RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Worst. Emmy Nominations. Ever!

What is this sad lack of broadcast drama representation? I'm not even going to bother reacting to categories, as most of them just suck so very hard and several have no winning options. Instead I'm chucking out some general reactions:

1. I probably want Downton Abbey to win everything unless there is a network option, but I also don't care that much on account of never having watched the show. The rule of thumb will be Maggie Smith > broadcast network TV > Downton Abbey > all cable shows

2. No but HOW THE ACTUAL FUCK IS GIRLS NOMINATED FOR BEST COMEDY. WHO. WHAT. I DON'T UNDERSTAND. JUST BECAUSE YOU HEAR PEOPLE TALK ABOUT IT A LOT DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE SAYING GOOD THINGS. This category is so gross that is has come down to me actively rooting for 30 Rock with faint understudy support for Big Bang Theory. Big Bang Theory.

3. It's Jesse Tyler Ferguson's turn to win the Modern Family nomination clusterfuck that is "Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy," both because he deserves it and also because I loathe everyone he's up against.

4. Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy is the best category this year in terms of quality nominees, as four out of six would satisfy me. The ones who would not are Maya Rudolph, who's just terrible, and Dot-Marie Jones, who is somehow the lone acting nomination from the entirety of Glee. Literally do not understand this. At least a dozen other people act circles around her, probably including other female guest stars, or else her scenes are just mind-numbingly dull. I would hate this less than a Maya Rudolph win, but not by that much because then it's like we're validating the domestic abuse storyline.

5. I really hope Smash wins Best Musical Moment (or whatever it's called).  Because "Let Me Be Your Star" is an actual song and it's quality enough to purchase as a single, never mind being the foundation of the series. Fade in on a girl / with a hunger for fame / and a face and a name to remember...

and then I realize I tend to stop paying attention after the first verse, but that's the important one that gets repeated throughout the season

6. It seems unlikely to happen, but even so, I really hope Smash does NOT win via Uma Thurman for "Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama." She managed to be the only bad female role on the show.

7. Community better win the writing award for "Remedial Chaos Theory." I can't even explain
a) how much better Community's writers are than everything,
b) how much better Community is than all the other nominees in this category, and
c) how much better "Remedial Chaos Theory" was than even many other episodes of Community

You can look forward to more complete rage if/when I tune in to post-air blog the Emmys this fall, but I feel like I maybe won't this year seeing as how there is, like, nothing to hope for.

In other news, I stayed up all night and exploded my "books read" list on GoodReads from 80 to at least 295. Now that I've gotten started, it's easy and exciting. I may or may not eventually add everything; right now, I think I'm just aiming to add books I can remember well enough to comment on, and I kind of want to leave off kids' series books like Animorphs that all kind of blur together, even if they're on a list. (and they are, those last few stragglers, in 9th grade. But 9th grade also has all kinds of insanity like a novel length CSI fanfic, so we don't listen to it much) 

I had to break most of the day for a nap and then work, but now I am going right back into the fray. 2010, here I come!
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