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I touched a monkey today.

The internet has really tested my patience over the last few days, never mind the fact that I am working this weekend while the weather is beautiful. I have to spend half my time resetting my blood pressure by looking at this precious little puppy face.
That's better.

1. here is an amazing little miniature "Land of Stories" in exquisite detail, including some text. Its current bid is $33 + $10 shipping from Canada, and you have no idea how much I want it. *grabby hands* [edit: it sold for $200.]

2. This is my perception of Go On so far:

-"She was the only girl I ever loved" = yeah so I'm going to need Tumblr to get off its ass and make Chandler/Monica references, because that's what's in my head. That's always what is in my head where Matthew Perry is concerned, sorry. Chandler first, forever, until the characters completely earn their own independence.

-FF, as I will dub her in my own personal in-joke I won't explain, is the worst. I don't like people who resemble me. Television is meant to be full of beautiful and/or well adjusted people in whose lives I can lose myself or at least pretend they reflect my existence. This just reinforces why I will live forever as a hermit, because she is repulsively pathetic and I don't want to be around that, and therefore people shouldn't be around me because what if I am really that awful too??

-Weird Guy can also go DIAF. News flash, television, it is actually okay to make a show with 100% intentionally likable people in your main cast.

-On the other hand, Angry Lesbian is totally my favorite so far. (of note: not one of these people has earned a character name yet. The only one I can remember is Fausta, just because it's different.)

-Not!Chandler's assistant? I adored her to pieces on Terra Nova and I inherently want to love her here, but I cannot handle her straight-ironed chopped-off hair and business suits. It all looks so incredibly wrong on her. Sad Clown Hooker levels of wrong, only...other adjectives.

-Everybody Hates Chris Boy, all grown up: that is vaguely delightful in a way I don't know how to handle yet.

-It was hard to figure out what this show wanted to be -- it was so ludicrous and off-the-wall that I honestly thought they were trolling with that sad nighttime montage, and I couldn't figure out what the joke was. Now that I realize I am allowed/was supposed to take it seriously, I am very fond of it and want to clutch them to my chest and pat their sad little heads (especially Not!Chandler's).

(Except for FF. She should just go out and rescue a cute new kitten instead of wallowing in grief. DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE? I AM FAILING TO SYMPATHIZE WITH SOMEONE WHO LOST A PET. That is a serious problem.)

Conclusion: This looks like it'll be a lot of fun on Tuesday nights when nothing else is on, even if I am not taking anyone seriously as a character yet and just find them amusingly broad cartoons, 30-Rock-style. One of those shows I watch but don't have to talk about every week. I like it more than I expected -- I mean, if I can remind you how I like to create a metaphorical stable in my head and cast all TV shows as horses**, "Goonie" ("Go_on" = goon = "how can we transform that into a cute nickname") has been cast as a plugheaded cob. But it looks like he might grow into his ungainly early presence, if given a chance.

**I may not have ever thoroughly explained that metaphor. I probably should.

3. All my favorite authors have updated/written fics this week and it's basically like Christmas every day. Never mind the metaphorical gift box of Interlibrary Loan books that I got to pick up on the same day at the library - 5 of them! - that was as good as a care package.

4. A larger than usual percent of my flist posted on LJ this week, and it made me super happy. So this is my reminder that I love all you guys a lot. And that as cool as some Tumblr-exclusive people are, the setup is such that I'm never really going to break into that scene and have a conversation with any of them like I know I can on here.

5. I recently learned that we have some Foley measuring cups and they are apparently sort of collectible, or at least praised among baking enthusiasts. Today we went out to many garage sales that sucked, but we saved the estate sale for last, and I didn't even notice but my dad spotted a set of two Foley 1/8 cups and a 1/4 cup for which we paid 40 cents total. YAY!

6. If you're wondering about my subject line, it may not have been an actual monkey. At least not a live monkey. But the estate sale was selling a black "Victorian monkey fur muff," and there was just no way I was going to leave without getting a hand on it. ($65 and I could have brought it home) It wasn't especially soft, but it was sleek and in very nice condition. And I am savoring this as An Important Life Experience to have had.
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