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Last Week's Review Round-Up

2007: You know the current moment, I'm not in a mood to do individual jump-cuts.  Check the tags, I'll put them in chronological order.  Remember, I'm still backdating entries and I'm beginning to think I don't necessarily need cuts for those, since they don't show up on friendlists.  Hmm...

This show is exhausting.  I'm seriously pissed off that they made us wait on hiatus for October, and again for about two months over the holidays, and now they're fwooshblamsmacking the remaining episodes into April and May.  Spread it out a little! God!  I almost missed the second half of this 2-parter because I didn't find out until 6:55 PM on Wednesday when said second half was airing, and that was only because by random chance my night class had a late start, so I was in my room instead of leaving at 6 and setting the timer-record to start with Lost.

As for the case itself, though, I'll admit that was pretty interesting.  Great case!  Pity Foreman didn't die, but whatever.  I can deal.  Nice to see House sounding almost concerned over Cameron going back to the house.  Although I can't fathom why he was willing to sacrifice Steve McQueen - IDIOT! -, unless it was part of his masochistic streak.  At least he didn't kill the poor blind pigeon.  On second though, poor blind pigeon will probably die soon anyway...but I might have had to hate Dr. House if I'd seen him smack a little birdie on the head.  Where was I?  Oh yes.  Interesting episode.  Much less gross than usual.  Also, Cuddy sucks and everyone hates her.  And she still looks like a transvestite.   

Law & Order: SVU: Oh, how I wanted it to be just some kind of bad dream when Olivia asked for a new partner...turns out it's not.  Someone want to explain this switch-em-up stunt?  Because frankly, Mariska Hargitay makes my show.  At least Chunky Black Guy was only there for one episode (right?) because I couldn't stand him.  To me, he will always be the dumb guy from Kangaroo Jack and the Bernie Mac Show.  There was a nice little moment between Elliot and Olivia, but there's a weird vibe between them, like she's keeping her distance, yet she offers no explanation why.  Poor Dect. Stabler reminds me of a puppy locked behind a gate.  All I can say is, I really hope this means some kind of dramatic and emotional sweeps episode come November to reunite them, or I'm going to be one cranky fan.  I am suddenly glad of the excessive reruns on USA and TNT.     

Lost: OI VEY, where to start?  I was in class when it aired, and I had so much homework I thought I'd have to wait until later to watch it, so I just hopped on to one of many day-after review sites, and promptly shrieked "HOLY HELL!  ANA-LUCIA'S DEAD??"

I've been waiting for her to die since...the first time she appeared.  And I never really liked Libby, and Hurley + romance = EW, so if someone else has to die, Libby is totally my pick.  (after Locke.  I'd rather they kill Locke, but they never will)  So of course, I had to watch the episode.  It goes pretty quickly when you skip all the flashbacks.  Some thoughts on things: Sawyer and Ana-Lucia...oh, absolutely gross viewing, but at the same time totally believable.  She's a manipulative slut.  Sawyer's been celibate for two months, which I bet is a record for him, plus he's pissed off at Kate, so when the opportunity presents itself...why not?  According to Grey's Anatomy, guys really go in for revenge sex.  The dialogue between Sawyer and Ana-Lucia before that, however, was awesome.  Have I mentioned lately how much I love Sawyer?  He gets the best lines of the show.

Oh, and his expression when Ana-Lucia made that crack about "his girlfriend" being off with someone else...AWESOME! 

You know who else had some good lines on this show?  Sayid.  For the first time since the funeral, we caught a glimmer of the season one Sayid.  Mostly he seems to be annoyed with people when they talk to him - even at the beginning of the conversation with Hurley, he was like, "Why are you bothering me?" But when Hurley talked about hoping to score some points with Libby, because even though I hate Hurley I recognize his endearing attempt to be romantic, his expression softened and he very kindly offered a suggestion - and not just any suggestion, the beach he shared with Shannon.  Very sweet.  I've missed that side of him.  It made me happy. 

Not as happy as seeing Ana-Lucia take a bullet in the gut, though.  Not the head, or the heart, the gut.  Just like Shannon.  Karma!  Our beloved blonde has been vindicated.  WOOT!  Even though I'm sure I remember reading somewhere that gut shots are a slow and particularly agonizing form of death.  Is there something about the Magic Lost Island that makes them bleed out in five seconds?  Or is that just TV magic in general?

CSI: I had to go to a school thing on Thursday night, which meant CSI had to be taped on timer--record.  However, it ended at 9, so before I went home, I jumped onto a computer to check Your Tax Dollars at Work, because I seemed to have this vague recollection that there was something like GSR.  I popped onto the boards at 9:02 and read "OMG the EYE SEX!"


The season-long GSR drought is over!  It's oovveerrr!!!  What made this episode different, do you think?  The whole season has been about double-meaning phrases from one and double-take "WTF?" looks from the other.  This was really more of the same...but it was on a higher plane.  Maybe it was the ending scene.  That was awesome.  But the ones before that were fun too - I thought it seemed rather daring of Grissom, saying all that stuff in front of the team.  How was nobody else reacting to those comments, though?  Surely they're not all blind and deaf.  I just loved Grissom's "Some guys are intimidated by beauty.  They may fear rejection."  Sara narrows her eyes at him like, "That's an odd thing to say...was that somehow about me?" 

Me: What do you mean, "fear rejection"?  How many times has Sara hinted things to you? Who turned down whose dinner invitation?   Sheesh.  Oh well.  Keep up the flirting.  Also in that scene, just before that, Nick talking about how any guy would want to save the damsel in distress...oh, Nicky, you're such a classic romantic I can't stand it!  How is he still single?  As we saw in Rashomama, he isn't even a workaholic (as sin he was the one *not* maxed out on overtime).  What gives?

Case?  Oh...yeah...seriously, I don't give a flying flip about the cases anymore.  I barely even remember what they're about.  I do know that the guy that ran the fantasy company...haven't we seen him before?  I know that face.  What other crime show has he been on?  I know he's played a smarmy character before; I want to say he was a defense attorney...?  Do you think I could ask a few more questions before I get to the end of this post? 

Whatever.  I live for character interaction, and we got lots.  Greg is still a horndog...sigh...but he manages to be cute about it so I can't be mad at him.  Moving on.

Without a Trace: Remember when this show used to be interesting?  Yeah, me neither (except when I tune in to TNT reruns).  Having a whole family go missing should have been really interesting, but when it turns out they were just running from a mob instead of being kidnapped, well, that was dull.  I'm so tired of mobs.  They were on Numb3rs last night, and there's the whole Mala Noche gang...    

Numb3rs: As per the last two weeks, I'm still hoping for some serious character development.  Bonding between the brothers or Amita/Charlie interaction, really I'm not fussy anymore, but they keep TEASING me with dramatic previews and then nothing ever comes of it!  And I'm getting a little sick of it!  Boring mob crap.  No Larry to cheer me up.  I can't even slightly follow the math anymore.  Sometimes I think I only watch this show for Charlie's curly hair.

Reba: I rarely mention this show, because it's only a half hour and I have no spoiler sources and I don't watch a lot of the WB anymore, but I've been watching it from the beginning.  It's chugged along patiently for five, count them FIVE, years, and I really love it.  It's sweet and funny and hilarious all at once, such a change from the rest of my week.  I miss family shows.  I love crime, but I miss family programming.  This week was just another example of cuteness.  Best line...telling everyone how much she cared about them, stopping before she got to Barbara Jean.  "Nope.  That's it."  Heeeee...  

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