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< 2 hours left until the promo for 4x04 hits and we enter Hell Week, otherwise known as the 167-hour countdown to Hell Hour. :( I want to get it over with so we can start the countdown to Epic Resolution, but I'm also not ready; I want to stay in my insulated bubble of not knowing. But I did watch the sneak peek from 4x03, and that put my spirits through the roof so at least I have something to look forward to if I ever catch up on this stupid show.

Recently realized two things about the Go On cast: Cat Girl is Josie The Humorless Delivery Nurse from The Office, and the therapist/counselor is Amaro's wife on Law & Order: SVU. In the former's case, it makes me like her more; in the latter's, it just kinda ruins that aspect of SVU for me. I love her in the military wife/mom role; as the therapist, not so much.

I'm pretty sure this series hit its zenith in episode 2 thanks to the piles of cats everywhere. (that was really magnificent, fyi) I don't hate it, but it feels like a serious chore, and if there was anything else on this timeslot I'd cut and run without a backward glance. "The group" provides very little entertainment, Angry Lady and Grown Up Chris Rock and possibly Blind Guy aside, and I really just want to watch The Adventures Of Chandler And His Assistant From Terra Nova. I can't imagine taking any of them seriously as characters yet (I JUST learned that Chandler = Ryan; nobody else has names as far as I'm concerned), and possibly ever. Much less instantly likable than Mr. Sunshine, this seems like some real 30 Rock levels of cartoonery.

I also remain uncomfortable with the tone, where instead of owning its obvious built-in ridiculousness, it keeps randomly trying to be all serious and emotional, confusing the hell out of me. I'll start to laugh before I realize they were trying to be serious this time. For instance, Cryin' Ryan. It took about 20 seconds before I realized he wasn't just fake-crying to make a point to the therapist about how inappropriate interference can wreak havoc on people's lives at the wrong times.

NCIS, season 10 premiere
I had no idea how much I missed everybody's stupid faces until the theme song began, and I was overwhelmed with a sudden urge to squish them all together in a group hug. Fine! You're allowed to live forever.

They shot down all the interesting stuff from the cliffhanger super fast, didn't they?
-Gibbs shielding Abby: nope, we don't need to see that, we'll just cut to two hours later LOL.
-"Tony and Ziva will be trapped in an elevator!! FEELINGS??": nope, they'll be out before the second act ends, having spent most of their time sweating and/or on the phone with her father.
[edit: oh, I'm sorry. Apparently that was supposed to be a groundwork-laying seed, somehow.]
-WHERE'S MCGEE?? Oh, there he is. OH NO, THERE'S A GIANT SHARD OF GLASS LODGED IN HIS SIDE! Oh wait, it's just a flesh wound; he'll be good as new in five minutes with some stitches.

But I loved all the time we spent with Jimmy and Ducky in the hospital at the beginning; sweetest moments ever. Jimmy continues to gradually emerge as an ever more shining star, which I can never quite believe after eight years of considering him largely a joke.

I felt like I understood what was going on with the Dearing arc maybe 30% more than I did last year, but for the most part, it was still one of the least interesting Big Bads the series has ever done. At least, until the end. "Oh, good. Here I was worried Gibbs wouldn't get to have an up-close-and-personal Horatio-style nemesis-shanking before the end of his run."

Up next: is it too early to call season highlight? Because Abby + PTSD nightmares seems like a highlight to me.

Law & Order: SVU: season 14 premiere
It is official, with CSI: Miami gone, this is now the most ridiculous-looking piece of melodrama on the lineup.

TWO HOURS. TWO HOURS OF THIS. And you felt every second of its snail's pace. On the bright side, somewhere in hour 2 I finally started to figure out what the hell was going on with the layers of deception and bad guys on top of bad guys, which is 100% more than I understood during the finale.

  • Delia is the best bad gal ever. I won't soon forget her.
  • DR. TAUB: PIMP W/ GANGSTA BLING remains cracktastic
  • Dr. Taub's sketchy lawyer was also entertaining
  • Biggest WTF moment: Olivia/Cassidy. I'm sorry, how did we go from zero to hospital-bed-kissing again?
  • Second biggest WTF moment: "lol bye moving to D.C. and taking your kid away from you overnight." That is just...nope, I am not okay with this. I don't know if that was a double character exit or an arc setup, but I demand season-long plot arc because I could maybe handle the loss of a marriage but I refuse to deal with losing Zara in the same swift blow.
  • It makes total sense that Dr. Warner would be doing the naked-Cragen evidence collecting. Total sense.
  • And I'm so glad we got to see that part, aren't you? And hear all about her findings?
  • SO MUCH LOVE for Paget/Paula. I had no idea they were bringing her on for this arc; not only was she a fantastic character, but I love her face and found it much better to watch in this context than on Criminal Minds.
  • For all my complaining about the pace, though, I guess they did put together a pretty good bit of action by the end. Good work? More captivating premiere than NCIS, anyway.
  • p.s. we all just cracked up at the laundry list of top officials that the reporter mentioned being arrested in the closing moments. "Let me have that D.A., some people from up high in the police department, the face of public integrity for sure; ooh, throw in a couple of state senators while you're at it!"

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