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I hereby forgive you for your boring finale.

Oh my god, I have nothing but 100% happy feelings right now, let me tell you. You know how you dream of a character dying, for years, and you wish it so many times the wish loses all meaning and you stop believing it's possible?





Cue music: Good newwwwwws! He's deeeeeeead! The sleaze of Seattle's -- dead! The sleaziest doc there ever was / the enemy of all of us here because / he leered! (Therefore) Good news! Good news...

I mean I cried a pair of real tears and all, but as soon as I stopped projecting the scenario onto characters I'd actually miss and we cut to commercial break, I was doing kicky feet and flailing like a loon. I had my hopes up for a 1-2 punch, even when I knew better, but damn. I am more than happy with just the one.

Full review of the 908723452 things that made me happy coming later. Right now I just want to play us out on the rest of the song:

No one mourns the sleazy
Now at last, he's dead and gone
Now at last, there's joy throughout the land...

Tags: feelings explosion, grey's anatomy

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