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I was going to watch a movie this evening, but I cannot seem to stop listening to this song, so I guess I have to type things instead. Things like my...

2012 Fall Watch List
The summer list has been retired at roughly 40% completion (lmao, worst year for TV progress ever), and it is time to chat about what's going down this fall. p.s. My Sundays are freeeeeee! They mostly already were, but now they're totally free.

It feels like I have less TV overall, but I really don't, it's just more evenly dispersed throughout the week. Which is also good. That, and five of them are minimally emotionally affective comedies, so they will snap right on by.

7:00: How I Met Your Mother
8:00: 2 Broke Girls (hatred forever that these two shows have been broken up)
9:00: Castle vs. Revolution

7:00: NCIS
8:00: Go On/The Mindy Project
9:00: Private Practice

7:00: Survivor
9:00: CSI vs. Law & Order: SVU

8:00: Glee vs. The Office vs. Grey's Anatomy
(WHY YOU GOTTA FIGHT LIKE THIS, NETWORKS. I stil haven't decided if Glee's gonna get live billing, or if I can make myself savor it later.)

7:00: Community vs. CSI: NY


And now, in order of excitement. Roughly. Roughly in order of excitement. I'm really sure about the first 3, and then not so much. And this year I am putting all the shows on the same list, even the newbies & midseason (of which there is currently only one).

1. Glee
I know you are all SHOCKED by this placement. Shocked!

2. Smash
This isn't technically back until midseason, but following the theme of my sudden obsession with musical shows, I want this one's wild ride back front and center. I will defend it tooth and nail 'gainst all the haters until it displeases me, which if it is anything like Glee's trajectory, will be the season premiere.

3. Revolution
People keep comparing it to Terra Nova when not bitching about the science. Despite the lack of dinosaurs, I feel awesome about this.

4. Castle

5. How I Met Your Mother
The preview clip was pretty good, OK? And I've been watching the reruns a lot, and basically I'm just going to recycle my original-and-later-scrapped comments from 2011: I don't know if it's syndication or what (it's syndication), but once you're not analyzing on an episode-by-episode basis anymore, the overall enjoyment level goes way up. So many of the episodes (especially recent ones) have become so much better in my memory -- I am now completely excited for this show to bring the funny again after seveal Septembers of languishing down near the bottom of the list.)
NOTE: I do expect this illusion to be shattered quickly.

6. The Office
I...don't know, whatever, this year I find myself missing Jim and Pam (and now Nellie)'s faces especially hard. Also Kelly and Ryan's, but too bad for me on that front. Also, did you hear the one about Roy's wedding? Because I am here for that.

7. 2 Broke Girls
I actually am excited for it, just in a way where I can hold off patiently until it airs. I miss my girls. (and my horse? I want him back for good, and nobody reports any news about this show ever so I don't know what's happening)

8. Community
Have not watched an episode of Community since the finale, so even though it's miraculous that it lived and it's the most awesome fandom that's ever existed and's time for round II of my original-and-later-scrapped comments from 2011: I've never quite [emotionally] connected with any of the characters, and I concluded that the lack of a central ship was great for quality and amusement, but also meant it was all brain, no heart. THAT SAID, I am excited to laugh again. This show is good at making me laugh.

9. Survivor
I'm not not excited about it, I've just forgotten what it is like to care about shows with obstacle courses that are not Wipeout. I am pretty pumped for 3 awesome returning contestants, though.

10. CSI: NY
I like to play a game called "give me my Mac/Christine moments and nobody gets hurt." ALSO: Rob Morrow guest starring. Yes please. [edit: just remembered where to find spoilers on this show. Gave these a quick skim - as they are rather detailed and apt to spoil all the good things - but YAY with all the personal things!]

11. Grey's Anatomy
I'm a little excited to see the aftermath of the plane crash, even if we have to wait for it, and definitely excited to clean house and get some new faces in (I swear, this is the only show where I love revolving cast doors. I like so few characters at any given time and have so little attachment to even the best ones that I love shaking stuff up). I'm not quite so invested in the rest, but for those few characters I enjoy, it should be worth the time I spend on it.

12. NCIS
I'm sure it's doing something. I'm just as sure that I won't care until it's actually in front of my eyeballs, and even then there's only like a 50/50 chance. [edit: oh, that's right. explosion aftermath. Here for your one definite episode of emotional team dynamics, I guess; bumping you up 3 places as a result.]

13. Private Practice
Ships are poised to imploded left and right, and Addison still has her stupid ugly baby. I am not amused. I just want it to finish quickly and leave the airwaves forever.

14. The Mindy Project
Everyone is really happy about this comedy and declaring it to be The Best, but I feel like I'm just watching it out of a sense of loyalty to Mindy's Adorable Face. (see review below)

15. Go On
Same deal, only Matthew Perry is lower on the totem pole than Mindy Kaling. This one made me laugh more, though.

16. CSI
*scratches chin* I like at least four of the regulars very much, so I don't know what's wrong here, I just have almost zero interest in following up on that cliffhanger or finding out what happens beyond that.

17. Law & Order: SVU
Doomed forever to be last! It's just such flimsy writing, dashing Dt. Amaro or not. My goal is to quit it this year. That is always my goal, but then I realize it is only opposite one of the other least scintillating shows, and if I can get through that one I might as well finish this off, so I never do. They always have some sort of hook or gimmick that is worthy of comment.
Retired From Last Fall: CSI: Miami, House, and on a technicality Sarah Jane Adventures & Chuck
Prematurely Banhammered:
-Raising Hope and I have officially parted ways on the issue of guide-pig-butchering
-Gossip Girl is throwing acid in my eyes with Chuck/Blair; this short-lived experiment is over. Regardless of how quickly it will actually be over. I am not ruling out us hooking up anyway, though. I couldn't say no to Grey's, and that one pissed me off much more.

BONUS: Out of nowhere, I rounded up some more pilots to watch pre-airing, so enjoy.

The Mindy Project

Pre-Viewing Opinion: I love Mindy Kaling. A lot. I love her to bits! But there are a whole lot of super-mediocre-looking dudes hired to be around her in this show, and speaking of which, just realized I don't even know what this show is about. Apparently she's a doctor? I was hoping it would just be like her book in sitcom form.

Post-Viewing: ...yeah. This is doing pretty well on the ladies so far, which I guess makes sense, and there is definitely a joyous thrill to be had in getting to see Mindy being adorkably cute and ditzy front and center full time, after 8 years of begging and hoping for scraps or the rare subplot. That is and always has been the #1 draw of this show. I also really like her pair of receptionists/assistance/whatever; Beth is my favorite character because she looks and sounds about 14.

I am feeling okay-ish about her best friend, even though said friend's face is kind of ruined from when The Office tried to make me believe Pam had a sister (I continue to reject your canon! especially as they look nothing alike). I definitely like the daughter, and laughed pretty hard at Mindy's "YOU'RE boring!" [and on that note, it's going to be reaaalllly weird having the character also named Mindy. It will feel like I'm getting weirdly personal with the actress.]

I am not feeling so hot about the actual script and premise of the show, though. I only laughed/cracked a smile a couple of times, and 85% of my happy feelings were just about Mindy's mannerisms, general sass & attitude. I remain MASSIVELY disappointed with all the dudes. This is breaking all the laws about hospital employees on TV. Even ER and Scrubs had hot doctors.

In conclusion: I will certainly continue to watch, because especially with an empty timeslot, to not do so would be like saying, "No, I don't need that delicious zero-calorie bar of chocolate." I'll also strongly recommend it to anyone who likes Mindy Kaling, or wants to like her. But heart-explodingly memorable it is not.


I'm going to put the first 5 minutes down as the most chilling opener ever, and the first 15 as one heck of an on-edge thrill ride before it took a breath. It dragged a bit once when they found Miles (fight scenes: can those not be a regular thing? they take so much effort to teach and choreograph, which wastes your time, and they all look the same and are boring, which wastes my time), but otherwise I got pretty wrapped up in it.

So far I really like the fact that Charlie is damn near identical to Skye in both looks and personality. Good start for a main character/ostensible star if you want her to be.

Fingers crossed for more flashbacks, both because the world needs more Elizabeth Mitchell/I am already in love with her character's 3 minutes of screen time, and because I would love to see the present-day world falling apart on its way to the 1700s that 15 years later. (no, I'm sorry, I promised I would not join the snark wagons. The world 15 years later looks the way it does because it looks awesome and makes the whole idea that much more unnerving)

Not feeling super strongly about most of the characters yet - Soldier Boy, in particular, is like a cross between Criminally Boring Dean Geyer of Terra Nova and something pulled from Twilight - but I do like her brother a lot and I'm invested in her quest to find him for that reason. The militia leader is also nicely creepy & chilling, though that may be a holdover from his delightful evilness that one time on Community.

Also: horses! Those are way better than dinosaurs. Do you know how happy it will make me to see those every week? It would make me happier if our ragtag band could commandeer some for themselves and ride everywhere instead of just metaphorically hoofing it, but I'll settle for them only being ridden by evil bad guys as long as they are around.

Also: THAT ENDING. ?!?!?!?! and awesome! I DEMAND MORE.

In conclusion: My instincts are correct; I am definitely excited to show up for this action movie on a weekly basis.

[p.s. the answer to my current music is going to be...]
p.s. the answer to my "current music" is going to be Glee; it is adorable how I'm pretending to give Imagine Dragons a chance to keep it just because they have an awesome band name and plastichangers recced it first.

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