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All Aboard The Shopping Express!

Do you know how difficult it is to have six tonally different posts in your head? I cannot combine them even if I wanted to. There are basically at least three versions of me now living in parallel timelines -- Glee-watchin' Me, who is unable to comment on any of your journals because nothing else in this world matters!; the RS-Hummel (a DoctorDonna theme I have come up with to describe what happens when I live in Kurt's headspace but can't always be bothered to stay in character); and Actual Me. Who is in charge of this post.

Today, I spent 10 AM-4:30 PM going to the following places:

-3 fairly large garage sales
-The YMCA fundraiser garage sale at the Fairgrounds
-The Half Price Books Clearance Sale two blocks down
-2 libraries

Didn't buy anything at the garage sales until the YMCA one. It was pretty picked over, as expected (for me this is a bonus sideshow that comes with the book sale, not the main event), but I did find this pretty ankle-length skirt for $1.

Whenever this image rotates in the direction it was when I uploaded it, you can see this pretty black-with-purple-flowers pattern properly. Not pictured are the pair of gorgeous dark pink & hot pink Moonlight Gelly Roll pens I nabbed for a quarter each (that sounds expensive for a pen at a garage sale, but these are the best in the world).

Dad actually found a leather jacket there for $3.25. I have no idea how that wasn't grabbed when the sale had already been going on 3 days and we were two hours into Bag/Cart Sale Day and people were walking away left and right with loads of so much stuff they looked like very odd Oregon Trail pioneers.

The Main Event
So, the YA fiction: TERRIBLE. Oh, my god, "Where are all the hardcovers at??" It was paperback city, and furthermore those paperbacks were a horrendous ocean of Gossip Girl, A-List, The Clique, and any other "catty/slutty rich bitch" series books you can think of. They actually choked out Twilight this year. And even when the books were about other things, it was still series, series, series as far as the eye can see. Solid contemporary novels were few and far between, and ones I wanted to own were even rarer. In the end, I found nothing that screamed treasure (the two "treasure" books I found were actually on the sale cart at the public library - big surprise), though I did walk away with 4 books from here in the end. You can see them at the bottom.

I was not brave enough to tackle non-fiction this year, as there was just too much of it, and even only walking swiftly down the rows and giving a cursory glance for titles to "pop" was too much. I gave up halfway through and veered over to the music, which got shortchanged last year. Though not before spotting two copies of the Glee guide I bought at deeply discounted but still more than $2 earlier this year. -.-

I had exactly one musical goal in mind: GLEE SOUNDTRACKS. And I did manage to find one, albeit a sucky one (volume 2), so I guess that's a win. I also passed what must have been at least a dozen copies of Deana Carter, Vanessa Carlton and Avril Lavigne's first albums and Josh Groban's first two, besides the perennial winners of market saturation in the secondhand music business, Jewel's "Pieces of You" and Natalie Merchant's "Ophelia" and "Tiger Lily." I don't even think it's legal to sell CDs without having at least one of those available for purchase, that's how ubiquitous they are. Meanwhile, Taylor Swift CDs continue to annoyingly elude my grasp at every turn.

But seriously - so much fun scanning through all the music. I have no idea how my brain makes sense of so many images scanned so fast, but I think I covered all the rows pretty well. Most of what I bought was so I'd have storage copies of stuff I'd like to delete off the computer because I only occasionally listen to it and my digital music library is just crazy clogged, but I hit a few things on a whim, too.


CDs above ($1 each): Fisher (of "Miseryland" fame, most of the tracks are new to me but I've never seen her outside of indie websites so seemed like fate), Glee, Dido ("No Angel"), Shakira (MOST EXCITED BY THIS! Plus the two volumes were actually in separate boxes, and I found them both!), Enya (Amarantine), and then I found a boatload of Disney soundtracks and realized how much fun those would be to hear if I had them in handy CD form. Pocahontas and Lion King seemed like the greatest possible options.

Oh, and I FINALLY found a Hey Monday CD, but it was the wrong one. No "Candles" for me. :(

Books above ($2 for the bottom one, 50 cents for the top two, $1 for each of the rest):
Blind Beauty: A great YA horse book (rarity on its own) from the early 00's that I actually read in high school. Nice to see it around.

Chancey of the Maury River: A great late 00's children's horse book in the style of Black Beauty. But not only did this come with the jacket nicely wrapped in a plastic sleeve (it's not even ex-library!), its cover was stiff like it had never been read.

An Off Year: This came from the library. I LOVE IT SO! Quietly shrieked upon seeing it.

My Heartbeat: Not my fave Freymann-Weyr, but it was the first book I found after rejecting dozens of useless boxes and I figured it was cheap and thin enough that maybe I'd look at it again someday.

The Dog Who Wouldn't Be: Also off the library sale cart, and tied as my favorite of the night, because it is THE BEST BOOK. And it's in really nice shape, and I'm so glad I didn't pay exorbitant costs to buy the not-as-nice copy I saw at Half Price Books, Regular Store.

The O.C.: The Way Back: (SECRET FAVORITE)
This appears to be a novel bridging the gap between seasons 1 and 2, not that I'd know the difference because there's a big blank space in my memory where most of the first two seasons of this show are concerned, but here is the thing -- O.C. tie-in novels are, so far, the best published fanfic I've seen from any fandom, rather than an emotionless collection of scenes that seem to have written by people who've only read scripts and never watched the show. I may or may not be basing this opinion on how the few pages I've skimmed so far involve Ryan living with pregnant Theresa and there being a whole lot of Protective/Determined Family Feelings and maybe some marvelously indulgent bouts of hormonal crying.

Though it is reminding me that these teens were so, so much more screwed up and ridiculous and frequently awful to watch than Glee. Suddenly jealous of the current high school aged fans of the latter; I got real crap fictional peers by comparison.

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