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Sarah Jessica Parker: best new guest star since season 1

OK -- *deep breaths* Hell Hour is upon us. I'll come back to do some emergency cleanup on this post tomorrow or the day after, but for now, I need to get this out before it's tainted forever. [for those who care: it's at 2100 words right now, which may shrink or grow.]

Glee, 4x03, "Makeover"
Oh yeah, this is the one with the angst monsters hiding in the shadows of happiness. I got so distracted by the cuteness in 4x02 I forgot about that part.

(it's also the one with BLAINE VOICEOVER followed by KURT VOICEOVER and I honestly don't know which one made me scream louder)

Music, Quick-Like
+ Everybody Wants to Rule The World: Blaine has exceeded his quota of "boring songs I will brainwash myself into loving because they're his" for the time being, but I floved this montage* and I actually recognize this song as a not-too-bad one from radio.

* Is it okay to feel relieved that Blaine's 10,000 clubs were reduced to montages? I just didn't want to deal with Kitten Boy longer than roughly one scene. They worked awesomely in the montage, though. And I actually love this number in context; clear winner of the night. And I give it one week before I add it to my easy listening Spotify playlist.

As for the others -- as much as I have ached and craved Kurt's singing voice and as much as I enjoyed this in context (never mind SJP!), the mashup was not the tune on which to win my heart. The other two numbers, meanwhile, have been rejected outright.

Isabelle Wright/
I've been so beaten down by Kate Hudson that it literally never occurred to me that Kurt's mentor would be anything less than equally demanding and harsh. From the moment she popped out beaming about Ohio, I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop until it finally dawned on me that this was interview was real - she is a ball of sunshine and light and candyfloss sweetness. Not even random attack hugging can throw her. SHOVE DOWN, MARLS BARKLEY, I HAVE A NEW STAR. p.s. Note to self, marathon ALL the SJP movies because I love her face.

Also, intern!Kurt? So far, almost as good as TA!Kurt. There's something that makes me want to laugh at the sight of him nipping about in a role that it seems like he still needs to grow into, but incredible to see his little professional self get a foot in the door all the same. Watching him carefully observe and think over the ideas in the meeting while silently distributing coffee? How To Be A Star Intern - you're doing it right.

Between that and his dopey but earnest offer to let her live with him and Rachel in the middle of nowhere if she loses her apartment, I am in HEAVEN. Did not realize until just now how much I have been craving a situation in which Kurt flourishes and doesn't have to fight for attention and respect tooth and nail, but just has it given to him, like a right.

And while the ending montage with the ignored phonecall has sadface elements, it also has Isabelle laughing and ruffling his hair. Which, ignoring the obvious comparisons, made me realize how much he reminds me of a rescued shelter dog right now. How surprising and overwhelming it is to have people praise and exclaim over him, and how easily he soaks it up despite years of neglect, happy and eager to please.

P.S. I have revised my Chart of Likability, this time without the aid of graph-making software for lack of time. But this should give you an idea.

Where Would You Be, Miss Rachel Berry?
Not gonna lie, Kurt telling Rachel she needs to change her look kind of makes me want to slap the everliving hell out of him. There's nothing wrong with her clothes or her hair or even her reindeer sweater. P.S. I nominate that suit that looks like it has a spray-painted X on it as next year's Worst Crime Against Fashion winner at the Tubeys.

Bros In Politics material

Can I just state for the record that I am BLOWN. AWAY. by Blaine & Sam's friendship? It's one of the few pieces of astounding logic I've seen this year. They are both just so very good-looking and well-mannered, and together they make a powerhouse of gorgeousness. They are like a beautiful team of horses and I don't even know which one of them I like better.

In other words, we have gone from this

Hold Onto Sixteen
to this

(AM I INORDINATELY PROUD OF MYSELF FOR FINDING TWO GRAYS AGAIN? YUP. I was really hoping for colors that would match them better, ideally black and palomino, but I'll take what I can get.)

I do know that this whole straight guy/gay bro theme is BASICALLY MY NEW FAVORITE and/or giving Kurt/Rachel: Platonic Soulmates a run for its money, because I just really, really like the idea of it not mattering. It's basically what "Partners" is trying to achieve right now on CBS but failing at due to flop casting in the gay-guy department.

Also there is this. *cough*

blaine_angst In The Spotlight
  • The first bit of good news is, Blaine is officially back to being the harmless, cute-as-a-button guy that was so tragically absent in 4x01 AND POSSIBLY THE FORESEEABLE FUTURE.

Blaine "Cutie Pie" Anderson
Class of 2013
  • Hey guys remember that time in "Props" when I was all "WHAT IS THIS FUCKERY, HOW COME FAKE!KLAINE GETS A HEAD ON SHOULDER MOMENT??" Glee heard me, Glee sent it up the wishlist pipeline and delivered via photo prop. (even though it looks disturbingly like Blaine's neck is broken; how is it at such a total right angle?)

I can't do the whole storyline justice, so just know that this is everything I've ever wanted to see in the relationship angst department.
  • Adorable Skype TV-watching (so, uh, can I take this as canon that they tend to cuddle while watching TV and/or that this is a large part of why they watch so much TV in the first place? My brain is awash in happiness right now) and Blaine's endearing attempt to tell himself it's okay, they're just...finding their way, things will fall into place soon.
  • I've been a bit Tumblr-absent so I don't know where fandom's at with this, but -- I think maybe Blaine did not honestly expect Kurt to be so happy right off the bat, you? Not that he wanted Kurt to be SAD, per se, but he probably thought there'd be a little homesickness, or something, to ease the transition. This seems like all his worst fears about Kurt having better options come true. And because he is Blaine, he is repressing everything and turning all the pressure inward, again. And despite the fact that he has lectured on the topic before, he's not talking about being unhappy. Or rather, he's talking but Kurt's not listening, and instead of trying harder he just lets himself be ignored.
  • "You're hanging with fashion icon Isabelle Wright and I'm...running for student body president." Does it not just break your heart how sad he sounds? That is the exact tone Kurt used on "I'm pathetic," as if this is not something to be hugely proud of, as if he did not throw all his support into Kurt's very important candidacy hopes last year. And then, stab and twist -- "Oh, right, I forgot!" You forgot?
  • I love having my heart broken at how crestfallen he is when mile-a-minute Kurt runs roughshod right over the one thing he's honestly excited about sharing, and then he just sadly fades out of the conversation and figures (correctly) that Kurt won't even notice when he stops responding. Oh, who am I kidding, no one says things better than AfterElton --
Kurt is so psyched on his meteoric rise up the New York fashion ladder that he breezes over Blaine's request to help him pick out a bowtie. Blaine's face is regular sad, but when Kurt doesn't even notice that, Blaine's face goes to saddest.

("and then Blaine went to bed singing the opening notes to "Everytime" to himself and feeling vaguely annoyed that Marley already co-opted it")

[Edit: Frick. I just tricked myself into loving this song, didn't it? Because her voice + these lyrics transposed over the image of Blaine listening to the original...yeah, I can do things here. More on this after tonight's episode.]

Hollow Victory Party
  • I really wanted Blaine to win based on the strength of his unquantifiable charisma, but I'll take a victory either way. ALSO CONGRATULATORY HUGS FROM MARLEY.
  • King and Queen of Glee Club 2.0 #I am not kidding about this
  • In case your heart didn't have enough stab wounds tonight: did you see the one with Blaine making up a bunch of stories about how proud Kurt is of him, when he actually hasn't even answered one of his calls yet.
  • "I did all this for him." Pause, rewind, repeat to infinity -- it will never stop being heaven to my ears, especially when you play with it out of context.
  • If I didn't think it was all going to go to hell half an hour from now, I would really like all the exquisitely angsty things Blaine says about feeling alone and basically none of it mattering. It's what I live for. Partly because of how hard much harder the separation is on him than he ever thought it would be, but also because he's realizing that doesn't really have an identity outside of his boyfriend. For a year, that's been enough - but suddenly it isn't.
  • And that's why, before all the lame-ass spoilers hit, I really thought that what they were going to do in The Breakup, if it wasn't going to be Finn-style Noble Sacrifice Baloney, was going to be some Missy Higgins style baloney instead: I don't know who I am without you, all I know is that I should, and I was almost excited by that idea.
  • It wouldn't be any less heartbreaking, but it also would leave him almost blameless - it wouldn't be about Kurt, it would be Blaine needing to stand on his own to figure out who he is apart from Kurt. It would also be the one thing Kurt couldn't argue, no matter how much it hurt. It could have been marvelous.
But I guess by the time you read this, we'll know for sure how that part plays out. Sorry for the tangent.

Team Blond Cuddlebugs
ALERT, ALERT, YOU ARE NOT IMAGINING THINGS: THAT IS TWO EPISODES IN A ROW WHERE SHE HAS GONE ALL SHOULDER-SNUGGLY ON HIM. And he is just sweet and comforting and basically the perfect teenage boy in response.

Mr. Schuester
Stop being such a whiny bitch? I can't believe how much I don't care if he goes away, for a while or ever. Do you know what the notion of him abandoning his kids would have done to me in season 1, or even season 2? Congrats on steadily running a character into the ground, writers room.

Please Go Die
"A girl has never cooked me dinner before. No one has even tried."
Is it because they usually spend the whole time in bed? That would be my guess.

Due to the nauseating visuals I've heard are involved in "A Change Will Do You Good," I'm not even going to listen to it. I accidentally landed on the last shot of it when I skipped ahead, though, and all I can say is that I literally gagged on my dinner. As for the kissing I unfortunately landed on later -- dry heaving. From what I understand she's supposed to be a little drunk in this scene, which, shocker, IS NOT ENDEARING ME TO HIM. (or convincing me of his non-Barney-Stinson ways).

Also, funny story --
Me yesterday: *waxes rhapsodic about the nature of Finn's appealingly honest and simple love and planning to be on his side*
Finn: *shows up*
Me: Oh, now I remember. I hate you.

It's probably good that I've never been satisfied with any of her love interests, because it adds more weight to how unlike the rest of these scattered idiots KurtandBlaine are, but on the other  hand -- can't we have more middle grounds? Like with Jesse, or Sam for Quinn? Where it doesn't have to be endgame, but at least it's a lovely distraction. They shouldn't be striking out so often. Even Grey's Anatomy has a greater percentage of pairing wins.

In conclusion: I don't have one because HELL HOUR IS UPON US.

P.S. Oh my. Just when you think you cannot love Darren Criss more: this letter happens.
(random Tumblr link just to get it out there)
Actors who write letters to fandom are the best. See also, David Krumholtz.
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