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I've been up to things.

To my ecstatic joy, kurt_blaine has a new friending meme going on, a/k/a "answer to all my prayers," so I went hunting and baited some traps. So far I have ensnared nikkikitty. Hello! Meanwhile, if you are here because you're deciding whether or not to accept my friend request, feel free to judge me based on this paragraph and/or back away slowly.

If you are here because you're already on my flist, I should warn you that depending on how many people I add, I may use this as an excuse to talk about Glee more than ever, because getting a Tumblr to siphon it off didn't work. Alienate ALL the people! *fist pump*

But in the meantime, let's talk about House because have watched two out of my three straggling episodes and I am basically exploding with flail and need a break before I see the last one. Remarkably, even though I have had to avoid all the cool end-of-year wrap-up articles, lists, etc., I remain unspoiled about how it ends.

8x20, "Post Mortem"

Yes, I could live without Kyle Calloway. Sad to see Wilson go off the rails, but not unexpected, so I tried to be patient and wait it out. Had I known it was only going to be half an episode, I might have embraced it more. That said, I spent a couple of scary minutes in hyperventilation over the idea that he might have actually shaved his head in pursuit of a threesome. And I wish that hadn't happened, but also understand that I have no real grounds to complain about it as being out of character because, well, that's the point.

And honestly, who am I to complain about a glorious House/Wilson road trip? No one, that's who. I was on board with every minute. Just because I was especially relieved when his old self returned to being in order to help a sweet little old lady...

I was even pretty entertained by the patient of the week, not least because of that super creepy cutting-open-my-own-skull-now teaser. (scarred for life. awesome) I still haven't accepted the fact that Chase is so suddenly gone, though. I don't know why it feels shocking; he's done it before and it makes just as much sense for him to move on now as it does for Wilson to walk on the wild side, but something still feels incomplete.

8x21, "Holding On"

24 hours later and I'm still floored, so I am not even going to try to talk about how epic and magnificent every single second of House & Wilson was in this one. Just, maybe my favorite episode ever for the two of them. The teaser, fake chemo, House's clearly fake but sweet-in-theory-tribute, the fabulous dinner scene of reminiscence, House screaming about how LIFE IS PAIN!, Foreman pointing out that Wilson kind of is responsible for House, the ending. But mostly: there is some definite damage in the heart area of my chest after him breaking down in the car. Must rewatch twelve million times. "I need you to tell me that you love me." The whole fandom's dead now, right?

Thirteen was an eye-rolling waste of time. The patient was even more dull, though the ceiling crashing in on them was fantastic. My only regret is that it didn't kill Park. Although I guess that would have made things even worse for House.

Kind of loved House flying into a tailspin and attempting to choke said patient to death. He seemed distinctly unhinged, but it was worth it just for Park cracking him on the head with his own cane. That cane got a lot of great use this week. House putting a white flag of surrender on it was pretty good too.

Piano theme!!!, that is all.

And now, if you don't mind, my eyes will just be bugging out of my head in shock at "Your parole has been revoked, report to jail on Monday until a month after your friend dies." That...may be the cruelest thing this show has tried to do to me since the finale last year. I presume shenanigans will be going down with House so that this doesn't happen -- and I did hear a whisper of something, but I can't remember if it was from someone who'd seen it or just speculation -- but still, yikes. (and now the internet is pointing out to me that the only feelings I should be having about this are eye-rolling ones about what a ridiculous catalyst for this parole-revoking it is. Oops. So, yeah, that.)

Decided I'm not even going to watch the promo for the finale. Just throw myself in and let that be the end of it. ...later. Maybe next week.

P.S. One way or another I found myself on the ABC Family site, watching a massive loop of clips from "Melissa and Joey," and it's making me really wish I had cable so I could just turn on a TV and find this show. It seems like it would provide endless entertainment in the cutesy-sitcom department.
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