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State of the Networks: Spring Opener

Because things change a lot after February sweeps, and they change more between February sweeps and the end of May, so it’s important to have an update.  The grades have become considerably more balanced and spread-out.  Anyway.  Here's how the shows I watch/watched are currently holding my interest: (oh, and I use half-grades instead of the traditional +/- because that's how my college does it, and while I realize it's stupid, that's how I've been conditioned)

A: Full-steam-ahead, most anticipated shows:
CSI: NY: Is definitely the show I most look forward to every week.  With the exception of Sid and Adam, I really love all the characters, which is a rarity for a show with an ensemble cast.  There's a bit of humor tucked here and there amid the overall serious storyline, and the cases are...oh, all right. I love this show because it has two relationships going on at once.  Two!  That's double the chances for cute scenes!  Factor in Reed, and you have another shot at emotion and character development.  And then, of course, there is Flack, who merely has to enter a scene to make me happy.

Lost: Currently my second-favorite show on the air.  They WOULD have to face-off for a timeslot...thank goodness for online streaming.  I don't know exactly what makes it so entertaining, especially given how much I dislike several of the characters, but every week I'm glued to the screen, wondering what twists we're going to see with the Others.  Well, that and Sawyer.  Sawyer is to this show what Flack is to the one above.  In addition to him, I guess Sayid, Kate, Charlie, Claire, and Danielle Rousseau are enough to make up for the ones I don't like.  I even like Jack, I think, provided he only has small scenes and is not starring in flashbacks.

CSI: GSR is back full-time.  Yay!  In addition to that, I think the MCSK storyline is quite possibly the most fascinating arc this show has ever done.  And even outside those two things, every episode is almost cinematic in quality, lovely works of art.  I'm generally captivated from start to finish. 

Standoff: This is only still here because that's where it was last time I did SotN, and we haven't seen a new episode since then.  If you've forgotten what I said last time, it was basically "because in every episode, I'm guaranteed to see some sort of Cute Scene."  That's a huge plus on a crime show.  And I do rather like watching them do their jobs, I suppose.

A/B: Not perfect, but still quite good:
NCIS: You're slipping, NCIS, thanks to the incessant use of outside love interests.  I don't mind your characters being involved in romantic entanglements (because your show's focus is on crime, not personal stuff), but I'd prefer that they be with one another instead of outside love interests, and preferably only one 'ship at a time.  Maybe if the cases were slightly more interesting, and the bodies just less GROSS, my interest would return?  I'm sure I'll come running  back soon as Grenouille rears its head again, because I must admit that's a really good arc.

ER: John Stamos, you have single-handedly saved ER.  Well, you and that adorable little girl playing your daughter.  Still, the last time I loved a new doctor so completely was when they introduced Neela.  I still think this is the best medical show out there when it comes to somewhat realistic portrayal of real life.  The doctors on Grey's and House are shiny, glossy, occasionally almost parody characters; the ER docs have heart. 

Law & Order: SVU: An increased focus on Elliot & Olivia’s personal lives has swung it up a point in my favor.  That, and these are generally some of the most interesting cases in all my crime shows.  I actually care about the victims.

Survivor: Because it is honestly still the most entertaining reality show on television.  Even when it’s having a slow season, I like the format.  I like the exotic location and the random physical challenges and the fruit-gathering and the fishing for survival (oh wait, there isn't any of that this season).  Kay, fine, I just like the backstabbing and verbal warfare.  If we could somehow shorten that draggingly long time at tribal council, where Jeff asks stupid questions for no purpose at all other than to rehash all the stuff we've already seen, it'd be perfect. 

B: Consistently above average, but not stellar
Grey's Anatomy: Is not getting any higher until it learns that "the triangle is not a friendly shape, okay?  It's pointy, it's got sharp edges. Triangles hurt people."  So do squares, so no love rhombuses either.  I would love for this show to focus just a tiny bit more on, um, actual medicine and possibly on interpersonal, non-romantic relationships too.  Also, MORE BAILEY.

Bones: Down a notch because Sully is harshing my style, and so are Zack’s short hair and Jack & Angela’s progression from puppy love to Grey’s Anatomy-style relationship.  Mostly the last one.  Maybe I'd be in a better mood if Booth had more scenes.  Scenes he didn't have to share with his stunt double Sully.

House: I feel like it's at a tipping point, where it could get better any day...and of course, any scenes with Cuddy or Wilson are pure gold, as is House's sarcastic wit...but for now, I'm too disinterested in the ducklings to care.  Also, the show is still much too fond of the "bleeding from every orifice" symptom in the patients, which grosses me out.

Without a Trace: It’s improving a little bit.  Last week's debacle aside, the cases have been much more interesting lately, and I think they've given up on their Office Slut Barbie Sam angle in favor of actual character development for the poor girl.  I can't figure out what happened/is happening with Danny/Elena, but I'm hoping they're keeping that around because it's rather more solid than any of ther other relationships they've tried to invent on this show, and if they kept it t'would be a huge point in their favor.   I was getting used to that weekly dose of Cute.

B/C: Fair to middling
Numb3rs: “Because it's not *consistent.*  It's usually pretty good, but when it has a bum episode, man, it crashes.”  Opinion hasn't changed on that end, but it's sinking lower and lower in my favor the longer Millie has a starring role.  Look, I love the actress, but I just don't think her character needs to be in 50% of every episode.  I miss Larry.  And I have a feeling that pretty soon I'll be missing Megan.

Cold Case: I still have to poke and prod myself to get off the computer and go over to the TV on Sunday nights.  The ensemble cast here is likable, but nobody stands out as particularly awesome (with the possible exception of Kat Miller, who has inexplicably become my favorite).  While I like the format, with music from the case time period playing throughout the flashback scenes, the cases generally tend to be hit-or-miss.   Mostly miss.

CSI Miami: Improved a notch, mostly by focusing in on character development for Eric, but overall...still BY FAR the worst season it's ever had.  Cases are crap, gaudy and without substance; I'm still waiting for Horatio to resume his center-stardom role (in terms of personal storyline, anyway), because he's the best thing about this show (when he's not playing with his sunglasses and/or posing obnoxiously) and it still grates on my nerves that Natalia has been upgraded to full-time CSI.

C: Half and half
Simpsons: Even though there’s nothing else on in this timeslot, I generally can’t be arsed to turn on the TV and watch the new eps.  Daily reruns, hilarious and entertaining as ever, but it doesn't seem worth it to make sure I catch that single new half-hour.

American Idol: It's kind of hard to resist the temptation to watch it when EVERYONE around you is talking and/or writing about it, including your mother, but on my own?  I could care less about hearing people sing, at least when they're singing non-current music.  I have very little love for classic rock, oldies (if sung by anyone other than the original artist), music like MoTown, Aretha Franklin...let's just say I have a very limited genre appreciation in general.  I will never, ever be one of those people who, when asked their favorite genre of music, says "I'll listen to pretty much anything." 

Law & Order: CI: This is a literal half-n-half - I only watch it on weeks when Bobby Goren is not present.  And even then, only if nothing else is on and I'm feeling a need to see crimes solved, hence why I don't write about it on a weekly basis.  It's entertaining fare, but one which I have no real desire to discuss in depth.

D: Watch yourself, there’s an axe…
How I Met Your Mother: I still like it in theory, but I can’t bring myself to watch it until Robin’s dogs are back (which I realize will probably never happen).  Really - that completely ruined the show for me.  I have no desire to watch new episodes at all.

Law and Order: Because I rather dread the idea of watching its dry dullness and lack of character-development coupled with Alana de la Garza’s horrible short hair.  I like the young female detective (whose name I apparently never learned), but she's not enough.  You know it's bad when you can watch 40 minutes and then decide to turn it off without even caring how it ends.

F: Dear God, kill me yesterday
Til Death: It just…stopped being funny.  I was right, Jeff & Steph are completely one-dimensional, and they’ve run out of storylines.  The glory day of the FOX comedy is quite over.

Two and a Half Men: Apparently they got rid of Rose during one of those weeks I couldn’t be arsed to watch, which is too bad, because she was one of the best things about it.  I’m tired of the dirty jokes.  I really am.

New Adventures of Old Christine: If you live and "The Class" dies, ungood things will happen.  I stopped laughing at anything months ago, and now I kind of want you to go off the air, no matter how much I love Julia Louis-Dreyfus.  The characters are too much like real life (read: unattractive, with the notable exception of Christine herself) to appeal to me anymore.


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Mar. 18th, 2007 08:46 pm (UTC)
wow... we have different views on shows. Here's what I think of the shows you mentioned. *notice I left out the ones I don't watch/(anymore)*

Til Death 6.8/10 (It's still okay, I think but they really need to stick to the funny. Eddie mentoring his neighbor about marital issues...that's what funny.)=C+

Two and Hald Men 7/10 (I think the show is still kicking it. I never really saw the point in Rose. So now that she's gone. I see no big difference)=B-

New Adventures of Old Christine 6.5/10 (It started out good and right now it's Okay)=C

American Idol 6.9/10 (that grade is a reflection of the contestants. This season isn't very good. I mean c'mon Sanjaya! I can't believe the judges let him through to Hollywood in the first place. Anyway, everything is starting to feel like recyle) =C+

CSI:Miami 7.6/10 (it's be going down lately. How much grudge can Horatio have? He really needs to loosen up. He takes gets way too personal with the case. And he always looking for vengence. After awhile, it's kind of a turn off. Plus Ryan is extremely annoying. The only people I tolerate now are Caleigh, Eric and Alex) =B

CSI:LV 8.9/10 (I do not like Sara. In fact let me rephrase this...I HATE HER! Not a fan of GSR either.)=A

CSI:NY 9.3/10 (This show is really on the top of my list. The only one scoring the big A+ There's really nothing about this show that I hate. I love every character. I love all the dynamics and the struggles they all go through personally, etc... and the case also have a bit of humor to them.)=A+

The Class 7.1/10 (I really do hope it comes back. I do think however that they will need to BRING it. With shows like that. It's usually good at first but then it starts declining.=B-

How I met Your Mother 5.3/10 (It's just not that funny. And it starting to piss me off the storytelling and not confirming who he ended up with.) =D

NCIS 7.8/10 (I think the show still got it but all the secrets stuff is a bit annoying. What's the big deal if Tony finally has a serious relationship? So Ziva secretly has a thing for Tony but doesn't even realize it herself. etc...)=B+

Bones 7.5/10 (The show could really do without Cam. I tolerate Brenan's new bf because i know he's temporary and I enjoy seeing Booth ticked off)=B

House 8.8/10 (It's one of my favorite shows but they are a couple things that ticked me off. I blame it on the producter/writers. And I also hate Cameron's character.) =A

Grey's Anatomy 7.9/10 (the cast is too big and use precious time one pointless stuff.)=B+

Standoff - 5/10 (I penalize them for being on hiatus for so long. I thought for sure it was cancelled.) =D-
Mar. 18th, 2007 09:26 pm (UTC)
So do squares, so no love rhombuses either.

*giggles madly* Actually, I kind of hope that there are more four-way romantic entanglements just so we all have an excuse to use words like "love rhombus".

The new detective in L&O's last name is Cassedy. Her first name escapes me. Honestly, I don't watch the new episodes so much anymore, not because I dislike them, but because the Briscoe- and/or Fontana-era reruns are playing almost 24/7 and I like them better. And Jack doesn't get to yell at anybody anymore. Le sigh.

SVU is starting to slip just a little for me. One of the reasons that I watch the L&O franchise is that character development is kept mostly peripheral - we have to figure most of it out on our own. That makes it even more of a treat when it does appear. This season...I dunno. There's no surprise to it anymore, because I know every time I turn it on I'm going to get the latest chapter of Elliot's personal life. Also, I am STILL mad that Munch and Fin have fallen off the face of the Earth.
Mar. 18th, 2007 10:26 pm (UTC)
Munch? NOOOOOOOOO! He was the reason to watch that show. Well, that and the one episode with a shirtless Eddie Cahill...

Mar. 19th, 2007 12:25 am (UTC)
Unfortunatly, yes. He barely has screentime anymore; either he gets a single line per episode or he doesn't show up at all. I'm pretty sure he's not actually leaving the show (though Ice-T might be), but *still*. He hasn't had a prominent role in an episode since "Uncle". Writers, that is not acceptable.

Shirtless Eddie Cahill? Where? *suddenly looks interested*
Mar. 19th, 2007 05:10 am (UTC)
Eddie Cahill appeared in episode 217 of SVU. It was called "Folly", and he played a male escort.
Mar. 19th, 2007 05:34 am (UTC)
I conducted a Google search:

Eddie Cahill Shirtless
Mar. 20th, 2007 07:16 am (UTC)
Oh my goodness. :) Add that to the list of reasons to grab Season 2 on DVD as soon as I find it. Thanks!
Mar. 20th, 2007 04:59 pm (UTC)
Hee! I got my set from Best Buy, but I'm sure Amazon or Ebay would have it...
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