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I want to post but I don't have any real topics. I'll just make some up.

^ CLICK THAT. Then come back and tell me of your reaction.
[Spoiler alert, this was mine:]

1.5. There is also I think you should start with this one.
[Because of reasons.]
THERE IS A CUP AND SAUCER ON HER HEAD. Also, the commentary below it on this reblog is giggle-worthy.

2. Another $2 in free music credit at Amazon if you link it to your Twitter account, which may or may not be worth it for you, although you can always un-link it after. I have had an account that I've used twice since December 2010, so NBD there. If Amazon is going to do this free-music stuff all summer, I am going to stalk it like a boss.

3. Plus Half Price sent me its magic 40 & 50% off coupons, so tomorrow it is time to bust out my birthday gift card.

4. Legitimately unsure what I am going to do about my metric ton of shows come fall, because now that I spend all day every day playing on Tumblr in my very narrow fandom realm, I feel like I don't actually care about any of them that are not Glee?

Well, that is not strictly true. I'm pretty excited about Castle. I know I'll love watching Community & 2 Broke Girls, at least, and probably Survivor. I'm always interested in The Office for Jim and Pam (and now Nellie!), even when 90% of the time it fails to be profound or special in any way. And I'm intrigued by Revolution. Oh, and I keep forgetting about Smash, which I am super excited about but have to wait until 2013 for so it's probably good I keep forgetting.

But Grey's Anatomy still feels like an undead zombie show even after I watched far more than I skipped of last year, with 13-episode orders Private Practice and Gossip Girl are like ghosts now, halfway to dead and only pale specters of interest (plus we're still not sure whether we're admitting the latter at all, but I can't write it off until I officially skip an episode).

The other crime shows & HIMYM are desperately blah (even if CSI: NY contains one of my top 4 canon ships going into fall), I cannot muster up that much enthusiasm for the new comedies, I can almost guarantee I'm giving up sight-unseen on the other new dramas I was going to add from both 2011 and 2012, and what's left?

MAYBE THIS YEAR I CAN STOP OBSESSIVELY REVIEWING SHIT, is what I'm trying to say, even as I know the only way I will celebrate my freedom is the feeling that I can limit it to 200-word responses, maybe. Except that in the course of looking up titles, I'll inevitably read reviews and then I'll want to add more to a never-ending cycle of self-imposed slave labor.

Kind of hoping this is just my usual summer crisis of 'how the hell do I handle my regular schedule' and then September passes and I realize I'm simply doing it.


5. Ooh, also a survey.

1. Moon or sun, and why?
Moon, because you can look directly at it and admire its surface craters.

2. What is your favourite overplayed song?
"Call Me Maybe," which I still haven't decided if I like enough to put on the Music List but totally approve of as the best song to go viral in years.

3. Do you wear make-up daily? And no matter whether you do or not, what is your favourite article of make-up?
Not even a little bit. But my favorite is mascara. I love mascara. I'd wear it more often if you weren't supposed to replace it, like, every three months or something something about increased chance of infection. The non-sucky stuff is not cheap.

4. Is rainbow an acceptable favourite colour? Defend your position.
No, since by definition it is a collection of multiple colors. You are clearly being asked to choose one.

5. Do you like laptop scrollpads or computer mice better?
Mice, seeing as part of the reason I've never owned a laptop is that I tried the scrollpad on a laptop once (long ago), and it was the worst thing in existence.

6. What is your favourite animal from the continent of Africa?
Zebras, because they are like stripey horses.

7. Favourite poet?
I'm feeling a temporary sense of rage at poets that just kind of came out of nowhere at the mere mention of the word, so I'll get back to you on that.

(they were studying William Carlos Williams in a book I read recently, and the main character was digging it instead of calling him out on his simplistic crap. which reminded me how much poetry taught in school often resembles an Emperor's New Clothes kind of situation)

8. Favourite language other than your own? (You don’t necessarily have to speak it.)
Elvish. I'm afraid I'm also feeling a temporary sense of rage against other world languages as well. No reason this time.

9. What will happen to you when pigs fly?
I'll go hunting. (Oops - that sounds like I would make a specific plan to shoot down the flying pigs, doesn't it?)

10. If I asked you to make a cake, would you be able to?
I've never tried it. I imagine I could.

11. What is the last physical CD you bought?
Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians, "Shooting Rubber Bands at Stars," I think. From Half Price.

12. Where’s the best place you’ve ever been?
I honestly can't decide. I want to say it involved a lot of either animals or books, though.

13. What’s your favourite iced dessert?
Some sort of ice cream. Today I'll say Cookies-n-Cream.

14. Who’s your favourite writer?
Today I'm picking Francesca Lia Block as the staple of beautiful writing.

15. If you could drive/pilot anything, what would it be?
A horse-drawn carriage

16. What’s the longest trip you’ve ever taken?
Twin Cities to New Orleans

17. What do you think of your neighbors?
They're retired and have been our neighbors forever. Due to the generation gap and my having no idea what to say to them, I generally avoid talking to them as much as possible and leave that to my parents.

18. Would you ever get a tattoo?
I would not. And the next person who asks is going to be asked if they're planning to deliberately cut their shins or shoulders to create scars. This is both a facetious and a serious answer, because I bet it would shut them up, but I also legitimately find those more attractive than tattoos.

19. Are you listening to music? What is it?
Crickets. (Literally.)

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