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Pulling the puzzles apart

In which RS tries to think happy thoughts and go watch the two episodes she's missed, but is actually just sitting here shot full of spoilers and

So apparently instead we're going to talk about my actual feelings on all of the couples, specifically the three I tend not to care about and/or constantly hope will break up:

Will/Emma: They're not going to break up. Mostly because they've done it at least twice, and eventually (if you're not Finn and Rachel) you run out of ways and reasons to do that. Which sucks, because there are no circumstances under which I want them to be happy together, ever, ever, they are just gross.

Brittany/Santana: I don't know if they're going to break up. But if they do, I'm going to be peeved, partly because I don't care if Santana is out of my sight and their relationship isn't on screen to bother me, but mostly because there is no reason they shouldn't be able to endure a separation when they've been best friends for so long, regardless of whether they were or were not dating, and even when one of the parties rejected the other. Oh, and also because the whole best-friend-pulls-away-after-going-to-college thing is just aiming RIGHT for the heart with me. 99% certain I'm going to end up identifying more with Brittany than anyone else in the end.  

Also because even I can admit that these shippers are totally screwed over in the romance department at all times, other than a greater number of kisses. I usually find this fact amusing, but I am happy to use it as ammunition too.

Finn/Rachel: They are definitely going to break up (right?), and I'm going to writhe about the floor in tears and agony because their breakups always make me sad. The scene in the car still makes me sick to my stomach every time I watch it. Also Brody is gross. And the more I see of him, the more I really appreciate the sweet, simple honesty of Finn's love. It's boring, he's boring and he'll never be good enough for her, but in reality, when have I ever found it reasonable to reject safe and boring love as long as it's being offered to you and there are no better options? He does stupid things like obsess over whichever girl he can't have at the moment, but it seems like he finally grew out of that. He's also generally dumb as a post, so I will never get why Rachel fell for him in the first place, but she did. And now I want it to stay. Despite the fact that I constantly want it sabotaged, whenever anyone actually gives me that gift, I...revert back to the fourth sentence in this paragraph. He'd stick by her for eternity now, no questions asked, if she wanted him to. I can't hate that.

I will totally hate it the second they make up.

The best compromise I can give you is that I am totally zinging back to 3x05 and I am finally going to watch their scenes in it. And then maybe all the other season 3 scenes that I skipped/skimmed or purged from memory. So, yay! New Glee footage for me! There's always new Glee footage for me.

Kurt/Blaine: Blaine is the weak link in this realm of verbal contracts and eternity promises and has been for as long as I can remember, even though he didn't start out that way. That's all I have to say about that right now. I can't attempt to reconcile any more spoilers, they hurt too much.

In other news, I hate that the music for this episode is so good. And lyrically and/or contextually magnificent.
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