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It's Homecoming!

I was going to go downtown and finally see the parade this year, but instead I went somewhere better: an enormous estate sale out in the country, like gigantic, like 6-big-tents-crammed-with-things. Sounds like multiple parties were involved, in a sort of hybrid estate/garage sale, with things for all ages and spanning several decades. It was THE BEST, and we didn't even get there until late afternoon (though happily, on the first day).

We literally looked around for an hour and could have stayed longer...and I bought things! Things that were mostly not books! Plus, I came away with a 100% "animals" theme.

We'll start with the sophisticated grown-up stuff:


Each pair of animals cost 50 cents. The cat had a sticker that said bone china/Japan, and the other pairs are the same style so I assume they are too. I was trying to pick my favorite, because it's been years since I bought figurines due to minimal display case and a determination to love anything new I bought for display, but I do - I do love these; they spoke to me. Dad convinced me to get the rabbits, because "you hardly ever see rabbit figurines that look realistic and aren't really Easter themed," and then I liked the poodles best because they were very 1950s, and then the cat was the only one with a Sticker of Authenticity - plus the freestanding kitten is the cutest thing ever. So! Now I have more pets to go along with my white porcelain horses and my white unicorns.

Dramatic closeups below!

catswhiterabbitswhitepoodles hypnotoadfig

(oh, yes, the toad. I just picked him up to see what he was made out of, and Dad goes, "You HAVE to get that." He cost a quarter. So I did. I shall call him HypnoToad and we're pretending he's good luck for some reason. He's about the size of the other figurines, but chunkier. We cannot figure out what he's made of, though it appears to be a clear exterior over solid fused rocks.)

Speaking of things that spoke to me...

I KNOW. Stuffed animals. I try not to buy them, but come on. It is a seal point rabbit! It's adorable! It gazed at me with its sweet eyes, being all practically-life-sized and in pretty condition with a ribbon that matched my shirt today, and I had to have it. It's tag says WalMart, and you'd think that would make me relinquish it, but nope. I carried it around with me for half an hour and it did not lose its charm. So for 50 cents, why not.

Next: hey, what's that book I have spent all summer digging through endless boxes of stupid picture books hoping to find? THIS BOOK!

Our Animal Friends at Maple Hill Farm. It's the giant version with the ugly original 1970s cover (inscription dated 1976), and it cost me a whole dollar, but I am OK with that to have this wonderful nostalgia-inducing pictures back. You can see eight billion of them below right as soon as I unpack that $1.00 tube full of dogs next to it:

(click to enlarge and admire their little faces. The sideways one behind the central Dalmatian has a frisbee in its mouth.)

REALISTIC SMALL PLASTIC ANIMALS!!! Go ahead, see if I can be happier. The copyright date on the tube says 2005, so these are actually new realistic-looking (and to scale!) plastic animals. I literally didn't think anyone made those anymore. It is impossible to have too many small animals, but dogs are some of the best. I especially love the Beagle and the Dachshund, but the black lab is pretty nice too. Oh, and yes, that's a random monkey in there. Obviously not part of the original set, but it made me laugh because I have (or used to have) some of those monkeys as well. Not pictured is a micro-mini Grand Champion foal that also got mixed in. That goes with my other scale of small animals.

Various pictures from Our Animal Friends At Maple Hill Farm, click to enlarge & read text:

Also, forgot to write it up and am probably already forgetting some of what I bought last weekend, but here are three things in one photo, for a grand (expensive!) total of $3.75:

Pretty top, a necklace shown below, and that nifty plastic hanger that hooks right over the door, which I bought for the express purpose of making it easier to take shots of clothes, instead of having to balance my hangers on the edge of the top corner.


FACT ONE: do you know how hard it is to find good necklaces at garage sales? So hard. 90% of them are the ridiculous, huge, chunky-beads kind that you think no one would ever wear. Of the ones that remain, it's still ridiculously hard to find a non-choker pendant necklace that doesn't come down to your breastbone, but instead does its damn job and fills out a bare neckline. It's only plastic on the end, but it's shiny and reflects light well, so that's all the matters. The beads are a bit nicer.

FACT TWO: this is actually a 3-for-1 necklace. It's all one chain that doesn't come apart, so you can slip over your head (as soon in photo one), but it's really designed to be doubled up (as in photo 2, which usually makes it the perfect length), and then there's a third option that makes it a bit shorter than in photo 1 while still leaving it fairly long.

In other news, almost all my TV is on hold until the weekend, but I just want to say that I have spent the last two nights watching season 7 of The Office on DVD to pump myself up for the new season.

I only got through the first couple of discs, but I am fully prepared to declare season 7 one of my favorites right now. I know it rapidly fell apart in the latter half, but by god, that was a magical autumn/early part of winter. I think I recognized it even while it was airing, didn't I? I hope I did.

I'm up through disc 3 at the moment. I've watched all the commentaries and deleted scenes, none of which I can remember now, but I also went back and rewatched "Andy's Play" as an appetizer - still lovable in so many respects! - and then skipped to "Viewing Party" because despite its flaws in the Michael-n-Andy department, GLORIOUS GLEE MASHUP. My original review of it is spot on. Also, the one deleted scene I remember is from this one and utterly precious -- Pam asleep on the bed and Jim waking her up when it's time to leave, CeCe having finally fallen asleep as well. Jim: "I can only carry one of you." is another one of my all time favorites. It's so rare when the A plot and the B plot are on equal levels of awesome; I can't believe that I had almost nothing to say about the Hay Place in my original review! Besides Dwight being hilarious, it's also the one single time in the show that Angela's future husband is not a symbol of all that is awful and wrong in these twisted writers' minds. (fyi, I have seen the s.9 premiere. If you were hoping that sad state of affairs got better over the summer, you are out of luck)

[edit: what the hell, self! What is it doing down in 6th place while Garage Sale is number 4?! Garage Sale, despite the title premise, is way less exciting. You were really believing the hype people tried to sell you on for Holly, weren't you? Also, why is Andy's Play so low?]

Ooh, and Classy Christmas...which remained 50% unbearable (shut up forever Holly, oh my god I loathe her more now than I ever did, and no one cares about your family either, Darryl), and 50% through-the-roof spectacular (all scenes in which Jim participated or where Bearman was discussed). Classy Christmas therefore remains the second best Christmas episode in my heart, otherwise known as "the only other one that doesn't suck."

Last but not least, I finally got to see "Threat Level Midnight: the movie" in its full and unedited version. They did a really great job of paring it down for the episode, with nothing really lost except that one glorious Jim/Pam scene with the cheek kiss (damn you!), but it was nice to see all the extra seconds here and there, especially from Jan's part and the extra dialogue from the bachelorettes. 

I may have also watched Threat Level Midnight: episode version, with commentary on and commentary off. All in a row. I told you it was my favorite of the season.

("Threat level why? Apartheid!")

As you were.
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