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I. Well, that's clearly the best thing I will see all summer -- the garage sale I went to today featured a suit of armor display for sale. $100 and it could be yours! (personally, I came home with Tell Me Where It Hurts in paperback for keeps, and Thirteen Reasons Why in hardcover for resale at some point because they were 50 cents each. Also new trouser socks, unopened, for a quarter)

II. Yeah, I'm gonna need to have a reaction to that finale.

Law & Order: UK: 5x06, "Deal"
I do not know how the internet managed to keep that a secret from me for the better part of a year, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!




Television has not betrayed me like this for a...who am I kidding, my brain is a sieve so I don't know, but I FEEL BETRAYED.

I was all over Wikipedia checking summaries and investigating the new guys, but it never even crossed my mind they would kill Matt off. I just assumed he'd see too much one day and resign. The whole way through this episode, it still didn't cross my mind. The thugs were marking him in the courtroom, and I was still like, "Ah, that's right. Best I can tell, something's going down in the next 2 minutes," but I still thought the pending shooting would just leave him injured enough to force him into desk duty/maybe a division switch, or early retirement.

And then two shots to the chest, and oh hell, that's when I realize this looks pretty bad. But I would know, wouldn't I? I would know if this was going to happen -- Matt, why is your hand twitching like that, oh no, no-no-no-no. Not pretty Blue Eyes. I'm not 'avin that! And MOVE, Alesha, move; if you're going to be on the scene for a shooting, unfreeze yourself and be on the scene.

I'd rather go into the premiere knowing, though. I realize it was technically ended on a cliffhanger, but there seems like no point in having such false hope. Flew to Google hoping for reassurance, and got a memorial video. (which I haven't watched yet because I haven't gotten to part 2) FFFFFFFFFFFF. I am going to take some small measure of comfort in the fact that he only reason he didn't duck in time is that he was busy directing Alesha out of the way too. Alesha, who wasn't even in the line of fire (wait I am just making things worse for myself) but was still a priority.

But I found a really good interview with "lead writer and co-producer" that talks all about the creative reasoning behind it, and I have to say, I do feel a tad better now.

I felt in my heart that Matt was just far too fabulous a character to just walk off into the sunset with a few goodbye drinks and a wave. He had to die a hero and that’s what he did. He died saving a boy’s life – that’s Matt, selfless, defender of the law to the end and demonstrating his unique affinity with children, born in his own damaged childhood. I do understand how painful his death was to some of the fans but it enabled us to give him a hero’s exit and take Ronnie to a very dark but important place for his character.

Now I'm going to boomerang back to favorite-forever 1x07, dust it up a bit with 3x04, and stay in that safe, insulated bubble until I feel ready to cope with series 6.
p.s. the lesson I'm taking away from this is "swearing gets you killed." Don't think I didn't notice the first time you broke your unspoken compliance with the FCC. It actually did fit the context for once, but, I'm just saying.


III. I've been reading all the Pretty Little Liars recaps (Television Without Pity for the entertainment, and second looks via Google search to figure out what actually happened), and the season actually sounds pretty interesting so far, but then I remember that this is the key word - it always *sounds* more interesting than it *is* (finale last season aside, which is the only thing giving me pause). At any rate, I fell behind and I do not have the patience to sit through them online. Did finally get my butt on Tumblr to track ship tags and pique my interest, which leads to the YouTube edits, which leads to the following comments:

-3x01: I was decidedly alarmed by shots of Toby kissing Spencer wearing nothing but a towel (preliminary research says the plumbing wherever he's staying is temporarily not working, so he's showering at her house. K.). They're much less problematic when I hear Toby reminding her she wanted to wait. I like how he would clearly not be opposed to her changing her mind, she just has to come to this conclusion sober and not in a hazy cloud of lust. 

-3x02: So does Spencer just not wear a bra ever, or...? But I am a big fan of this upshirt massage/kissing his way down her back. Mostly because Mrs. Hastings is around to kill that mood. Hah! (also, okay, I was kind of into his shirt going up too until I caught sight of "Oh, what is this gross tattoo action. No! Uncouth!")

The basic lesson here is that off in the background, I have been quietly rejiggering my whole outlook on things and having mental crises over the fact that for the first time, losing your virginity in high school suddenly seems like the best way to go, under the right circumstances. I could write volumes on my issues in this area and/or employ several therapists for years, but the bottom line is that Spencer/Toby is back to being the first heterosexual teenage relationship I have ever wanted to, um, go all the way. Thanks to the terrifically patient pace, the constant little pushing and retreating, they're successfully working me up to it until I think it will make sense when they finally do. I still generally do not think most teenagers should be allowed to make this decision (ex. 3 of the 4 Liars), but it's nice to see at least one girl mature enough to handle it.

Now let's see what I say if/when that actually happens.

P.S. So apparently there are deleted scenes from season 2 out now, like this gorgeous one from 2x01, and I'M SORRY, I am decidedly unclear as to why someone would cut out a kiss accompanied by cuddling and handholding. Unless it is to tide us over the dry spells this ship tends to go through mid-season. Actually, that makes sense.

3x01: I love how just when I'm like, "Ugh, take your gross consummated underage relationship out of my life forever," they decide they'll kick off the season with her napping on the couch, legs draped over his lap. *slams desk* Damn it, substitute ship, I wish I knew how to quit you.

-*angry cat noises as ship continues to be cuddly, comfort-y, and perfect*

-Their anniversary is linked with death. OF COURSE IT IS. (and also, has it really been a year of this?)

-Now they're reminding me of their dirty bathroom hookup. Eeeuuwwwww. OK, take your gross consummated underage relationship out of my life forever until the next cute scene.

-So from what I'm hearing, Wren has made an appearance or two? Drat. I would like to see his bright-eyed little ermine face.

-...and Aria has coerced Ezra into tutoring Emily and this is a thing that happens. Why am I not watching entire episodes, again? No, it's fine, it's not like this is my favorite fringe benefit of students dating teachers and having their friends know. (edit: found those scenes with minimal effort, so, aww)

-Too lazy to find the ones with Ella, but sounds like they are continuing to have an uneasy series of truce meetings. Sounds nice.

-Mona sounds extra creepy, Jenna continues to sound like my favorite character evil, but holy crap, the TWoP review wasn't kidding - it is utterly weirding me out to see Jenna's eyes. It just looks...wrong, somehow.

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