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Magical links you should all visit.

Have decided to spend all day on Etsy dreaming of things I would do with copious amounts of disposable income. I never really saw the point of Etsy for anything except vintage items (by which I mean books/toys) - crafts do not interest me, and it seems like all the fandom-based things are just junk like buttons and journal covers - but all of a sudden I'm finding the most amazing miniatures and I want them all.

Oh hey, Liberal Arts has a trailer now. Of the three A-level pairings I have been confronted with this week, this one is admittedly more A/B yet still turning out the best. Depending what kind of warning labels are applied I might consider a viewing. Although this idea was definitely hotter before T-Mos Josh I literally cannot conceive of him as anyone except Ted Mosby showed up with facial scruff.

Meanwhile, this would be a way more exciting idea if it had a better name. I don't understand Tumblr's obsession with the F word.

The latest "Glee deleted scene options" are between "Santana's "coming out" scene" and "Rachel's yearbook message to Kurt."

1) I don't even know what the first one is; when did they film it and what are we talking about?
2) ARE YOU KIDDING ME? (Wait for it...) HUMMELBERRY. Almost anything would beat a Santana scene. I want Santana cut out of the whole show. I get why people are pressed and all, but I physically cannot summon the willpower to say it would be better to have a Santana scene over something as wonderful as Rachel and Kurt's friendship.
3) I am assuming we'll get them both anyway, the one with more votes will just come first.
4) We better, anyway, because now that you have dangled the latter in front of me I demand satisfaction.

[2 hours later: Well damn, that was quick. You're such an attention whore! Anyway, my reaction to the important one:
-a;lsdjaflsk;dfjsdf this cuteness. If season 4 is like this even half the time it'll be better than I thought. (and then Kurt looks up and are you making him cry again?!?! because I am...just so placated by that. ♥)

-...soulmate. BRB, DYING.
-a;lsdjaflsk;dfjsdf pt II: I knew as soon as you named that scene that we were missing out on some kind of physical contact. HANDHOLDS, THERE YOU GO.
-oh dear lord I didn't even hear the spoken "love you" exchange until my third time around. I have now declared myself to be without a pulse.

And now to sleep in peace and happy dreams.

someone please write me the New York fic in which surrogate cuddling happens.
ellydash: Opening Night + "warnings: excessive cuddling"
^ This will do for now.]

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