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Went adventuring today for Day 2 of my Half Price Books Coupon Extravaganza week (full roundup on Sunday after my spending spree ends and the dust has settled on my finds). Visited the library and a bunch of my fave secondhand stores, then cut through the mall, where I could not resist stopping at Barnes and Noble to longingly pet the shiny cover of The Land of Stories. It's smaller and more compact (thicker as opposed to tall) than I thought. Which automatically makes it 15% more attractive. Soon. Soon we will admit defeat and buy it from Amazon. It's going to be the most exciting day of summer. I plan to make sure my life resembles this picture.

Meanwhile, as far as Half Price goes, there are two purposes to shopping there: purchasing, and research. I found like 10 awesome-sounding books I want to read and all but one of them were available through either my library or the MN loan system*. Not a lot of 2012 has turned out the magic way I want it to, but in the reading department, it's exceeded expectations. Ever since May, I have started to focus on actually selecting books I want to read rather than relying on library shelf browsing, and it's the most wondrous thing.
*You have to go to the desk to pick up ILL books. I'm hoping we eventually escalate to the point where they see me coming and automatically know why I am there.

It's like books have flavors again, instead of being bland Brain Food that I consume with regularity simply to stay alive. I still shelf browse and I still get duds even after online selection, mostly because I'll take a crack at anything that looks halfway appealing given the speed at which I read, but my brain is practically on fire at the wonder of how many wonderful-sounding books exist in the world. For the first time ever, I doubt my ability to read them all even if I keep pace with the news ones as they're written. The fact that I am now willing to reread and let it count has only added to the kicky-feet feeling of being overwhelmed.

This feeling is wonderful.

I would like us all to post about books more, because there is nothing quite like hearing people speak reverently of books. Doesn't matter if we don't read the same books, or what books you talk about. It's just grand to hear people talk about the pleasures of reading.

And now I gotta go curl up with A Three Dog Life, which I never would have found because it's shelved with the memoirs at the library instead of the pet section like Half Price, and 5 years ago it probably would have bored me accordingly, but now I am all, "Yesss, please tell me more about this husband with the life-altering brain injury." I'm the sort of person who is interested in both parts now. I'm growing! Possibly just into a morbid individual, but still, different.

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