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Petition to replace final 3 contestants* on The Glee Project this year with Long Haired Baseball Cap Girl, Warblers Outfit Girl and Curly Haired Girl.

I was prepared for so much secondhand embarrassment, but the amount of that you get is relatively minor and everyone is just having such fun with it, I cannot fault this at all. The three aforementioned girls are just particularly charismatic and charmingly enthusiastic.
*The Blake fellow seems attractive, as I have gleaned throughout the endless Tumblr onslaught forcing knowledge of this season into my brain, so I can only assume he does not win and I am about to be consumed by rage.

In other exciting news, the Glee season 3 DVD went on sale today, and because I have foresight and an excellent local library, their copies also became available for checkout today. I am 7th in line for 4 copies and will have it before the end of the month.
Besides that, it's been an exhausting couple of days and I wish someone would throw a library sale my way because I really, really could use a pile of cheap treasure to pick through. Failing that, I have perked up upon remembering that the State Fair starts in 9 days and I am going for the first time since 2004. I am going to pet cows and have the time of my life.

Yes, that is actually the thing I am more excited for than anything. Petting cows. Horses are second.

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