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Definitely NOT "ew," but: have actress icon, will use.

Alternate title: this is a post about Zoe(y)s.

Contrary to all my assumptions, I just put "Once Upon A Time" on my library request list (#26 for 5 copies, and it's still in cataloguing, so that's probably a waste; I won't have time that far into fall) and, more importantly, sat around this afternoon feeling ill and decided to watch the pilot of Hart of Dixie. I also did a quick skim of the Wikipedia overview, deciding I'd rather know how the season shakes out ahead of time, so look out for falling finale spoilers.

I have to admit, it was cuter and less boring than I thought. Zoe is adorable (and there is basically nothing stopping me from seeing her as AU Summer Roberts) with hair longer than I thought she could grow it, so I keep doing double takes when I realize how far down her back it goes. Lavon is AWESOME, as is her friendship with him, and I really like Mrs. H (instant third and final favorite), so I was super displeased to read she was written out after two episodes. I need her mother-hen shepherding!

George is sort of attractive (emphasis more on "nice smile and not unattractive"), so it's kind of a bummer to hear I'm not getting crucial payoff on that this season, but only because he's better than the other option. Wade is the grossest thing I've ever seen. He looks like that Scooby Doo character and seems about as bright. Why can't we write him out after two episodes? Unfortunately, I remember the name "Wade" getting thrown around a lot when it comes to chatter about this show. Also: Lemon/Lavon strikes me as being full of so much ick factor I can't even process it.

i got very attached to Mabel, though. I hope she shows up some more. This town is tiny so she has to, right? Or do patients come and go like on a regular medical procedural? Regardless, I was also kind of fond of her mom and shocked when she kicked her out of her life. What! She seemed like she did love her daughter and had a good heart, she was just rough around the edges and used to putting up a tough exterior. Not at all like, say, Zoe's mother, whom I assume is made of equal parts ice, robot pieces and Botox.

Sidebar: Zoe's non-bio dad sounds like quite possibly the worst human being on the planet, so I'm just going to pretend that neither he nor her mother exist. I also don't quite understand all this discussion of why she can't be a good heart surgeon without feelings, since that robot mania seemed to get Cristina Yang pretty far, and since we are never really given a chance to see her as someone cold and unfeeling, that premise makes even less sense. Also, I am feeling a disproportionate amount of sadness that she never got to really meet her awesome bio dad. The graveside chat cut a hole in my heart.

I won't lie, a little part of me envisioned this pilot as a self-contained rom-com, imagining what kind of scenes or pacing would be added to pad it to 100 minutes instead of 42, and then thinking about how it would instantly become one of my favorite rom-coms. But then, flip that around, I always end up wishing that my favorite rom-coms were full length TV series. Voila! ...admittedly, I mostly wish that when I love the lead couple, and I am seeing extremely lukewarm shipping prospects here. But maybe it will be nice to have a show where I just love a female lead on her own. It's been working well for 2 Broke Girls. And this show is so far way more restrained in its use of the word "vagina."

Basically: it was a rather nice little pilot (even if it practically bleeds country music, like, okay, I GET IT) and I think I'll probably watch more, but right now I'm disinclined to give it a place on the fall lineup. I don't see myself having strong enough engagement in the characters or overall plot to give it weekly analysis (unlike, you know, the fascinating world of CSI); I'm just not built for classic dramas even though they always look so appealing.

I say this, but there are 21 long episodes ready and waiting to change my mind. Assuming I get to them.

(Getting to new episodes has not been my strong suit this summer either. I've managed 13 Law & Orders, 5 or 6 nights of Olympics, two comedy pilots and about 40 combined minutes of Pretty Little Liars footage in the last two months. Otherwise I've resumed my late-night diet of syndicated comedies I've seen a dozen times.)

p.s. muzzy_olorea, I hope you know I am heading straight for your tags on this show. (But feel free to rehash anything you like with your full-season perspective)

In other news, HIMYM is currently playing season 6 in syndication, and they just had that glorious run of 6x08-6x10 (to my relief Robin Sparkles 3 offends me much less now; I've finally reached a point of being able to giggle at all the porn jokes). Iiiiiii love Zoey so much, so much! Possibly even more than when those episodes were originally airing, and I loved her a whole bunch then. She will remain Ted's best catch in my heart as long as this show exists, I'm pretty sure, and got the rawest of all raw deals. #forever slightly bitter

I feel like this is the perfect segue to watch the pilot of Once Upon A Time, but instead I'm going to bed.
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