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CSI: NY, Stealing Home

AN: Another short entry I feel needs no cut.  Yes, compared to my usual habits, this is SHORT.

"You think Danny calls me 'Montana' because I'm a 49ers fan?"
"He calls you Montana because he's got a crush on you."

Holy crap!  When did CSI: NY turn into a show worth watching?  (oh, right.  2 weeks ago)

Sure, there was the part where I nearly vomited up the meal I'd just eaten when Creepy Old Coroner Sid talked about threesomes, apparently from experience (*queasily* NOT something I ever want to envision!).  I was never much one for shipping on this show, but I admit I've been kind of seeing the playful cuteness that is Danny/Lindsey, and now I'm cool with it. In fact, I think it was just this very minute that I ceased hating her and being annoyed with her general existence.  Yep.  I like her. 

I don't know why it took so long; I mean, she's almost a midwest gal, and she knows horses, so that should make me love her...but no matter, I like her now.  Hey, isn't Catherine Willows a Montana girl too?  Okay writing staff, fess up, who's plugging their home state?

Random aside: Also: Interesting comparisons between Grissom, Horatio and Mac, namely how the former differs from the other two.  Because they're spin-offs?  Because they're dayshift?  Because they were cops first?  I just noticed when Mac told the attorney to "get the hell out of my lab," that Horatio is similarly protective of his lab down in Miami, but Grissom hasn't used that phrase since about the second episode of season 1.


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