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American Idol thoughts

Didn't watch it tonight; had better things to do, like visit the library.   However, got home just in time for Melinda's performance (*rolls eyes* boring song, and also, I swear if people weren't praising her left and right I would have no idea that she was any better than anyone else.  I can't hear a difference), and listened to the little "recap of tonight" bit at the end, and thus decided that tonight I was voting.

The people who sit with the phone for 2 hours and vote 300 times or whatever for their favorite annoy me.  But I've never held by the "single vote" concept, either.  I have a system.  It involves doling out a reasonable number of votes, weighted according to how much I want the specific person to be around next week.  With that in mind, my votes went like this:

-Jordin: 10, because she's awesome.  She's pretty and she's young and she therefore tends to sing songs I know, and she's personable.  Also, because there is amusing visual contrast when she stands next to Ryan and he looks like some sort of pixie elf while she looks like a giant.
-Haley: 7, out of spite.  Now that Antonella's gone, she's the only girl left who seems like what you expect the average popstar to be. And she's the opposite of Melinda and Lakisha. 
-Gina: 6...because she's not like Melinda/Lakisha/(Stephanie).  Rock's not my favorite but it's much better than an R&B sound.  While I'm still not fond of her look, she won an extra vote out of me after I saw she'd sung "Paint it Black." I liked Vanessa Carlton's cover of said song, so despite never having heard the original, it made me happy.  I like recognizing songs!
-Blake: 4, because he's better than all the other guys.

I considered a pity vote for Sanjaya because I'm sick of people all across the nation ganging up on him and being extremely nasty about it, but decided against it because I really don't get that much enjoyment out of watching him perform.  Everyone not in the above list should exit my TV screen ASAP.

P.S. And for the last time, Chris Richardson does not look like Justin Timberlake, he looks like a muppet.  Okay, while it turns out that he's actually rather tall and not short and squat like I thought, he still has a very round head.  Ergo, muppet.  This person agrees with me. 
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