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Goodbye: The Post-Script Post

First let's talk about those spoilers that hit last night, because I feel like if the cast is filming in early July, these might have been based on actual script drafts rather than the clouds of fantasy floating around in Ryan Murphy's head.

-I don't know if I have talked about how much I love the long-standing spoilers about Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Hudson signing on as big name "mentor" guest stars. Because I love them a lot. SJP is a really likable actress, but I am jumping out of my skin for Kate because I have loved nearly every movie she's chosen since 2003. I was pretty neutral on her when she first started out, but now she embodies Perfect Acting Choices, and I can't help but love her for that. And to have the two of them featured with Kurt and Rachel, respectively? This is why I can't help feeling like at least part of s.4 is going to be amazing. OK, on to the new stuff.

-Hudson as a "hard-ass New York Academy of the Dramatic Arts dance instructor" -- here for that! Always a fan of Rachel dancing. Not here for "Dance is not Rachel's strong point, but as a freshman it's a requirement class she has to take," Michele says. "It will put Rachel in a very vulnerable place, stuck with a teacher who doesn't make it easy for her."
Yes, there's a possibility that Rachel will be good but just not up to the level required of the school...but it's hard to see how they'll make that work given that Rachel's been in dance most of her life, worked as an instructor, and we all saw the same ballet routine in "Total Eclipse of the Heart." Fingers crossed it will surprise me in a good way, though.

-Kurt is confirmed in New York after all. Good. That was the safe bet, but now we've got some definitive direction for the summer hiatus fics. Release the writers!

-Evidently it's implied that he's involved in fashion somehow. Bring it on, that's not the problem I have. The problem is that it sounds kind of like he will not be in school at all (Instead, "he will find himself in an establishment where Sarah Jessica Parker is his manager of sorts, but not in a performance sense")  and that had better not be what I'm hearing, because I just protested the significant dearth of Glee kids going to regular colleges

-I was frankly prepared to hear that Finn had dropped out of the army before the season even began, so any episode he's still there, I'm going to count as a victory. Fortunately, he doesn't have enough hair for a crew cut to make a difference in his overall level of attractiveness. Probably.

-Sidebar: as far as the original Glee Project winners go, though there's no news there, I can't decide if I want them back or not. Because ideally, I want Joe around as much as possible, and I want Harmony to transfer to McKinley, but I also want Rory's completely irrelevant ass to ship back to Ireland and Wade to just disappear into oblivion, where I usually pretend he is. And I feel like it's all or nothing with this group. [edit: well, 50% is technically a good compromise...except that Wade has gotten more screentime than Joe.]

Up next, a slew of post-"Goodbye" Fic Recs to supplement your viewing experience.

I would like to point out how impressed I am by the proportion of PG as opposed to R-to-NC-17 reaction fic that has shown up so far. This happens, like, never. You'll notice I haven't had to warn for unsavory material at all.

I. Kurt/Blaine, post-"I didn't get in"
I Don't Hear Music Anymore (osco_blue_fairy): a rather satisfying reaction + fix-it fic for the time being, and one in which Carole gets involved, so that's always exciting.

Here is a perfect little spit, just a couple hundred words, of evidently untitled comfort fic with Blaine via "myfeetlitup" on Tumblr. [edit: blog vanished, but DRABBLE SAVED:]
[read it here!]

There’s nowhere else Kurt would rather be, not in this moment.  He wants to capture it, the safety and comfort and simplicity of it, and carry it with him wherever he goes.  It’s not pure bliss or excitement or contentment; it has the bittersweet sting of dreams lost and hopes dashed.

But he still wants to savor it.  

The floorboards beneath his hip are hard and unyielding, but steady and sturdy.  His cheeks are sticky with dried tears.  His eyes are sore and puffy.  He keeps them closed as he nuzzles his cheek against the soft material of Blaine’s cardigan, listening to his boyfriend’s soothing heartbeat against his ear.

He breathes deep, and he can smell her, and it’s almost like Blaine’s arms belong to her for a moment.  Her perfume mixes with Blaine’s cologne and that only-Blaine scent that Kurt is sure no one but he has ever breathed in, and it all swirls around and inside him, swimming in his veins and filling up his head so he doesn’t have to think too hard for just now.  And in just that moment, it’s like the two of them are holding him, and it’s safe and warm and still and quiet.

Kurt shifts his hip, though, because he is a little uncomfortable lying on the attic floor.  Nothing is ever really that simple.  And before long, he and Blaine will have to get up and go downstairs and have dinner with his dad and just…carry on.  Figure everything out.  Next year.  The future.  Life.

But not just yet.  For now, he’ll stay in this moment, absorbing it as best he can, so he can take it with him as he takes on the terrifying unknown.

Blaine’s hand rubs up and down his back, and he knows he’ll always have that hand to hold.

“This isn’t going to stop you,” he hears Blaine murmur into his hair, and feels a gentle kiss pressed to his head.  He smiles, though tears sneak out from under his still-closed eyes.

“Nothing is going to stop me.”

The Story of the Three of Us (mixed_berryjam): An alternate short comfort option, "how Kurt and Blaine fill that afternoon and evening." Hammock cuddling is involved.

And now I'm sending you to the Rec Links Post: a late May roundup from Tumblr featuring about 10 more, mostly drabbles but a couple of substantial ones mixed in. I recced one below but I can't keep them all straight anymore as far as which ones I like best, so just read them all as they are mostly very good. Even though the last two links are already dead because Tumblr people have zero sense of etiquette. I swear to god, eventually I am just going to start pasting all the missing-scene drabbles under 500 words into these posts, and people can come fight me on it. [edit: lol, told you]

II. Kurt/Blaine, post-episode
For starters, I have a new Magic Author (flaming_muse) I can count on to write all the necessary Kurt/Blaine missing pieces ever, and to write them extremely fast. Here are a few select options:
Schadenfreude: "Blaine isn’t happy about the misfortunes of others, but as far as he’s concerned what he’s feeling isn’t much better." Picks up right at the end of the final scene.
The One Where They Have Brunch: "Here's a fic about where I think the characters' heads and hearts are a week or so later." Or, "Kurt invites Rachel and Blaine to brunch at the new tea room in Lima."
The Boys Of Summer: Possibly the only summer fic that cannot get jossed regardless of canon, because it's just perfect, sleepy cuddling in the park. Or, you know, basically what I think about every time I go read in the park, but now written with actual words to share with everybody.

Then from robotsfighting, beautifully titled Hoppipola (But You Are Standing): "The most important thing about New Directions is its heart. Kurt worries that it could change; Blaine won't let it. (A conversation at dawn, in the summer, a while before Kurt leaves for New York.)"

While we are at it, same author with a hypothetical peek at the season 4 I wish season 4 would be, though hopefully with 100% less Wade. If nothing else, it is my headcanon that the italicized excerpt below happens.

Stay Lost On Our Way Home: How Blaine Anderson and Tina Cohen-Chang became the new glee power couple (in a totally platonic way).
““I want it to be the way it was before. I hate that they’re all gone now. I don’t know how they made everything work the way it did, but it worked, even when everyone hated each other. I miss that feeling, when I’d walk into the choir room and everyone was already there and it just felt like we all belonged.” He missed Santana, and Puck, and Rachel’s constant intensity, and Finn’s speeches, and Kurt, everything about him – Brittany, Mercedes, Sam, Quinn, Rory – they made the club feel like a family. “We make the club feel like a club,” he whispered.

In The Spaces In Between (jakia): "Kurt spends his summer in three places."
A slim overview that makes so much sense. This is how people open up options when canon leaves them hanging.

III. Bonus Finn/Rachel
Because I really wanted some, and while I am nowhere near well versed in where to find quality fic for them, I jumped feet first into Google and splashed around until it spat these out. Apparently this fandom doesn't believe in title capitalization.

you said no star was out of reach by after-always
Sometimes he'll remember the time he gave her a star for Christmas, and wonder if she ever sits out on the roof of her dorm and realizes that he'll always be watching over her, even if he is so far away.

A really lovely look from Finn's perspective, giving background to the final scene, its immediate aftermath, and a not-unrealistic-for-Glee conclusion. Man, Finn is kind of amazing in fic. It's like I've found a whole new character.
[edit: gone now - but I have it saved if you want it unless/until the author re-uploads as the profile promises]

you're in my blood like holy wine by jonimitchell
She's happy, she is, but she misses Finn.
A different option, a little longer before the happy ending, but I like the way they played it.

too much to wear on your sleeves by falafel90
She cries, leaning against the steering wheel. She wonders if there will ever be a time when her wounds will start to heal. She starts to believe they'll just become scars instead.
The slow process of accepting life without Finn, surrendering to the universe, and seeing what happens. Or to quote from the best comment, "Most of the post-Goodbye fics I have read assume they have broken up, full stop, but I think it was left undetermined. 'Now what?' is a perfectly valid question for both of them to ask." We're just going to ignore the part where Kurt and Blaine break up (not until they pry them from our cold dead hands, fandom).

IV. Bonus Gen?
(currently empty)

But if anyone knows where to find post-ep gen fic and/or stories for other characters besides Brittany and Santana, please bring it on. I have covered the Klaine territory pretty well but Glee is too vast to keep tabs on everything; I need scouts from other walks of life. Fic Rec Saturday at ontd_glee is useless for finding non-Brittana canon compliant fic. For the time being, I have to stop looking for things to add or I could literally be here all week.
This is not post-Goodbye fic, but it is so exciting I have to mention it - I managed completely by accident to trip over the Blaine/Rachel 1950s AU I have been dying to have for the past six months! THIS IS A THING THAT EXISTS. It kind of galls that it was posted a week before I made that wish and I could have had it all this time, but no matter, I have it now: That Mona Lisa Strangeness In Your Smile.

In which Rachel marries her best friend, because it is normal and expected and she does love him, but it isn't until meeting Finn that she falls in love. This was always the forgone conclusion to that AU, so while a Finchel focal point may not have been my exact wish, so long as it nails Rachel's voice and there are ample scenes with Blaine, I'm happy. (and by happy I mean "cannot stop crying over the failed marriage")

Episode Rankings: Season 3
Per usual, listed from best to worst, grouped in categories, non-numbered so I can easily rearrange them later if needed, just the episode # to give you an idea of which parts of the year went well...or terribly. If you have not been paying attention or I have failed to mention it before now, you can also find quick links to all of my reviews in this handy post.

17 – Dance With Somebody
8 - Hold On To Sixteen (honestly, I think there are fewer parts of this I dislike, but I just cannot outrank that magnificent hour of The Kurt and Blaine Show)
11 – Michael
9 - Extraordinary Merry Christmas (in retrospect, Finn/Rachel and the bad songs dragged this down)
22 – Goodbye (1 higher? 2 higher? I DON'T KNOW ANYMORE. Need distance.)
15 – Big Brother

19 - Prom-asaurus
20 - Props
21 - Nationals
14 - On My Way
13 – Heart
5 - The First Time (this just in, I hate myself) (look, I'm sorry! It's 25% Special Circle of Hell, and 75% “this is the episode I have cued up the most times to watch pieces of until #17 happened”)

3 - Asian F
2 - I Am Unicorn
1 - Purple Piano Project
18 – Choke
10 – Yes/No
6 - Mash Off
4 - Pot O' Gold

16 – Saturday Night Glee-ver (not outright offensive, but only the first and last scene are watchable. So almost the worst.)

12 - The Spanish Imposter (I am keeping this title forever)
7 - I Kissed a Girl (actually has more watchable scenes than the above, but the title plot is SO AWFUL)

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