RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

It's over. For now.

[The episode] is over, and nothing has changed.

(aside from the fact that I'm relatively peeved with Brittana's ending, and I hate that I would still rather have their hopeless ending than be left with the hope of forgiveness; and also, Finn/Rachel would be destroying my heart right now if it were still capable of feelings)

If you don't mind, I'm just going to crawl off to the bathroom, throw up, and then lie there numbly on the floor for a while.

For everything I thought would ruin me, they were always at least better than the unthinkable.

It broke Joan of Arcadia, don't tell me it can't break this.

And...for what?

[EDIT: P.S. Chris Colfer reminding me that under rare circumstances, it is in fact possible to hate him.]
[EDIT #2: @MRRPMurphy "#howaboutwewatchtheepisodesfirst, he says. HOW ABOUT NO. Hysterical August tweets, hereby justified. #breakingupwithglee]

Tags: chris colfer, feelings explosion, glee, glee 4x04: the fallout

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