RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Update, Y'all!: Glee 4x01

After 50 minutes, I am nothing but either a spiral of rage or a pit of despair, sometimes both at once.

I'm going to crawl into a corner and cuddle this precious new creature known as "Marley," because she is the only person making me happy right now.

EDIT: I have had exactly one moment of spontaneous shrieky flail --

-- and it was not the Kurt/Blaine hug, because I was too busy dealing with my lingering feelings of wanting to punch Blaine in the face, but rather that DELIGHTFUL moment in which Blaine took Marley by the hands to pull her out on center stage for the solo, because LJKHASL;KDFJASJKLFASDFJASDF YOU MAGNIFICENT CREATURES ARE SO PRETTY TOGETHER and I just really, really, really more than anything wanted Blaine to be her welcoming party.

More feelings this weekend. I still feel pretty ill from watching all that crap and I just keep thinking about how there are probably still worse things to come before anything gets better. Autumn Pessismist Mode, ON from this day forward.
Tags: feelings explosion, glee

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