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Inspired by the last post, for anyone who really needs/wants to waste some time this weekend, CHALLENGE: please go through your music libraries, come up with a suitable collection of songs for the playlist title "Sadness" (description: good music to cry to for a while), and then post it to your journal or in the comments here.

[Quick snapshot reminder of what my list looks like.]

I haven't gotten around to Volume II (stuff-that-only-lives-on-CDs and/or 2009 discoveries-on) yet.
And half the artists are still cut off on this list, yes.

There is really, really no limit to how many you should put on there. Volume I of my list takes up 3.5 hours, personally. Or you may be normal and have way less sad music in general. I just want to know what you guys listen to, whether it is resplendent with explanations like The Music List, or just a list of titles and artists.



Aug. 23rd, 2012 02:32 am (UTC)
So this list turned into a death playlist. Oops? Songs don't usually make me sad unless there is a context to them for me.

Heart Is Like a Sad Song (ignore the stupid video). I'm in a Trisha mood and I always forget that I a) love this song and b) it is terribly sad. I mean, it's in the title, but it's such a good song.

For Good from Wicked. The ending gets me every time.

Same Mistake. All right, yes. It's James Blunt. Whatever. I don't understand why people hate him. I will allow that I might find this song so sad because right after my aunt and then my uncle died I listened to the P.S. I Love You soundtrack a lot so this song will forever remind me of that time.

Tomorrow Will Be Kinder Secret Sisters from the Hunger Games soundtrack. Also makes me sad because I listened to it A LOT right after my aunt died in March. It's a hopeful song but at the same time it's not exactly happy.

Wanted You More Lady Antebellum. This song doesn't ever make me sad sad but it is a sad song.

On the Moon Peter Cincotti. Also, doesn't make me sad but is definitely sad.

Aug. 23rd, 2012 03:26 am (UTC)
"For Good" is guaranteed heartbreak, definitely. The rest I've mostly never heard of, but just digging into the first one it's hitting the grief bone just right. And I'm newly interested in Lady Antebellum, so timely call.

Do people hate James Blunt? At any rate, he's got a certain niche hold in the sadness market. And now that you've reminded me of it, the music of the Secret Sisters song is ideally moody in tone for a sad playlist.

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