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Oh thank god for retail therapy

(if you think you've seen this before, I deleted the original post and replaced most of it with this one)

I un-privatized a post from earlier this morning (regarding Glee) as reference, and now there is a similar but shorter one I've un-privatized from this afternoon. I am still feeling (most) of those feelings, but also I went to the church sale this morning and I found AMAZING TREASURE. Now I'm in this wild mess of ecstasy that the dark mood keeps trying to beat, but the dark mood is kinda...not winning right now, which just makes me feel weird. I guess that's good? Anyway. Let's get photographing.

I made an exaggerated show of veering left as if pulled by a magnet into the room right off the door labeled "BOOKS/BAKERY," mostly joking because I almost never find books at this sale, and when I do they're mediocre. Today? They practically came shooting off the tables. My guardian book fairies must be feeling extra sorry for me. I'm okay with this.

$1 each, except 50 cents for the one on top. Listed below the photo in the order I found them --

1. Kristin Chenoweth, A Little Bit Wicked: I audibly gasped. This right here would have been enough to make my day. So happy this cuteness is all mine now!

2. Gene Stratton Porter, A Girl of the Limberlost: I think this time I yipped. I have been trying SO LONG to find this book in this exact beloved cover; I am awash in nostalgia. I am also really excited to reread this, because back in high school I put it on my 50 Favorite Books Of All Time list.

3. Gene Stratton Porter, Freckles: AND ALSO ITS COMPANION (published second, but set a generation earlier). I am not really digging the cover on this one, even though they look like a set (I want everything to match my library experience - I'm looking for dark blue leather-like material, I think), but I'll live.


4. Angus and the Ducks: And then I progressed to (silent) screaming. DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO FIND THE ANGUS BOOKS. DO YOU. I DON'T THINK YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW HARD IT IS. It shouldn't be hard; they've been reprinted many times, but I guess "hard to find cheap and local" is what I'm looking for. These wonderful illustrations are a key part of my childhood library checkout memories, and tied in with my dad, who loves Scotties and remembers these books because of it. This particular copy is nothing special age-wise and in horribly ragged shape to boot, but I don't even care. I just want the pleasure of looking at these brightly colored, classic images. (the original copyright is from the 1930s). I guess my days of digging through the picture book section will never be over...

5. Rebecca Caudill, Barrie & Daughter: You think I must be done now, but nope. "WHAT'S THAT? IS IT A SMALL SELECTION OF VINTAGE JUVENILE EX-LIBRARY BOOKS?? I THINK IT IS." I ended up deciding that only one appealed to me, but this one is in really nice shape and also I've never heard of it so it'll be new reading material. Summary/review

6. Kathryn Forbes, Mama's Bank Account: I was literally on my way to checkout, just waiting for Dad to finish. But that meant I had to go back and stand next to books. Lo and behold, one jumps out from a section I already cleared! It says it's a classic, but I've never heard of this one either. I was drawn in by the charmingly whimsical vintage illustrations on the cover, and opened it up to find large-ish print and extremely conversational, entertaining writing style - I've gotta read this.
[*okay also I may have bought a pristine paperback copy of Shopaholic and Baby I spotted; don't judge me.]


In conclusion, the ladies at the table were very excited to see my towering "big spender!" pile when I approached them. Although I had to chuckle when the only one they commented on ("Oh, that's a good book!") was the Sophie Kinsella one (not pictured here). That's...just how the world works, isn't it?

I also splurged $2.00 on these post earrings because they were such a pretty shade of teal/turquoise and I love how the fringes dangle and Mom will want to wear them too (edit: correction, Mom is wearing them now).

Things I Saw But Did Not Buy
now bolded for your convenience!

-In the "antiques" room I saw a little stuffed kitten with a plastic/possibly rubber? face. It was priced at $2, which I found confusing - obviously it's an older toy, but that's pretty cheap for a truly old toy and the stuff in this room was marked at reasonably fair value. I do know that certain rubber-faced toys go for CRAZY BUCKS, but this didn't look familiar. The "made in China" notation on its tag, however, sealed its fate. And I can't find anything that looks like it on Google, so I'm guessing it's nondescript. It seemed more like an 80s thing anyway.

-Next to the church sale was what I can only describe as a picker's sale -- one of those ones that is really professional resellers and resembles a little antique shop set up in a driveway, complete with those tied-on-strings price tags. Prices are closer to secondhand retail but still lower than a store itself would be. They always have really fun stuff to look at.

We found albums of the local high school's choir recordings from 1963 and 1971, but more importantly, I fawned over a 1951 high school yearbook (now I can't remember the name of the school - I think it was Catholic though). It had four messages (one of them over a page long) in neat 1950s penmanship, and I totally would have bought it if it hadn't been marked at $10. For that kind of money I either need it to be my own school or have way more signatures. Still, if it had been like...$5, even, I would have gotten it. It's the first time I've seen a yearbook for sale and I've always wanted to find one.

-After the church sale we went around to some garage sales. There was a small plush Wishbone dog at one of them that I would have bought in a heartbeat because every Wishbone-lover should have one, but he was $2 because he was marked "brand new." And while trying to decide if I really wanted to do that, a 10-year-old girl bought him instead. Children buying age-appropriate toys, HOW DARE YOU. Oh, well. If I'd really wanted him, I would have carried him around with me until I decided. That's my rule 95% of the time - it's much easier to put back than to regret later.

Everyone wish me similar luck at the Half Price Books Clearance Sale! I can't decide if the pile above is a good omen of things to come, or more of a "lol this was your hot streak, so don't bitch tomorrow when you come home unsatisfied."

But of course, I've got to do a boatload of work so that I can actually get to the sale on time.

EDIT: hoo boy. Apparently this is my fifteenth post in five days (8 of them were yesterday), counting all public/friends/private versions. I'm going to absolutely shatter the lifetime "most posts in a month" record for this blog.
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