RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

That wasn't funny.

One last update for Instructions For a Broken Heart, which I just finished and which is obviously the new leader among YA novels read in 2012 because I can't stop writing about it:

[Spoiler for the very end, which Voice and probably you will find rather amusing irony.]
..."cute Italian boy," as the cover calls him, a/k/a the one I immediately decided should be Blaine, but the YA novel version of Blaine I always use so I can get my Blaine/Rachel fix...

...ended up being gay.

I DO NOT APPRECIATE YOUR IRONY, UNIVERSE. I DO NOT APPRECIATE IT AT ALL. Although I kind of do. I sat there and laughed for like five minutes straight, because after all, about 75 pages in (when said boy hadn't shown up yet) I did cheat and look at the last page so I knew I was supposed to be paying attention to Dylan Thomas and thus I'd kind of been letting Blaine straddle both characters until I made up my mind. I couldn't be too terribly upset...but really, what are the odds?

Another part of me is a little bit peeved on principle, though, and debating whether to knock this from 5 stars to 4 just for the "whoops gotta meet the gay kid quota!" twist in the last couple of pages. I hate it so very much when YA novels randomly do that reveal. It's like, "No. Just stop. You wouldn't have written that in even 20 years ago, you know you wouldn't have, so don't do it now just because you can and/or feel like you'd appeal to a wider demographic if you did."
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