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"Who breaks up in the season 4 premiere?" ontd_glee says, and while I am all WTFGODDAMN PREMIERE, IS THE POTENTIAL BLOODBATH IN 4X04 NOT ENOUGH?, the cut text strikes terror into my heart. I swore I would not read the post, but I demanded explanations for the cut text.

And, well:
Cut text: "rip tike"
Me: That cut text had better be full of lies.
nicola_roberts: nope
Me: goddammit (+ silently: D= and also :O and also ?!?!?!??!?! and also PAIN)
Me 15 seconds later: ...I feel like I may be partially responsible for this.
Past Me: There have been only two ships like this [Kurt/Blaine and Mike/Tina], sweet but background-ish and unchallenged after later starts, and because of this unknown commodity no one knows what to expect. I feel certain it is going to come down to a Hunger Games-style death match where only one can survive in the end. I will call for the blood of anyone to keep mine alive.
Current Me: That's it. Sacrificial blood has been shed. If you still smash my ship on the rocks, I am going to shed some decidedly non-sacrificial blood.
[EDIT: I have skimmed the post and it appears not to explicitly spoil that they have broken up...but it has some pretty heavily implied clues that, when put together, pretty much say "Guess what happened? Hint, rhymes with bike stroke cup."]

P.S. I have a huge post in the works, but Labor Day Laziness kind of wound up clobbering me and now I am waaaaay swamped in my work and it's mainly my fault, so I'm spending all my spare time trying to get ahead, on top of, or at least catch up to my assignments.

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