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1. HOLY HELLCAKES I AM NOT OKAY WITH THIS. (Pete not returning next year. And considering he was last seen out on bail with a trial in his future...)

That is not the way the Pete/Violet story should end. :(

Naturally, this news came about 12 hours after I learned that season 6 is for-sure limited to 13 episodes and therefore the show is clearly on its way out. [edit: and 24 hours before I learned that Kate Walsh is done at the end of season 6, so the show is definitely over unless miracles occur.]

You were not supposed to pay attention when I talked about needing to cull shows from my watchlist via cancellation...

2. Also, I just realized that Zachary Levi's pilot didn't get picked up. Ugh! That was the only pilot I paid attention to before the official announcements, too. I told you to stop letting me do this.

3. I just discovered MnLINK Gateway. What this means, basically, is that after 3+ years of missing the best thing about college: Interlibrary Loan is back at my fingertips. All the government-owned books in the [state] are now accessible to me with the click of a mouse. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I am making an immediate beeline for Elisabeth Sladen's autobiography, then every ridiculous Glee book that exists, and finally I'm going on a crazed spree of searching for all the vintage animal stories ever, because other library systems have books from the 20th century. And if I want to reread some of the beautiful old books from my college library? They're part of the system too. SCORE.

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