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Secondhand Book Shopping: A Long Overdue Post

My garage sale luck has been horrible so far this year, partly because there aren't many (I blame the stupid amount of road construction going on in the tangle of quiet neighborhood streets that host the majority of sales I visit, blocking roads left and right), partly because the ones that do exist are tiny, and partly because half the time I can't get out in time to even go to them at all. It's driving me crazy. Even the library sales have been unusually disappointing and picked-over. And I know nobody particularly cares about these posts, but it bothers me when my finds aren't documented, so:

For starters, an overview of the book collection additions:

These are the basic stacks for comparison of thickness. I suck the element of surprise out at the beginning so that people can get on with their busy lives without reading further (hint: titles you can't read are more legible when clicked on to enlarge). THEN AGAIN, maybe there are some non-book things at the bottom. I mean middle. Maybe. No skipping!

A Filly For Joan - $1: Author of the Billy and Blaze series, because it's full of gorgeous pencil sketches and you know how I love my horse books for all ages. I may or may not have gasped when I saw it.

Farm Animals (c. 1984 but looks about a decade older inside) - $1: I stumbled upon a little pocket containing 5 juvenile nonfiction animal books I remembered from my childhood and wept at the familiarity, but most of them weren't interesting enough to keep. This one has a lot of great black and white photos, though.

The Roan Colt, $1. 1966 and SUPER EXCITING ALERT: I have heard of this title before but not read it. Better still, lo and behold, I was traipsing around in boredom at the library sale (where so far I had only snagged the two juvenile books above after bypassing the ENTIRE huge but crappy YA selection) when I spotted this lying in plain sight, face up, on a shelf full of boring contemporary adult fiction paperbacks. I always seem to score the one vintage juvenile animal book that gets mixed in with that crap. Its dust jacket is a bit wavy/wrinkled and chewed up at the top, but the cover is not damaged and a plastic sleeve will fix the imperfections right up. Or maybe I will just store the jacket elsewhere, because I love how the cover itself looks -- sky blue and with the image imprinted on it.


Winner - $1. I ran across this online a while ago when I was researching adult books featuring horses. This one came recommended and sounded like it had potential* but it was an 80s book and not in the library system, so I dropped it. Imagine my shock when I tripped over it at a garage sale months later! I had actually been at the sale for 20 minutes and already looked at all the books, but I refused to believe there was nothing I wanted at such an enormous sale, so I looked again. The books were stacked so you could only read the spines, but something made me pull this out the second time I passed it. My jaw literally dropped.

Per Google: Presents the saga of Macha Sheridan, the spirited gypsy daughter of a horse-trading rogue, fated to ride and race with a spirit no man can match. Historical romance, as far as I can tell, but every time I flip through some random pages I find mention of horses, so it might actually deliver what I want.

The Luck Of Texas McCoy - 25 cents. Seized with joy off the clearance YA cart, it's 1984 and I haven't read it, but it looks really good. I should say, I've read the first 15 pages or so and the setting it evokes is fascinating, so I've put it aside until I can savor it.

Hurry Home, Candy - 50 cents: Not pictured, but it's this wonderful dog story I read in high school, and while obviously I am holding out hope for a 50s hardcover copy, I've also just really missed the story. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it was popular enough to be a mass market paperback.

Megan's Mare - 25 cents (also off the clearance cart): Mostly to flesh out my Lynn Hall collection, as it's just a real quick juvenile book. Also bought for the awesomely SUPER SEVENTIES cover.

Dear Bill, Remember Me? - 50 cents: I'm not real big on short story collections, but it's Norma Fox Mazer and something about the charming vintage paperback cover just said, "I want to come home with you." I may have been influenced by the fact that somebody apparently cleaned out their basement and donated a huge collection of 60s/70s paperbacks, which had all been dumped together on a shelf in the library sale room at my regular branch that rarely has anything 20th century, and I went all grabby-handed.

A Long Way to Go (1967 edition) - 50 cents. Actually purchased to read, because it looked like general fiction I might actually enjoy. Three children staying at a motel when their parents leave and don't come back, so eventually the kids decide to walk home to find them. Someone online said it reminded them of the Boxcar Children. I am all on board.

The ones on the end were 50 cents each; the two in the middle were 25 cents each.

Raccoons Are The Brightest People: Nonfiction JAM-PACKED with amazing photos of raccoons. Like about every 5-10 pages out of its 186 overall, you get a full page or 2-page spread. I forgot to take any pictures, darn it, but just trust me -- amazing. How have I not even heard of this one?

Common Wild Animals And Their Young: Purchased mainly for the photos; it's a pretty basic pocket guide otherwise. I don't mind black and white when it involves animals.

Wild Season: Bought it to read because it looked right up my alley; ended up being one of the best books I've read this year.

Wild Traveler: Bought because it was cheap and I thought I remembered reading it in elementary school, about a boy who picks up a coyote pup and turns it into a pet.

My Super Pricey By Comparison Half Price Books finds, added in here as a matter of course even though I've already mentioned two of 'em -- with my coupons and store credit, something like $3, $4.20 and $5.50, respectively, plus tax. All appear to be brand new.

The middle book, The Edwardian Lady: The Story of Edith Holden is actually going to be a gift for my mom, since we got her Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady for Christmas. Glossy-thick pages in a beautiful and artistic layout filled with photos and bonus illustrations from her work, very much an art book in its own right despite being nonfiction. I didn't even know this existed - I was just casually browsing that section even though I'd already picked out the Glee book as my definite purchase of the day, and this jumped out at me. Serendipity!


Tiny animals, 25 cents: These are TINY, like each one is not quite as big as the first digit of your index finger. Obviously, I could not resist purchasing tiny animals, even though only a couple of them will work in scale with my collection.

Christmas tree earrings, 75 cents: because I recently broke a pair of Christmas earrings and I need to own as many pairs as possible anyway.

Camel figurine, free: OK, not actually thrifted. My dad found a bag in the garage full of silly little things he used to have on his desk at work, and this was by far the best. We think it is made of leather, based on the texture. It's 7 inches tall and makes a really cool decoration, so Dad has "loaned it out" to me. Or as he put it, in sympathy with my streak of bad luck, "See, this is better than a garage sale!"

$1.49 from Goodwill (half off sticker price)

What is THE CUTEST 2-INCH THREE-RING BINDER YOU HAVE EVER SEEN? Actually, it has a crease on the front that makes me very sad, so I probably wouldn't have bought it, except that it was so heavy when I pulled it down that I flipped it open, and oh -- holy crap. Holy crap, it is someone's entire sticker collection. Unused stickers. Not only does the binder come filled with those clear plastic sheets where you lift up the flap and then it self-seals -- I'm going to turn this into Volume II of my Schoolwork Scrapbook -- but half of those pages are brimming over with every variety of sticker you can imagine, still on their wax paper and ready to be peeled off and used. There are easily a couple hundred. Many of them are dumb, but there are enough ones of animals and decorative things like flowers and butterflies to make it worth a buy, plus some useful ones like letters and stars and holiday stuff.

Below: a small sampling. The 2-page spreads get much bigger.

That is, in fact, a troll puffy sticker you are seeing. It's kind of my favorite on principle, though obviously, the half page full of horse stickers is the best part. I am also very fond of the easter eggs, the fuzzy horse stickers, the stars next to the troll sticker, and the bears. There are even a few Harry Potter ones; I'm not sure if those showed up here or not.

Finally, unrelated to this post, we saw the most GIANT moth on our flowers today. I actually thought it was a hummingbird from a distance, given the way it was hovering at flowers, wings going a mile a minute and never landing.

Any idea what it's called?
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