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The Finder

Not the presumably terrible Bones spinoff, but what I have decided to call myself after a magical ability to either score a find at every other sale today, or watch my dad be delighted by finds (we spent 3 or 4 hours covering all the territory in the local area - you gotta do this like you mean it).

We started the morning at a church sale's fill-a-bag day, so we split a $3 bag and loaded it up with stuff. Most of the other finds came trickling in this afternoon. And since my dad got stuff that is cooler to look at, I decided to put it all in here this time.

-My Wild World - Joan Embery, church sale. Fun 1980 memoir of the San Diego Zoo's "Wild Animal Ambassador." This is the only thing in the photo that belongs to me.
-Metal lamp shade with bear cutouts, church sale. For use as garden decoration.
-Glass votive candle holder, church sale.
-Avon Sherlock bulldog decanter, church sale. My mom is side-eying it, I side-eyed it, Dad could not be more amused by it.
-Iron book/magazine holder, $1. Dad was extremely enchanted by it.
-Van Briggle pottery, 50 cents. Apparently it's a thing. Unsure if it is real or fake, but either way, my parents both love it.
-"Fossil" tin, 5 (five) cents, for use in garage organization of small things.

Additional items from the church sale not pictured here: a pair of little clay gecko earrings, a spare drawstring backpack, my dad's pair of nearly-new black shoes, and a selection of 5 80s Babysitters Club paperbacks. That's right, I have officially gone down the rabbit hole and decided to be stupid and collect the series wherever it turns up cheap. Also a CSI: NY paperback, Deluge, probably to pass along once read, because those always look better than they actually are.

Also Dad's -- set of 4 Fiesta cups/saucers, $1 for all. The ladies at the sale were so eager to do something they even rushed to find bits of plastic and paper to wrap each item, and then pulled down a nice sturdy shoebox for us to carry them to the car. My mom loves them. Score!
(this is important because my mom is forever trying to get rid of things as opposed to bringing stuff home. He's pretty good about finding things that are useful and which they both like, though.)

$2, somewhere between a sweater and a long sleeved tee.I just love the delicate neckline and the satiny material between the decorative button detailing.I like how you can see my cute kitty lightswitch plate peeking out behind it.

Priceless: At this sale I got to pet a miniature Shepherd mix. She was perfect. She had that beautiful Shepherd coat design (coloring as well as softness), and half-erect ears, but she can't have weighed more than about 35 pounds even though she was full grown. SUITABLE APARTMENT-SIZED DOG ALERT, Future Self. They're rare, but they're out there!

Part of the church sale. It's pretty impressive how much you can fit in a grocery sack when you don't add clothes. THE IMPORTANT PART IS, these are the exact style of shoes I have been dying to find since I wore my beloved high school pair out a few years ago. They definitely look worn, and the top is still a little tight around my right foot, but yeah -- brown mules with wedge heels, dying for those because it's surprisingly hard to find a serviceable pair, even new. And these even have cute studded detailing that my old shoes didn't.

In other news, I am super depressed that I can no longer post to thriftwhore, where people take an interest in this stuff, because my post two weeks ago got put in a moderation queue. Other people's posts have appeared since then, and I have never known this comm to be moderated so I attribute it to one of LJ's glitches. Unfortunately, there is only one mod/maintainer listed, their journal has not been updated since April, and the PM I sent a week ago has not been responded to. Since I have a post "in queue," it won't let me submit anything new, either. WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME.

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