RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Oh hey look, it's the 6-year anniversary of when I joined LJ!

Personal reference
  • 3 of the ugliest surveys in existence [2/3]
  • 5 shopper email notes [4/5]
  • Reply to thinky work email asking for input on editing form
  • Plan State Fair activities (MONDAY, Y'ALL! It's cow time.)
  • Target trip
  • Library trip
  • Write epic pre-season-4 Glee post featuring spoiler reactions, first impressions, wishlist, hopes, anxieties and cranky dread
  • Finish cleaning half-cleaned room
  • Laundry


What's your favorite fruit? Grapes.
What's your favorite vegetable? Potatoes, those versatile babies.
What's your favorite protein? Shrimp
What's your favorite dish to cook? Pasta salad
What's your favorite dish that someone else makes for you? Stir fry


Just remembered there is a new Castle book coming out. The library has ordered roughly one jillion copies (or 13), but that still puts me in the third wave of checkouts. :/ On bright side, hey, that means I won't be reading this one in December! now feels ironic to have read all the other books (especially Heat Wave) in December, while Frozen Heat will get (late) summer treatment.

Well now this is interesting -- our library has "The Land of Stories" on CD (audiobook), but not the actual book. not think I've ever seen this scenario before. Also, I should probably buy that book soon while I still have a smattering of summer days to read and truly appreciate it. I got so distracted by the free ILL treasure that after the first week of agonizing waiting passed, I got used to living without it.
I took yesterday's advice and bought sweet potato tortilla chips. SALT CRAVING, SATED. I'm not sure how to describe the flavor difference, because there wasn't honestly a strong flavor at all (maybe close to corn?), but they were really lightly salted - it felt like only about 10% of the chips had visible salt, yet somehow that made it better when you got one - and thicker than regular tortilla chips, which I liked because that made them more filling. My dad also got a jar of salsa on the last grocery trip, and that may have been what my salt buds were craving, because it really hit the spot.
Today I also took a refreshingly long walk in the cool air of post-rain evening weather, and saw
a) two black squirrels -- in the same yard!
b) a larger-than-average (but still small) hopping yard toad, which I promptly scooped up and subjected to my gross human hand sliminess until I was done petting his bumpy back. Nothing like a good toad-pat.

I got home and I was going to watch more Hart of Dixie while I sprawled out to unwind, but then the internet was like, "Hey, guess what show has secretly been airing while you weren't aware of it? WIPEOUT." So, you know, priorities. That is the most delightful idiot show in the world.
Tags: animals, books, food, surveys

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