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Glee Showcase Showdown

Back from getting my third wisdom tooth punched out extracted - which I maintain is an awesome feeling once you're nice and numb (and even the stingy/burny needle anesthetic is not so bad). Now I just have to wait out the lingering numbness, which is getting tiresome. I know I'm only about halfway through the wait, but I haven't eaten anything all day out of nerves and I'm starving and eating is impossible when half your mouth doesn't work. [edit: yay! numbness gone 4.5 hours after getting home, like clockwork; writing this post was a v. good distraction.]

Soooo, in the meantime...I am running out of days to play this game, and I really want to, so I hereby present:

Glee: Original Flavor: Showcase Showdown
1. Choose 2 or 3 similar shows, or seasons within a show
2. Grab a list of each one's episode titles for the season, and pair them up by week
3. Bold the winning title and offer a brief line of commentary explaining your choice
4. Tally the winning competitions and crown a champion at the end.

I just really wanted to do this before season 4, when I can still compare episodes against each other with the same core group, rather than "original format vs. hybrid format." Which of course I will be doing next summer.

Week 1: Pilot vs. Audition  vs. The Purple Piano Project
Magic pilot/where it all began forever

Week 2: Showmance vs. Britney/Brittany vs. I Am Unicorn
Season 1 drove me out of the show, season 2 has mostly been stricken from the record, and a recent re-watch proved there are like eight million and two things to love about season 3. The second episode curse has been broken!

Week 3: Acafellas vs. Grilled Cheesus vs. Asian F
I cannot believe this is happening...but for as offensively stupid as the title plot is, I have reeeeeally warmed up Kurt storylines. In particular, this one. Even with his continued temper tantrums.

Week 4: Preggers vs. Duets vs. Pot O' Gold
The duets having nearly all become magical by this point in time, the answer is obvious.

Week 5: The Rhodes Not Taken vs. Rocky Horror Glee vs. The First Time
NO CONTEST. April > everybody, and with 80% amazing music to boot? Against 100% unfettered suck and 45-55% unfettered suck?

Week 6: Vitamin D vs. Never Been Kissed vs. Mash-Off
Blaine arrives, establishes escalating pattern of scene-stealing.

Week 7: Throwdown vs. The Substitute vs. I Kissed A Girl
WARS IN MY HEART. I've grown less fond of Holly over the past year, though, so...whereas I remember season 1 making me super, super happy.

Week 8: Mash-Up vs. Furt vs. Hold Onto Sixteen
Suck + suck + FAVORITE

Week 9: Wheels vs. Sectionals vs. Extraordinary Merry Christmas

Week 10: Ballad vs. A Very Glee Christmas vs. Yes/No
In the same way I have grown less fond of Holly, I have grown less fond of Will/Rachel, especially when it has to share space with Quinn's lame storyline in this one. So. Adorable Christmas it is!

Week 11: Hairography vs. The Sue Sylvester Shuffle vs. Michael
I love this episode so much. It just gets better every time I watch it, which is crazy to me since I came in with zero pre-existing Jackson love.

Week 12: Mattress vs. Silly Love Songs vs. The Spanish Teacher
My love has roughly quadrupled (and then gone to the power of a thousand) since it aired. It's just full of cuteness, even for couples I dislike.

Week 13: Sectionals vs. Comeback vs. Heart

Week 14: Hell-O vs. Blame It On The Alcohol vs. On My Way
Jesse St. James, bitches. (Also, perfect music)

Week 15: The Power of Madonna vs. Sexy vs. Big Brother
PFFFFT. (though actually Madonna is not as bad as I initially thought it was, at all)

Week 16: Home vs. Original Song vs. Saturday Night Glee-ver

Week 17: Bad Reputation vs. A Night of Neglect vs. Dance With Somebody
I'm sorry, which of you lit up my shipper heart like a crazy person?

Week 18: Laryngitis vs. Born This Way vs. Choke
Not the most exciting victory, since I constantly forget what this episode was about besides Rachel rasping about being Tinkerbell, but successful nonetheless because the others are just piles of offensiveness - generally and/or to me personally.

Week 19: Dream On vs. Rumours vs. Prom-asaurus
SON OF A BITCH, nothing should be able to take Rumours down. Except 100% perfection. Which this is.

Week 20: Theatricality vs. Prom Queen vs. Props
Theatricality has admittedly gotten pretty great, but Prom Queen has only gotten better every time I've watched it. To the point where I seriously think it might be my favorite part of season 2 now, or at least in second place.

Week 21: Funk vs. Funeral vs. Nationals
Great performances and high energy fun. Against, you know, a funeral. Or an egging.

Week 22: Journey to Regionals vs. New York vs. Goodbye
Complain all you want, but only one of these made me cry, and I like when television hurts me in the moment without irreparable consequences.

Season 1: 6 (aw, poor season 1. Maybe it's the lack of Blaine. Why did I strike that out, it's true.)

Season 2: 8

Season 3: 8

Aw, we have a tie! A tie which unfortunately confirms my theory that I will always mentally give season 1 the short stick, even when I am repeatedly shown video evidence of why I loved it so hard and why it is still a wonderful thing.

Now, off to see if I can make this happen on Tumblr. I'm trying to figure out if I want to include my answers in the first post as an example, or if people will figure it out without it. I suspect it doesn't matter, as it is too many words for them even if only the rules are displayed, and I would have to at least dress up a header with the rules/guidelines done in Photoshop. Stupid Tumblr.

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