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More spits

1. CBS renews Unforgettable for a 13-episode summer season! BRAVO. THAT IS HOW WE RUN A QUALITY NETWORK.

2. Script excerpts from "Heart" are out. I was prepared to skim past them (because yawn on TheBoxScene's interests for this one - Brittana and the one scene with Blaine that clearly has nothing new for us?), but there were some nuggets hiding away in unexpected places.

-Okay, one tiny thing in the last scene -- after whipping off the eyepatch, Blaine winks at Kurt. Can't remember if that was in the episode or not, but I feel like it wasn't. And I did love the description of him "spreading the love wherever he goes" while singing and dancing through the restaurant, because yes. That is exactly what happened, and why it ended up being one of my favorite performances this season.

-I was most interested in the Kurt/Karofsky scene anyway, because it seemed like there was the potential for interesting script directions on Kurt's end (there are), but then OH! Look at that tiny bit of implied Klaine hiding away. "I knew you wouldn't miss our first official Valentine's Day together!"

-I am not reading the Samcedes scene, because that sounds like the second good editing decision that has been made this year, and I want as few images of them in my brain as possible.

-BEST PART: previously unheard of Mike/Tina/Artie scene. It's all lovely, but most important is that Tina references when she was dating the latter, and I got these tiny tingly feelings of when I shipped that because Artie wasn't a horrible human being yet. Evidently I will never not be a sucker for that time-locked memory.

Now: BRING ON THE DANCE WITH SOMEBODY SCRIPT. And kick me for not donating to get a PDF copy, because the Joe/Quinn scenes were almost as important as Klaine in this and I am betting nobody is going to post those for me, ever.

3. Remember how super proud I was of finding The Grimmerie and using all sorts of discount tricks to get its price down to under $6? Yeah, guess what just showed up at a garage sale in identical shape for $3.
Actual reaction: "Are you KIDDING ME."
4. I saw this on scandalbaby's journal, and it turned out to be that Standard Fandom Survey, just x4, but it turns out I kind of like doing that one for all my fandoms at some point, and so I spent about 5 minutes whipping off list-format answers. Minimal extraneous commentary, just sort of a useful gauge for me to think about some fandoms and look back at them later. And then I decided to color code it, just to increase the amount of time I spent on it, probably.

Choose your top 4 Fandoms:
("top," a word which I am here interpreting to mean "favorite current ones and one near and dear to my heart that I like to try and keep alive")

A: Glee
B: Doctor Who
C: Castle
D: Smash

The commentary may incrase as we near the end.
The first character I fell in love with: Rachel, Rose, Alexis, and...I want to say Julia, but maybe it was Karen from previews?

The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: Kurt, Martha, Castle, Tom

The character everyone else loves that I hate: Santana, Eleven, Castle's mother (Martha? that's how irrelevant she is), Sam

The character I love that everyone else hates: Terri, do I love hated characters? (I mean besides the half of fandom that hates Rose), do people even hate characters on Castle? (Gates, maybe? I love her), Karen

The character you’re most like: Possibly Tina (minus the goth attire early on), Donna, Alexis, Karen

The character I’d slap: Santana, Jack, Castle (he just always needs it), Ellis

Who are your five favorite characters? Fact: I kind of love how lady-dominated all the lists below are.

A: Blaine, Rachel, Quinn...crisis as I try desperately to decide which two are most worthy of the last slots today...Shelby, April (SO CLOSE, JESSE. But you've been barred for awful season-3 hair)
B: Ten, Rose, Donna, Sarah Jane, Joan Redfern
C: Castle, Beckett, Alexis, Alexis' mother whose name I currently can't recall, Gates
D: Julia, Ivy, Karen, Eileen, Tom

Who are your [five] least favorite characters? I added a specific number because otherwise the Glee list would run out of control.
A: Santana, Lauren, Jacob, Wade, Figgins
B: Eleven, Jack, Mickey, all Daleks, all Cybermen
C: Martha, Esposito, Ryan, and...honestly I don't put that much effort into thinking about people other than the core trinity listed first above
D: Ellis, Michael, Sulky Leo, Gay Dancer #2 (that's how I credit him in my head), Republican Lawyer (see previous parentheses).

A pairing that you love? Kurt/Blaine (who have now officially beaten, like, 17 different het ships of mine on this show), Ten/Rose, Castle/Beckett, and absolutely nothing because I'm still waiting for them to hire another dude who isn't awful. They've fired all the awful dudes, though, so that's a start. Four with one blow! I will never not be giddy about this.

Tags: castle, doctor who, glee, memes, memes: recurring, smash

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