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Top Twenty-Five Season 3 Glee Performances: Day 4

I see today it's largely group performances. I swear I do not group the sets of 5 by type on purpose, it just happens.

10. New Directions: Paradise By The Dashboard Light

A spectacular performance number, full of energy and excitement and all the dancing and storytelling you could want. Still baffled as to how I went “pass” when it first aired.

9. New Directions: My Love Is Your Love (lord, this was hard to find)

I am in love with literally every action, gesture or facial expression in this number, especially as each new pair slips in to join the group. And yes, the Will-in-the-wings callback will always affect me.

8. The Warblers: Uptown Girl

No matter how many times I watch it, I cannot help grinning like a damn fool. Sheer happiness, especially after they drag Blaine into it. God help me, I do miss the old Warblers.

7. Blaine & Kurt: Perfect

Because they are adorable, and this is my most-played track from season 3. Not bad for a song that horribly offended my ears the first time I heard it.

6. New Directions: We Are Young

Beautiful vocal diversity, happy whole-group-loves-each-other celebrating. (fact: even after the radio successfully killed the already-awful original with overplay to the point where just the song title or a bar of lyrics made me murderous, 1 play of this brings it back every time).

And now that we're done with that...
ALERT: free $2 MP3 credit on Amazon. I spent mine on "The A Team" and the very long and patiently awaited "These Old Wings." Also, there are 20 or so hits on sale for a quarter. You can get the original "Love Shack" for all your Electric Slide dancing needs! Or, you know, "Call Me Maybe," Ellie Goulding, that sort of thing.

In other news, there is a clip of Chris Colfer reading The Land of Stories. I had high expectations for this audiobook, and they have still been exceeded. I made myself stop after two plays, because otherwise I am going to wear this passage out by listening to it over and over. All these voices cannot possibly be coming from one person! To give you an idea of how happy this makes me: David Tennant reading The Stone Rose has been Audiobook Number One in my heart for several years, but it is about to lose that crown. So now I have a dilemma over what to purchase first: physical book or audio download.

Knowing that I absolutely must have both in my life eventually, but also that that comes at a combined cost of over $20 right now, we must choose a priority.
Book pros: drive up sales for an author I actually want to support, thrill of receiving shiny new book in the mail
Book cons: expensive - especially when I know if I am patient for 2-3 years I will find it cheaply secondhand. Or least cheap-er even if I just wait a couple of months to order it online via eBay or something.
Also this seems, for some reason, like a book I'd rather own in paperback. I dunno why. Maybe because it reminds me of Inkheart and ended up getting those in paperback.

Audio* pros: shiny delectable wonderful treat for the ears!, unlikely to significantly come down in price so no need to wait
Audio cons: possibly more expensive, and I want to read the book before I listen to it, otherwise I'm just going to be so delighted by the sound of the million different voices, never mind his regular one, that I will probably miss part of the story.

*I''m just assuming there will be a downloadable audio version available. I do not like dealing with physical CDs when it comes to audiobooks; they are a hassle. They're also more expensive than the physical book. Although a downloadable version might be too, now that I think about it.**

[**edit: Curse my stupidity in canceling my free trial when it expired in June and not taking them up on their "members only" offer to remain a member for one year, on a super-low credits plan, for $10. What the hell was I thinking? I knew this was going to be an audiobook! I knew I would want it! I can think of at least two other books I would have spent that credit on anyway! And of course now I can't get it back. Ugh, what a waste. But maybe you can still benefit from the original free trial? They have, like, a zillion awesome books and you can basically pick any one you want with your free credit. Go, go, go!]

[DOUBLE EDIT: so hey,, I see you have a free trial as well; is it similar? I'm going to lie in wait and see if this book is included.]

So, yeah. It's basically a question of trying to pry $10-12 or so from my desperate little "BUT THAT COULD BUY TEN BOOKS!" hand in order to apply it toward one novel I am pretty sure I really, really want -- or if I will let inertia take over and wait sluggishly for it to come to me. Which has been working out real well for me with The Tales of Beedle the Bard. (FOUR YEARS. FOUR YEARS I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR IT AND IT HAS NOT CROSSED MY PATH.)
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