RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Boo, you whore.

You know what? I would really like to know what the fuck I did wrong that makes me unable to post at thriftwhore anymore. [edit: actually, I wouldn't. I'll just assume I broke one of the rules in their complex zero-tolerance rulebook, probably the one about staying on topic, because I tend to suck at being succinct.]

It has been over a month and SEVERAL people's entries have been posted since then, but my post still says it's been submitted to the moderation queue. I never even got a "your entry has been rejected" notice. It says that it's a moderated comm, but I don't remember my entries ever being moderated until the failed post last month, and that was right around the time of the prominent LJ Comms Havin' Moderation Glitches debacle, so I sent a PM to the sole owner/mod/maintainer (ONTD_glee tag "no one mod should have all that power" comes to mind) nicely requesting assistance. It's been a month. No answer. Out of sheer frustration, I made an entire separate account to get around the "you cannot post because you have 1 entry in queue" limit, assuming it was a mistake the first time. I submitted the post... "Your entry has been put into the moderation queue. It will be accepted or rejected by one of the community moderators.

WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK. WHOEVER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS, GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER. I can't even complain that my friends list sucks and doesn't care about my finds (which is cool, that is why I had the comm for an outlet) because dotty ruined my dry spell with an awesome comment I will respond to as soon as I can form words that are not curses.

I should probably just leave the community and forget it exists. [Edit: in one of those fits of temper I usually regret later, DONE. I am over this.]
Tags: rage-o-hol

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