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Wednesday night, the moderately less interesting part

Crossing Jordan is on the tape, but I don't think I'll write about it and probably won't even watch it unless I'm desperately bored on Saturday afternoon.

I was thrilled beyond belief to hear that Crossing Jordan had moved to Wednesdays at 8, a blank space, whereas before it had always clashed with Grey's Anatomy and then Without a Trace.  After watching one episode new, I realized why that clash was okay. 

I love this show and all its characters; I adore its Celtic-style music score, and Jordan is beaten only by Alexx Woods for best M.E. on TV.  But I first found it in syndication, network first and later A&E repeats (when I remembered), which means that I don't think I've ever seen two consecutive episodes.  I have no sense of chronology, no grasp on any story arc.  Watching new episodes just confuses me.  I suppose I could catch myself up through Wikipedia or something, but that would take all the fun out of watching "new" reruns.  So I think I'll just let it remain that cute, quirky show that occasionally surprises me on late weekend nights and/or amuses me during the summer.

Survivor: that one where they switch up the tribes and provide everyone with some food before they get arrested for criminal neglect.

I groaned a little when I heard about the new teams, since I have an insanely hard time keeping track of tribe names.  Luckily, the names aren't changing, only the people.  And it is a change for the SERIOUS better.

*New Moto, a.k.a. Rich Tribe, a.k.a. "Nice People + 1" = Earl, Yau-Man, Michelle, Cassandra, Boo, + Stacey.
*New Ravu, a.k.a. Dirt Poor Tribe, a.k.a. "Muscle Men + 1" = Rocky, Mookie, Dreamz, Alex, Edgardo, + Anthony

I honestly can come up with only one better scenario, - if Anthony had been sent to Exile island, and New Moto had picked Lisi instead of Stacey, and then New Moto had lost, booted Lisi, and won Anthony.  But that would have relied on a lot of chance, plus given that Old Moto had more members, I'm pretty sure such a scenario would have been impossible to set in motion.  Nevertheless, I now consider it totally awesome that all the nice people are not only grouped together in one convenient location, but that they're getting rewarded with all the food and comfort and luxury.  Woohoo!  Okay, well, Stacey certainly doesn't deserve anything - look at her face, doesn't it just look bitter and mean all the time? - and Boo just sort of bumbles around, but the other four people are easily my favorites.

I didn't really enjoy the challenge this week; found it confusing and too difficult to follow, not to mention that I couldn't figure out the logistics of that contraption they were all hooked into.  And considering that it essentially degraded into a shoving match  at every intersection, it wasn't even like we really got to see them navigating through the poles much anyway.  But oh well.  Moto won!  More on the fallout from this challenge later.

First we have to rejoice that Lisi was sent to Exile!  For almost the entire episode!  Woo!  And furthering my opinion that she's dumb as a post, she apparently thought that not being picked for a tribe meant she was voted out of the game, instead of noticing that this is exactly how they started the game and remembering...uh...what's-her-face.  Sylvia!  I knew it started with an S.  Anyway, she completely failed to realize that she was Sylvia 2.0, which only made all of her sarcastic and whiny comments to Jeff make her look even stupider.  Honestly, I've never seen a player mouth off to him so much.  Geeze.  (oh, and on Exile, despite the fact that the "clues" now add up to five variations of "read me to find out EXACTLY WHERE THE HIDDEN IMMUNITY IDOL IS," she just snorted and went "whatever," so I'm not entirely sure it got through to her).

Much more fun than any silly challenge was what was happening over on Ravu, both good and bad.  Good - Alex & Edgar came over to show the starving idiots how they could find crabs and then use some of said crabs to catch big fish.   How I missed fishing scenes!  Great stuff, although those poor fish seemed to be flopping around for quite a while in the bag, gasping for breath...isn't there some kind of fishing etiquette about smacking them on the head once you pull them out of the water, so they don't have to suffocate to death?  I would think the hook would be enough punishment.  There's a reason I've never gone fishing.  Except on various computer games ending in "trail", where incidentally I am totally awesome at it. 

Bad - it was kind of almost torture that after Anthony was the last, totally reluctant pick, how he just got sort of pushed into the background, completely out of his element.  :(  I could almost see the island transform into an elementary school playground, where the boys all run around playing football or basketball except for the one shy kid in glasses, over in the corner reading a book or collecting bugs.  That's the one all the non-bubble-head girls will like once they're grown up, but without any girls around, he just gets ignored at best, picked on at worst. 

Since I'm having fun coming up with scenarios - they're also very much like a pack of street dogs.  Anthony's the poor sad little spaniel who wants to meet and greet everyone and who goes belly-up at the slightest sign of animosity, begging to be your friend.  Rocky's that jerk Shepherd with hackles permanently raised, who takes signs of submission as an invitation to attack and demonstrate his superior fighting skills.  Mookie's the big dumb bulldog who hangs around the alpha, egging him on and going "Yeah, yeah, show him!"  Dreamz is the outcast mutt who can hold his own in a fight, but prefers to hang around the edges and not draw attention to himself, letting the omega take the lickings.  He will, however, team up with said omega if nobody else is around.  And then Alex and Edgar are the Lab and Retriever, who are big enough to avoid being attacked and would prefer that everyone just got along, but who also aren't going to intervene if the Shepherd decides to pick a fight with someone else. 

I'll stop before I relate this to a horse herd.  Anyway, it's sad, watching this tragedy unfold when you know nothing's going to be done about it. By this point I think even Anthony himself just wanted to get out of there - not like he was going to say "hey, vote me out," but it couldn't have been a very comfortable living environment.  Which is a pity, because he IS so darn sweet and kind of adorkable.  He's more appealing than any of the other guys, even Hot Accent Edgardo.  And a million times more appealing than Rocky - I mean, ew.  While something tells me the latter has had plenty of girlfriends and/or one night stands, I find it hard to believe that anyone would willingly spend more than about a week with him.  Unless the footage has been edited on an extreme slant, which I kind of doubt, he runs his mouth off all day long, disparaging everyone and everything that doesn't conform to his high standards of jerkitude, and being generally terribly unpleasant.

I just wish everyone would realize this already and VOTE HIM OUT.  Everyone keeps talking about how they need "strength" to win at the immunity challenges - yeah, hi, Rocky's been present at every challenge so far, but his tribe has yet to win one.  And most of the muscles in Moto's tribe belong to the Asian girls.  I think something other than brute strength might be at play.  Of course, since they had to vote somebody out, meaning they're stuck with Useless Lisi as of next week, they just might need all those guys to offset her weakness.

So yes, in the end, Anthony went home.  Sad, but I guess I can live with it.  I want to see Ravu fall apart when they start arguing over who's gonna tend the fire and fill up water bottles.  And then I want to see them all go insane when they have to deal with Lisi and her abrasive personality ruining their Boys Camp utopia.  Then again, she might fit right in.

Bones: The Boneless Bride in the River

I could never be an anthropologist; I would have an overwhelming desire to smack my subjects of study for being weird (a word which here means "anything new and different that makes my skin crawl").  For example, a ritual that involves cutting someone's dead body open and systematically remove every bone (including the skull), and then sewing the "skin sack" back together.  It's like some weird branch of taxidermy.  No sane person works in taxidermy.  If you do, please don't tell me about it.

That being said, however, there's something intriguing about a body like that when you know it's just a prop.  It's much more intriguing than the usual body lying in a pool of blood.  Not as good as a mummified corpse, or better yet a plain old skeleton, but still. 
For example, I kind of liked Zack and Hodgins' idea to simply inflate the head.  I didn't see what was so wrong with that; surely it would have at least given them a slightly better idea of what her face looked like?  How did Angela manage to approximate a sketch close enough to match to a database photo, anyway?

In other words, I rather liked this episode.  I didn't feel a need to fast-forward through anything case-related, and was acutely interested in finding out what had happened to the victim.  Of course, I also can't figure out anything specific I want to say about this episode to verify why I liked it, so instead I think I'll just go on ship rants:

Jack/Angela: Nothing.  Not that I expected anything, but I'm just pointing this out in case my future self feels a need to capture all the J/A moments on a tape somewhere, you can skip this one.

Booth/Bones: This isn't related to the episode, really, so much as just a general thought - show?  You are only in your second season, yes?  Well, seeing as you are a crime show, unless you plan on being canceled in short order, I hope you don't plan to introduce Brennan & Booth into some sort of romantic entanglement.  Because that works in fic, but I'm thinking not so much on your show.  Not yet, anyway.  They might get there in the future, but right now we're all still kind of reeling from your carpet bomb session of romances, and we'd all like a break from that, wouldn't we?  Besides which, didn't Booth name like 4 or 5 failed romances Bones had had recently?  The only one I recognized was the witch one, but I'm guessing that all of them were on the show at one point, and...that is a LOT of dates.  A lot of bad dates.   So let's just keep the friendship intact and not worry about whether or not there's something more that needs exploring. 

Bones/Sully: ARE NO MORE!  HAHAHAHA!  I feel happy, oh so happy...goodbye and good riddance.  You wouldn't want to spend a year on a boat with Bones anyway; the woman can't even articulate WHY she declines your offer.  "I just can't."  Well, terrific.  Not "I love my work too much to leave it for a year" or "I'd miss my friends too much" or "I'm not sure we've been dating long enough to suddenly commit to living together in a fairly alien environment" or even "the thing is, Sully, I know you love me but I have these conflicting feelings that may or may not involve your co-worker Booth..." Nope.  Just "I can't."  Bravo.  Clap.  Clap.  (hey, I might hate Sully, but I also hate it when women just stand there and make the guy guess what they're trying to say)

Amusing Quote: "No bones, no Bones."  I don't know why, but it made me laugh out loud.  And I did think it was kind of funny when Booth kept popping up on the boat and interrupting the two of them.  (rarely for a pressing reason, I might add)

ETA: OH!  And that song - that song that plays over the ending scenes, I want it.  What's it called, and where can I get it??  Can you tell what I'm talking about despite a complete lack of lyrics or description?  No?  Well, it was a woman's voice, and I think the lyrics included something along the lines of "you make me want to run, you make me want to live..."
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