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Oops, insomnia alert. I get so ~awake~ when I'm procrastinating.

1. Watched about 5 minutes of Dogs in the City, because DOGS! PRIMETIME!, before I remembered that I hate training shows. The trainer inevitably comes across as pretentious at best and patronizing at worst, and it's just full of secondhand embarrassment from owners admitting they can't control their dogs. I mean, I own a dog whose hatred of other dogs is actually menacing, and I still want to judge the people on the show.

2. You need this sound in your life. You just do, right now. Click on the link, observe the picture, and watch as that becomes EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU.

3. I was reading a post from 2009 where I complained that I always double spaced between sentences and was annoyed when LJ auto-corrected it. Funny thing is, apparently I now only do one space. I have no idea when or why that changed, but go me.

4. The Office, 8x24, "Free Family Portrait Studio"

I went into it with a vibe from fandom that people were disgruntled, but I was like, "Naw! I saw the sneak peek where Jim reveals why he is afraid to bring his children in; clearly this episode is going to be shipper friendly and/or filled with adorable festivities."

Nope. Nope, it's not. It will have a small section reserved for the most wonderful things you can think of, and then it will be filled, in no particular order, with such horrible things as: The Gross Senator, Gross Dwight/Angela (I cannot with this; this is very clear "going to burn in hell" behavior if I ever saw it and the Angela I know would not do this), Andy being a miserably unbearable idiot making a fool out of himself (except during that brief bit where everyone decided he was crazy, and I love how he always looks surprised when Erin is an idiot), and the worst cold open in recent memory. Why is this show so bad at finales?

Buuuuut, on the bright side, I spent about 5 minutes laughing at the priceless image of Jim ripping off Dwight's tearaway suit in the parking lot, how insanely precious it was when Pam brought the children in and Jim kept rambling on about how this was a bad idea in a very high pitched and quasi-calme voice, and just the two of them with their arms full of adorable rugrats.

Also cracked up endlessly at Angela furiously fending off Dwight's increasingly blatant efforts to collect DNA, followed by chasing him down in her car. And slapping the hell out of Mose like an angry bird mother jabbing at the eyes of a predator.

Then there were all those sudden shots of children all grown up in a glorious version of Take Your Daughter To Work Day: Where Are They Now? Answer, Sasha has grown up into most delightful young thing and nobody else matters. Except maybe Creed's parents, whom I suspect were actually just random people he met on the street and decided to bring in for a photo op.

Nellie + quoting Shakespeare = ♥

David Wallace's scene was ruined by Andy, but just the fact that our sweet, dear little company is once again independently owned and all is right with the world and Robert has been given the heave-ho...o, happiness!

Ryan and his "I will wait for you forever" sign = ♥♥♥♥♥♥. There were no other signs, what do you mean.

(yet I do love Ryan's sour 'wtf how did I not come up with this' face upon hearing about Robert's fully-funded plans for the next 3 years)

A moment of silence, now, for our soon to be dearly departed Kelly. I have been in denial ever since she ended the Drama episode with kissing Ryan and gave me false hope; I refuse to believe this is happening. My heart.

Also, there was an amazeballs subplot that got entirely cut out, but has also been made entirely available, featuring Robert California casually inviting Jim and Pam over for a 3-way while they spend all day freaking and trying to figure out if that was what he was really saying or if they were just being paranoid. That was pretty racy, especially the end of part 4, so I can see why they cut it, but never more delighted by this show's slew of instantly-available deleted scenes. Also, totally worth it just for their faces when they turn to each other at the end.

Finally, in happier news, let's all talk about the unbelievable wonder and joy that is this talk of Catherine Tate being a regular next season. A REGULAR. Not even just plain old keeping her around, but officially on board full time???

5. And with that done, and because Office Tally Survivor's first casualty gets voted off in a matter of hours, it is time to prep what doubles as my semi-official Voting Ballot. At least in part because then my icon choice is even more amusing.

I know my top 5 for the season are accurate, but their exact placings are not solidified at all, mostly because I barely remember this season, and all the good episodes were ruined in some way by subplots. This list is based almost entirely on the vibe I get from what my posts for this year say. That's why I split it into tiers, because I'm 90% sure I can at least classify them as average, terrible or good.

Top Tier
1. Test The Store
2. After Hours
3. Tallahassee
4. Special Project
5. Pam's Replacement
6. Jury Duty (rage-inducing at the time but technically proficient; I feel like I'd like it more now.)
7. Garden Party

Middle Tier
8. Angry Andy
9. Welcome Party (these two are literally split down the middle with MAGNIFICENCE vs. HELL, and #10 is rather similar)
10. Get The Girl
11. Last Day In Florida (the Girl Scout cookie subplot was so awful it single-handedly knocked this down 3-5 places)
12. Turf War
13. Spooked
14. Mrs. California
15. Gettysburg
16. The List
17. Free Family Portrait Studio

Low Tier
18. The Incentive
19. Christmas Wishes
20. Lotto
21. Doomsday
22. Fundraiser
23. Pool Party
24. Trivia
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