOORAY, but also, why couldn't I actually see that part right now) and Tony/Ziva in a stuck elevator should be good too. I don't like what I am hearing about next season starting "a few hours ahead." Wtf part of "Gibbs shielding Abby" did not sound like it was worthy of a golden spotlight? I better get a flashback, then.

-But then there's the real ending, which had my eyes bugging out my head. "Traumatized!" I shrieked as Ducky collapsed on a deserted stretch a sand with waves lapping at his face and a distinct cloudiness to his eyes. You did not just kill Ducky in front of me. I may have gone on at length about how little attachment I have to him and how he's one of my least favorites, but I don't hate the guy or actually want him gone. WHAT IS THIS. INTERNET, SPOIL ME ALL THE THINGS.

Fortunately the internet has reassured me that he apparently signed a 2-year contract and he will be back and TPTB officially stated that he'll be back and next year will be about growing from the experience (as long as he doesn't turn into a jackass of Pete Wilder proportions, I'm good). But still. That was a thoroughly shocking ten minutes I spent in blind panic. So...good work, I guess.

In conclusion: The year started off more strongly than it ended, but the addition of Jamie Lee Curtis was by far the best thing it did in 2012 (along with episode 200). I might actually have specific memories that jump out when someone says "season 9," as opposed to "season 8," to which I am currently drawing a giant blank. [edit: Cracked! Ships in the Night! Honestly, self.]

Best episodes: Life Before His Eyes, The Missionary Position, Enemy on the Hill

NCIS: LA - 2 part season finale

HUNTER NOOOOOOOOO. Admittedly, I never actually saw any of the episodes she was in, or that her name was Hunter prior to now, but she's Claire Forlani and I love her face. Even if she is sporting the most ridiculous American accent that makes her sound vaguely like Peg Bundy. I was looking forward to maybe seeing her episodes one day; I don't want this to be how she ends. What is with this show and trotting out random ladies from the past to whack for surprise shock value?

I stuck around for the whole thing because I wanted to see the aftermath of the explosion, but that was pretty underwhelming. I should have quit after the first 5 or 10 minutes when Kensi and Deeks got their fake coupledom (and in the latter's case, touchy-feely gestures of affection) on some more. Elbow him good, Honeybun, it just makes me love you more. Otherwise, beyond a few fleeting concerned looks about her reaction to the death of an agent I have never heard of, there was nothing of note. Wait! There was him rambling in an attempt to use comedy to diffuse the situation followed by "Shut up, Deeks." / "All right." / "And thank you." I knew I made a halfhearted attempt to take notes for a reason.

I guess I should probably look up contract news or something, and yet, right now I would just like to bask in the glorious feeling of being able to believe in this show returning without Hetty or Callen. "To be continued"? I don't think so. That looked like a pretty clear ending to me. Retire her offscreen and throw the book at him over the summer, then return with a fresh start. Seriously, you at least have got to quit teasing me with the prospect of Hetty resigning and not delivering.

I even circled back around to watch 3x04, which I have been meaning to watch all year ever since I saw the promo with that adorable little dog. In the course of doing so, I have learned that apparently Monty has made more than one appearance. Only question right now: how many and which one(s)? And how often have I demanded that my crime show characters adopt the adorable little pooches they run across? I can't get over how Deeks actually did. Like he needs more reasons to be my favorite.

I watched half of 3x03 after that because I assumed it would have Monty, but apparently he was first introduced in season 2. Way too bored of this marathon to go find that one or even finish the episode I was on, especially if they were going to spit up my partnership, but I hop-skipped through enough of 3x03 to verify that I love Hunter. Remind me again why she didn't stick around?
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